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Exceptional Quality and Heightened Ergonomics: Say Hello to the FlexiSpot Recliner XC2

17 August 2023

Not Your Average Chair

Living a sedentary lifestyle along with having a poor posture can spell disaster, causing a slew of health complications such as chronic back pain, stiff neck, pinched nerves, and a misaligned spine. Recliner chairs are designed to help you steer clear of sitting in hunched and slouched positions, allowing you to constantly change your posture. What this does is allow you to evenly distribute your body weight, minimising the amount of pressure and stress on your back, shoulders, neck, and legs.

Ultimately, recliner chairs help individuals sit in the "zero-gravity" position, which is where you're seated with your legs slightly above your chest. This helps naturally decompress your spine, increases blood flow, and eliminates any chances of getting a stiff neck, shoulders, and back.

In addition, these chairs provide a slew of incredible health advantages, especially for people that have to power through constant back and neck pain. Why? Well, because you're comfortably distributing your body weight by reclining yourself, you're effectively taking off any undue stress and discomfort from your back and neck.

Enter the FlexiSpot Recliner (XC2)

Designed for more than just helping you relax, the XC2 recliner by FlexiSpot is built to maximise your productivity, increase your focus, and offer a powerful form of posture rehabilitation. It's the next-gen of reclining chairs that may soon become a furnishing staple in both homes and corporate work environments. In light of this, let's take a deep dive into understanding some of its most prominent features.

Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with the FlexiSpot Recliner

Push-Based Reclining

Perhaps one of the best features of the reclining chair is the fact that you will no longer need to reach for buttons and levers just to change your position. With the XC2, all you have to do is slightly push the backrest, and voila. You'll be able to instantly change positions. Feel free to sit up, lie down, or sit with your legs up with zero effort. This is perfect for when you want to switch from working to watching a movie or reading a book.

Superior Design Versatility

The FlexiSpot recliner is manufactured for heightened wellness and comfort. Designed with hypoallergenic materials (a combination of cotton and linen), the recliner feels as if you're sitting on clouds. With top-notch elasticity, unparalleled softness, and a cushioned backrest, the XC2 presents an ultimate solution for people who have to work sitting down for hours on end. Heck, you can even take a nap on it!

Seat Designed for a King (or a Queen)

With unmatched softness and sublime comfort, the FlexiSpot XC2 recliner is designed to help you completely relax no matter what you're doing. With a soft, elastic foam for a seat cushion coupled with skin-friendly fabrics and materials such as faux cotton and linen, you'll never feel like getting up from the recliner. It's perfect for gamers, people who work from home for long hours, and those suffering from posture-related complications such as constant back pain, and stiff neck, and shoulder pain. The FlexiSpot recliner is designed with a razor-sharp focus on ergonomics and core functionality.  

Pockets to Store Your Accessories and Personal Items

More of an added feature, the FlexiSpot recliner XC2 also boasts side pockets, allowing you to store all your personal items such as phone chargers, phones, controllers, etc. Or you could also store your stationary such as a notepad, pens, paper, books, and much more. The sheer accessibility of the recliner makes it a one-stop storage solution for all your necessities no matter what.  

Curved Armrests

Another critical feature of the FlexiSpot XC2 (that many mainstream recliners lack) is its curved armrest design. It's brilliantly contoured to help place their arms in a more healthy and natural position, which not just helps boost blood circulation but also combat stress, helps you fight constant restlessness, promotes relaxation, and just gives your arms a much-needed break. The curved armrests are perfect for when you want to just lie down and meditate or watch a movie.  

Adjustable Footrest

The FlexiSpot recliner is also designed with an adjustable footrest, which means you can easily customise your posture in line with your needs. For instance, you can easily set the footrest in a position where you want to lie down or when you don't want to keep your feet on the ground. It essentially helps provide you with an added level of relaxation and comfort, enabling you to easily transform into a more ergonomic seating position.

Exceptional Load Bearing Capacity

Built with heavy-duty materials, the recliner is designed for maximum durability and has a load-bearing capacity of 120kg. So, you'll never have to worry about damaging the product due to size and weight. In addition, the reclining chair will offer strong support to your legs while you comfortably recline or change your position as much as you want to.  

Core Features and Functionalities in a Nut Shell

· Soft, hypoallergenic materials such as cotton and linen

· Extremely comfortable and cushioned backrest

· Easy to recline

· Change your comfort angles as much as you want

· Brilliant load-bearing capacity and durability

· Ideal for posture rehabilitation and body pressure relief