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Exercising While Walking Your Dog

10 June 2021

Most pet owners love their pet dogs as much as walking them outside the house. In the morning, we can see many dog owners in the park with their owners in tow to get some fresh air and to enjoy their fur babies while they walk around together. Other reasons for walking the dogs are enumerated in an online article retrieved from a website such as:

  • Dogs need to explore as they love curiosity and adventure. As they walk they enjoy the atmosphere outside with many things and discover
  • Walking your pet dog establishes a strong relationship with the animal and it gets excited every time you go out together. this also makes it happy knowing that it is given importance in this happy moment
  • Walking your dog enables it to get vitamins from the sun as humans do. It also needs Vitamin D that boosts serotonin production enabling them to have better sleep. Exposure to sunlight helps them absorb Vitamin D from the sun that relieves its joint pain especially with senior dogs
  • Remember that it is the dog's day and exclusive for bonding with it to have fun and enjoyment together
  • Walking your dogs enables them to learn and interact with other dogs, people, other places, and objects. Allowing them to socialize helps them to overcome fear and prevents the development of behavioral problems 
  • Walking your dogs let them do calls of nature which also humans do
  • Walking your dog lets it sniff to reduce stress and allows it to know other dogs in the neighborhood. Thus making it relaxed
  • Walking your dog is a way to let them exercise because like humans, they need exercise. And exercising helps them to be healthier and happier. They also sleep better. The right amount of exercise depends on its breed, size, age, and lifestyle
  • Dogs need to mark the area that enables them to communicate with other dogs through their urine which has a specific smell and uniqueness.

Maybe some of us do not expect that there are more reasons why we have to walk our dogs than what we really know. Our fur babies are just like us who need attention and TLC most of the time. It is really necessary to also have quality time with them as we have with our family members. 

While we walk our dogs, we unconsciously do physical activities with them. Walking is a kind of light exercise for us that we do while having our dogs around. For us humans, walking the dog enables us to socialize with our neighbors, interact with some of them so that we can know those people around us. Who knows, we may ask for some help from them in the future. Communication is the key to know them very well and to understand how they behave and treat you.

Aside from walking you may do other physical activities in the park with your dog such as running in place, jumping jack, and other exercises that may not cause any problem with your dog. But be sure that they are on leash so you are confident that they will not get lost or be stolen by anyone.

If you just want to have fun with your dog, you can do your physical exercises at home after the walk. It is better to do the walking in the early morning when the air is fresh outside and you feel light and happy. Walking the dog is one of the best activities you can do in the early morning.

However, there are times that you just want to stay at home and do your exercise with your fitness equipment or machine that you have, especially when the weather is not good for you to get out and exercise.

There are fitness machines that are available in the market and you can have the option to purchase one for your own physical fitness regimen. One company that manufactures good exercise machines is Flexispot. I think you are familiar with it because it is popular all over the world. It is trusted by millions of people worldwide. So this company is highly recommended for you.

One of the best exercise machines is the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair.  This fitness chair is shooting two birds at a time because you can be productive in your work while you are doing exercise by cycling or pedaling. Isn’t it amazing to do two things at the same time?

Another great feature is that it has a breathable mesh backrest that keeps you cool and comfortable with the fitness chair's stability. Your sedentary experience will turn out to be a cozy moment.

It has a seat cushion that is firm and provides no pressure support, bringing an enjoyable sedentary experience. The seat is height adjustable, that is you can change the height while seated with a one-touch lever. 

This fitness chair has a compact and streamlined body with rolling casters so it can be moved and transferred easier from one room to another and from indoor to outdoor. To know your calorie count you can see that on its calorie counter with a customizable cardio.

With this wonderful fitness chair, there is no reason for you not to follow your physical fitness regimen. All you need to do is to sit on this comfortable chair and you are ready to do your strides for your regular exercise through cycling and pedaling.

While doing your exercise, you can do other things on your desk aside from finishing your workload. Doing these things makes your time and effort to the max. There is no time wasted during your workout while doing your work responsibilities.

Walking your dog has many beneficial health effects for both of you and your dog. You both need to exercise regularly. But if some situations don’t allow you to go out, you may need to do the exercise with this fitness chair which could also be shared with other family members.