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Five Signs That You Need to Change Your Workstation Chair

16 April 2021

As you depend on your body for different activities in your life, you should be carefully considering your life choices. This is where the importance of investing in an ergonomic office chair comes into place.

Working from home can still not avoid you from having long hours sitting down in front of the computer. Little did you know that you are already causing more harm than good. 

The Benefits of Ergonomic Chair for Your Workstation 

When you opt to replace your current chair that no longer does the job for you, there are several benefits to having one for yourself.

  • Improves your blood flow throughout the body

  • Reduces discomfort 

  • Boosts productivity 

  • Alleviating pain and pressure 

  • Gives you better back support 

These listed benefits we have mentioned should be put into consideration for your purchase. Having these in mind, you can find and buy a suitable office chair that you can use for your everyday tasks.

Importance of Having a Good Office Chair

With all the different kinds of chairs, it can easily get overwhelming for you. The market for chairs, especially office chairs can be concentrated. There is nothing for you to worry about because FlexiSpot can help you bring home quality and reliable ergonomic office chairs.

But before making any purchase, we will help you figure out what you need to consider when it is time for you to replace the current chair that you are using when working from home.

Here are the five tell-tale signs that you need an office chair upgrade.

1. No Longer Gives You Comfort

If the chair that you are using now is not providing you the proper comfortable feeling that you desire, then going for an upgrade is a must. Chairs should help you conquer your day with ease. With all the stress of your job responsibilities, you need a reliable chair that you can lean on. This is especially useful when taking breaks. Even just simply waiting for a response from your colleagues or clients, a good and comfortable chair does the trick. It should ease discomfort and help you work with peace of mind. 

Comfortability is one of the highlighting features that a good office chair should have. It should offer you a good experience since that is why you have an office chair in the first place. The right chair should aid in pain relief and should provide some sort of stability. If it does not, then you have yourself reason enough to get a good ergonomic office chair to compliment your work from home tasks. This is also a good addition to your workstation. Think about your health and needs as well, with that as your baseline, you have the go signal to replace that uncomfortable and rusty old chair you are patiently tolerating.

2. Does Not Support Your Back

Another important factor that you should keep note of when looking for signs that you have to replace your current chair is its back and lumbar support. A good office chair is efficiently giving you a health check. For those who have scoliosis or back muscle pain, having a good ergonomic and reliable chair can help tremendously. It aids in the reduction of fatigue, stiffness, and cramping caused by prolonged sitting in one position. Back pain and poor circulation can be alleviated by adding comfort cushions to the chairs you use the most. 

3. Not Enough Coverage

Your back must be comfortable because this is what gives the lower back strength. The lumbar back support can, in general, hold the spine in a natural position. It should not emphasize the inner curve too much, nor should it feel unsupported. Along with lumbar support, your chair should be able to provide full coverage to stabilize your upper body. If you feel that you are sore and are slouching more than ever, then you might need to check out new chair options. Take note that ergonomic chairs have a backrest that supports the natural curve of the spine, which decreases the chance of back pain. Ergonomic seats, unlike conventional chairs, are tall enough to accommodate the entire back. Some ergonomic chairs have a reclining feature that allows you to sit at a greater than a 90-degree angle.

4. Not Durable Enough Anymore

Your old chair might be a piece of old used furniture that you continue to tolerate. The chair that you are currently using might not be strong enough to support your weight anymore. If you are worried that it may soon break, you have to prepare yourself in purchasing a new ergonomic chair. 

5. Makes Squeaky Sounds

If your chair distracts you through its squeaky sounds, then it might need to be replaced rather than having a costly repair job. Your old office chair might not be the optimal choice for your daily work. You might have been waking up sore because of it rather than feeling relaxed. Rather than risking distractions or other health concerns caused by your squeaky and beyond repair chair, get yourself a chair that will ensure you that you will be taken care of.


Do not prolong your agony by sticking to your old and uncomfortable chair.