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Finding the Best Kid's Desk: The SD1 vs SD2

10 May 2023

Finding The Best Kid's Desk: The SD1 vs SD2

If you're looking for the best standing desk for your children, there are a lot of different points to consider. From safety features and ease of cleaning to considered design features and finding a standing desk that can grow with them, it can feel overwhelming to find the right kid's desk. But with a few careful pointers, it can be simple to find the perfect kid's desk to provide a dedicated area for study, creativity, and play.

A kid's desk that your children will love can help nurture their independence whilst also offering creative storage, encouraging study, and nurturing healthy habits. Our focus and expertise have created a range of kid's desks that can fit all your needs, so you can feel confident in your desk choice. Let's take a look at our best offers in the kid's desk range and help you find the perfect fit for your family!

FlexiSpot's Leading Standing Desk for Kids

The SD1

With sleek and simple design features and a comfortable support your child will love, the SD1 Home Schooling Kid's Desk makes the perfect first standing desk. A safe and stable height adjustment feature will help your child maintain proper posture and working position will they work, create, and play, and keep growing with them for years to come.

Proper posture helps children stand, walk, and sit comfortably, with minimal strain on growing bodies. Nurturing habits like proper posture and regular movement early will help create a positive attitude for your child in their later years, helping focus their creativity and attention when they need it most.

The SD1's waterproof, clear-coated round top plate makes cleaning a breeze. No need to worry about stains from colouring or leftover drinks or snacks – a simple wipe with a safe cleaning product will leave your desk looking good as new. Rounded corners help avoid injuries and ensure absolute comfort for your child.

We know just how important storage is for your child's bedroom; a handy bag hook on the SD1 helps keep clutter to a minimum and school supplies nearby, with a considerable weight load. Anti-collision technology and rounded stable edges to tabletop and legs ensures optimum safety so your child can study and play without worry, however enthusiastic their crafting or homework is!

A simple yet classic design makes the SD1 desk a reliable purchase for however room decoration changes through the years, with optimised storage, safety features, and height range designed specifically to fit every child's needs. If you're looking for your first standing desk for a growing child with study, play, and independence developing, the SD1 is the perfect first standing desk.

The SD2

If you need more flexibility in a standing desk for your child, or you're looking to upgrade to something with a few more features, the SD2 Motorised Kid's Desk offers some great extra functionality with all the safety and robustness of the SD1.

With a practical height range adjustment of 560mm to 900mm, alternating between sitting and standing is easy and practical, providing optimum comfort for a range of tasks. The impressive addition of an inclinable tabletop really sets the SD2 apart from the rest, with a range of 0° to 40° tabletop working for learning, writing, reading, and drawing.

A waterproof tabletop surface with transparent coating protects the longevity and stability of your kid's desk, with no worry of water damage from spills and an easy, hassle-free clean-up. Storage and safety are also carefully considered in the SD2, with sleek drawers included under the desk for storing everything from pens and drawing pads to books and craft supplies. A useful bag hook keeps school supplies nearby and organised, with a supported load of up to 10kg. Collision protection and integrated child safety lock ensure absolute safety from injury, or desk damage. The child lock mechanism ensures the preferred height position is held in a fixed position so no need to worry about sudden shocks!

If you're looking for peace of mind, safety and functionality in a kid's desk – with a little added flexibility for better focus – the SD2 sounds like the perfect addition to your child's bedroom or workspace.

The Perfect Standing Desk for Your Child

Whether you're making your first desk purchase for your child or upgrading to something more flexible to meet new and emerging needs, a height adjustable desk from FlexiSpot can tick all of your requirements. From safety and stability to impressive storage and creativity details and continued posture support, whether you go for the SD1 or SD2, you can be sure to win some parent points!