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Flexispot’s Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9: Stationary Wheels for the Painful Joints

16 April 2021

Gout is the inflammation of the toe and foot that are caused by the defects in uric acid resulting in swollen joints and excruciating pain especially around the heel area. Stepping the foot on the ground means nightmare to some people.

I personally have an account of experiencing severe pain caused by Gout and to top it all up I used to travel more than 1 kilometer from our house to the office prior to the Coronavirus outbreak; you could imagine how the walk from the entrance to the elevator was like and how I struggled to wiggle my toe while wearing closed shoes. In some severe cases, people even break their ankles or strain their muscles too much. Medications like pain killers are not always advisable especially because pain killers may cause permanent damage to the vital organs. In an article posted in Narconon, it was mentioned that pain relievers are ranging from being harmful to fatal to vital organs when being abused. Indeed, excessive dosage of some pain killers could lead to permanent pain and damage to body parts. An example of the vital organs that may be damaged is the liver. This organ serves as the internal filter of the human body. It is the natural source of glutathione hence if this organ is healthy, the skin naturally glows but when it is already damaged, the skin of the person overusing it becomes dry and dark. That’s what happens when a person who is seriously ill takes a lot of pain killers. The worst part of it is, most people are unable to avoid taking pain killers with high dosage just to ease the severe pain.

Now, the predicament is: what is the alternative for pain killers? How could one avoid the risk of organ damage and possible complications like liver failure? In the new lifestyle and work setting, a lot of individuals are forced to go stationary because they have to work at their mini office. Most are spending more than 2 hours sitting and risking their body posture. In worst cases, people even miss their bathroom breaks for them to simply comply to the requirements given to them and meet the deadline and not to be sanctioned of idling. Some workers forget doing their daily workout which is not a good thing for two reasons:

1. There might be what we call a yo-yo effect once the workout routine is not sustained.

Imagine a ball of yarn that you try to perfectly roll in. Observe the thread and what happens to it once the rolling and tightening stop. It becomes fluffy or each thread is shredded. That’s what happens when the yo-yo effect takes place in the midst of your diet.

2. There are other potential risks when one stops exercising. As mentioned in an article at Outsideonline , two of the prevailing risks of stopping a workout are the rise in the blood pressure. This is because when the body stops moving actively, this will cause a rise in the blood pressure and the narrowing of your arteries, as the blood flow decreases. Another is, when someone stops working out, grouchiness takes place because he would end up lacking what we call happy hormones like serotonin (our body’s mood stabilizer) and endorphins (our body’s hormone for relaxation).

Looking at the following facts, a domino effect might also take place. Imagine stopping from working out and the worst case scenario is you got conditions like rheumatism and arthritis, how could you be able to avoid the same condition? Would you stick to taking pain killers that could damage the organs or would you take a slow but sure remedy for the painful joints or would you like to try something natural and would give you a relief in the long run?

Then there goes Flexispot’s Homeoffice All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9. An innovation that would help an individual who is having problems like gout lessen the pain without putting both his work and his body at risk. It’s because this product has an 8-level resistance which would help you adjust on the resistance which is suitable for you. So, if an individual is suffering from conditions like gout, it would be ideal for him to practice mobility without straining his lower torso; a patient with gout is not recommended to do lifting or vigorous workouts so a piece of equipment such as the Desk Bike V9 could help him balance his weight, stay up and active despite the condition which would challenge him to workout. Plus, Desk Bike V9 is built on a cutting edge to make the downtime an uptime for an individual who is challenged with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and busy work schedules.

With a reasonable price and specs that are really impressive, Desk Bike V9 could really cater the needs of all individuals who either just like to maintain being in shape or like to ease the pain caused by their conditions like gout. Built for all body types and a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The equipment as well is really movable so it is easily be transferred to one corner to another. Which is ideal for people who suffer from this same condition because as mentioned earlier people with gout cannot do heavy lifting hence it’s really comfortable for them to roll the equipment with the help of its rollers which will mobilize the equipment. So, what’s the hold up. You may now stop stashing pain killers and switch to a gradual and natural method of losing weight without triggering that condition much. You may check the website for further specs and assembly.

Happy biking!