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Feels Like Teen Spirit

21 April 2021

While you were growing up, you never noticed all of the questionable things that you have done. Due to immaturity and basic lack of experience it is easy to just do as you please and not give too much thought about its aftermath. Most of the time, it is your parents who took the brunt of your past mistakes to protect you.

Now that you are an adult with maybe a child or two under your roof, you should be ready when teenage years are right in front of your face.

You are probably thinking that you have overcome their formative childhood years with no signs of wear and tear. Once they hit puberty though, you will want them to just be children again.

What is a teenager?

According to Collins Dictionary, is a person between the ages of 13 and 19 who are undergoing physical, mental, social, and emotional changes. While you may think that you know how to handle teenagers but once you are presented with one, all logic goes out of the window and you are back at square one.

Here at FlexiSpot, we believe that the family is the most important unit in a community. Which is why here are some of the things to remember when your child’s teen spirit feels too much to handle for you.

Let us first start with the physical changes that come with being a teenager.

Boys and girls both undergo different changes that would help them procreate in the future. They grow more hair in places they did not use to have. Boys develop muscles while girls’ bodies have more of a smooth curve now. Their voices also change all thanks to the hormones, testosterone (for males) and estrogen along with progesterone (for females).

For the mental change that they would undergo, it mostly centers on how their bodies will cope with their changing bodies. The brain is the body’s super computer so it should not be a surprise that it directs and controls how much hormone the body receives while undergoing puberty.

This is also the time where adults around them have a preconceived notion about how they should behave in every situation that is deemed proper for their age. That means no more temper tantrums or sulking in the corner when they do not get what they want.

Speaking of temper tantrums and sulking, teenagers tend to feel their emotions more whilst not having a full grasp of why they are feeling it. Once again, the hormonal changes are to blame for this shift in their emotional state of mind. 

If you are feeling lost on how to console and soothe your teenage child, just read on because the following are a list of things you can do to help them on their way to adulthood.

Do not take their unpleasant verbal cues as insults towards your authority

Teenagers are often not in full control of their emotions and actions. They sometimes realize it a little too late while you are already lashing out at them for disrespecting you. It is important to remember that your teenage child may not be telling you about something that has been troubling them for a while. Now is the best time for you to be a parent and listen to your child’s body and verbal cues.

Do be consistent with enforcing your authority

It should be noted that if you are inconsistent with your parenting style and authority, chances are your teenager would be confused on how they should act around you. It would feel like they are stepping on eggshells if it feels like they do not know you at all. So, enforce your authority smartly and with a ton of care to make sure that your teenage child loves you while at the same time, respecting you.

Do not let them live with bad posture

While the ideal time to teach them about posture is during their formative years, it is not too late to help them now than deal with back problems as they grow older. It should also be noted that some of their hobbies or tasks can have an impact on their health and posture so you better invest on the right things to keep them on the right track. For teenagers who are into playing video games on their computers, the best gaming chair is what they need. FlexiSpot offers a ton of gaming chairs like the Gaming Chair GC01 which has a  removable head pillow and lumbar pad for the ultimate body performance through an intense gaming session.

Do give them time and space to grow and enjoy

One of the best things about being a teenager is they can have some adult privileges but none of the hard-hitting responsibilities. Which is why this is the best time to let them go to explore their own selves and let them transition easily as mature individuals.

Do not pry at their secrets

Instead of invading your teenager’s privacy by snooping around in their room to find something to get mad about, why not foster trust in your own home? This way, you can be sure that they would not do anything behind your back without consulting you first. At the same time, you will have the peace of mind that so many parents lack because of not communicating and trusting their child.

You must remember that their personality and attitude is the reflection or consequence of your parenting style. What you may be berating them for is the effect of how you treated them. There is also no one-size fits all outcome for any teenager but the best way to make sure that they are on their right path is to be their guide through it all.

Being a teenager is a daunting experience for who was once a child. Having your child go through puberty is a daunting experience for any parent.

You cannot stop your child from growing up but what you can do is be the parent that your young self needs and wants when you were also going through this turbulent time.