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Fitness Chairs and Desk Bikes for a Linear Workstation

05 August 2021

Stretch Out Fitness by the Chair on a Linear Workstation

When you are working on a linear workstation, some things are pretty difficult to achieve at times. This is because of the limited space that you have. The challenge for you is how to keep yourself fit, healthy, and ergonomically protected when you are sitting with other colleagues at the linear workstation. Though linear stations are made to lessen the cost of large office space and to optimize an office space that is less than 30sq meters, there are times that we need to optimize our movements here carefully because there is a huge tendency that you might be disturbing your colleague when working. Another is, when you are at the linear workstations, it's challenging to keep an active lifestyle or a healthy routine. The good news now is: there is Flexispot- the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, office organizers, and ergonomic chairs. With Flexispot at your workstation, you could ensure that you would say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle. 

So, as we move forward, we will now know the ideal ergonomic products that could help you stretch and do exercise without feeling irritated or uneasy with a small spaced work area. 

Ergonomic Fitness at the Linear Workstation

At times, when you work in a limited space where you could only sit and stand at the most, you usually feel a bit irritated or uneasy. This happens to some who find it challenging to move freely on a linear workstation. This is because you have limited space and you need to consider your colleague who might easily get distracted or who needs a quiet place to work, So, there are a lot of considerations to take when you work in a limited space. As a result, your movements become limited too because of that. What's worst is when you are not able to do the right posture and ergonomics because of two things:

  • limited area to move around 
  • inability to stretch or flex some joints because of the improper ergonomics of your office equipment

In actuality, this usually happens at the linear workstation especially the ones that do not have partitions. Aside from that, it somehow gives the feeling of being uneasy because it gives the perception of getting watched. Some people don't feel at ease with that which causes them to feel stress and more exhausted at work. Yet, looking at the brighter side, Flexispot is here to offer the most ideal fitness chairs and sit-stand desks that could help you around when you need to alternate your movements when at work. These pieces of equipment could promote your posture and ergonomics. What's amazing about these pieces is they do not consume a lot of space but they would not compromise your comfort. 

An example is the Desk Bike V9U which is a desk bike. It's a small desk bike that weighs 51 pounds but can bear the weight of a whopping 300lbs! That means this item is sturdy and very durable, hence even if you move a lot and add pressure on the product, the parts or screws would not get damaged and the cushion would not get deformed. This is because the desk bike is made from high-grade steel that comprises the whole desk bike frame. 

Ideally, you could simply adjust the height of this bike by just clicking the adjustor of it in just 1-2 seconds. That could make you protect yourself from the ergonomic pain that usually takes place around the fingers too just because of moving around some pieces of equipment. 

What is V9U?

The Desk Bike V9U is a fitness chair and office chair in one. It is an original concept of fitness that could help you do some work while you cycle on the pedals. What's good about this is you don't have to get off the bike just to lose pounds. 

You may promote good blood circulation and keep your system running. That means you will be fully energized with this piece of equipment without taking much of the space in the office. We all know that in a linear workstation, there are about 3-4 workers hence you need to consider your colleagues and create less noise so you would not disturb the others while exercise and that's the good thing about the desk bike. It has a whisper-quiet operation. So, once you decide to cycle on it, it's going to be fine because you can do it without getting the attention of the others. You would not distract them no matter how speedy you get in cycling on the desk bike. 

Another example of a fitness chair from Flexispot is the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. This is another standing deskmate that is height adjustable. This has a very comfortable cushion that you can sit on. With the 8-level resistance, you can control your

motion on the fitness chair. As you cycle, you would not be making any noise unlike with the ordinary stationary bikes that have loud chains. You can ensure safety too when you use this fitness chair. You don't need to get worried about you hitting your foot when you cycle. 

What's amazing about this fitness chair is even you exercise strenuously with a piece of equipment, you don't need to get off and consume much space. You can do it in a stationary manner. With a simple motion, you can boost your immune system because you can ensure that through this fitness chair, you promote good blood circulation. 

As you sit on this fitness chair, you can practice the right posture and ergonomics. You can lay your back flat on the mesh bracket and do some stretching. Inhale then exhale to expand your lungs. These are simple but effective techniques to keep yourself in shape while staying on the ergonomic Fitness Chair from Flexispot. 

Final Thoughts

The type of workstation that we have in the office should not limit us from staying in pink while we juggle our work and active lifestyle. With the help of Flexispot, you may be able to accomplish both your work and active lifestyle which would protect you from the possible sedentary pain.