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FlexiSpot Gifts for Loved Ones this Christmas

15 December 2021

Christmas is here!

With less than 20 days away, people are on a high and excited about the coming festivities with their loved ones. Your schedule might already be full of dinners and parties to attend so as early as now, you better prepare. You might have already started shopping for your outfit for the brunch or dinner. You might borrow from someone because you need to go on a theme. Maybe, you’re the consummate host in your group and you’re busy grocery shopping for dinner. Of course, these preparations involve gifts. You don’t want to go to reunions empty-handed nor receive nothing from your loved ones.

We know you might have missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year that offered products at crazy discounts. But the past is past and what you have is the time now so don’t let it pass again without adding to cart your gifts for your family, friends, and colleagues. If you’re not good with choosing gifts, you may ask a friend or here at FlexiSpot, we’re always willing to help you out.

Most often than not, people take furniture for granted. They already have existing ones at home so why buy new pieces? But if they have cheap furniture at home, chances are those will wear out soon; they won’t be able to sell it in the future; and they would never experience the comfort, luxury, convenience, and function ergonomic furniture could give.

We’ve tried all sorts of furniture in our lives and have seen and received reviews from our consumers for 12 months in 20 years and counting. So we know the difference between a cheap piece of furniture versus ergonomic furniture with great quality. Plus, since more people are working at home, newer needs are being created in the market. There are new problems arising that have to be solved; hence, the spike in ergonomic furniture demand.

We listed down some products here that you could give to your family and friends this Christmas season. Hopefully, they’ll think about giving you one too!

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

This fitness chair has a breathable mesh backrest that is comfortable and stable at the same time. It has a firm seat cushion that ensures an enjoyable sedentary sitting experience. The seat can be adjusted easily with a one-touch lever.

It has a calorie tracker that can count the calories you burn while you pedal at work. You may also customize the resistance level, depending on how to fit you are. The caster wheels are durable and almost sound like a whisper.

It keeps your mind alert; it stimulates creativity and last but not the least, it helps you lose weight.

Height-adjustable ergonomic study desk/ kids desk

Height-adjustable ergonomic study desk/ kids desk

Give your kid a desk that he or she could use for a long. This standing desk has been designed with your kid in mind.

This product particularly boasts its durability. With desktop height adjustment ranging from 550 mm for short children up to 890 mm for tall adults, the table can last you a decade or two. It can be used by your kid in middle school and even taken to the college dormitory. There is no manual lifting required because it comes with a two-button panel that can be operated by a kid herself/himself.

The desktop is a waterproof surface that is stain-resistant and easily cleaned with a damp towel. The corners also had rubber edges to add another layer of safety for the fidgety kid and the worrisome parent.

The desk also has a built-in bag hook. It is attached to the bottom of the desk frame and could carry heavy loads such as a packed backpack.

For more safety concerns, the frame has been child-proofed and built-in with an anti-collision feature. It stabilizes the desk while adjusting the height to avoid accidents.