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Essential Products for Shared Offices

03 December 2021

When you purchase your office space, you want to ensure that you create a pleasant and welcome space for your employees. You will have to decide on a budget needed to buy durable and sturdy furniture, as well as office decorations. You might even decide to hire an interior designer to ensure that your shared office space looks professional yet boosts the creativity of your employees.

To create a funky and fresh office space, you need some products that will ensure that your employees are comfortable, happy, and are doing their work. If they do not feel comfortable, their productivity will suffer, which will also cause a drop in output, affecting your overall profits.

Here are some products for shared office places that are an absolute necessity:



The most important products in a shared office place are chargers. If your employee's computer, tablet, or phone runs out of battery in the middle of a workday, you can expect a half in their productivity. Even though your employee can rely on a friendly co-worker to lend a charger, this should not be a long-term solution.

You must have chargers available on every floor or corner of the office as a workplace. This will keep your employees at ease and allow them to focus on the work on hand. They will not have to worry about their gadgets running out of battery, allowing them to pay attention to their tasks. Moreover, if their phones or laptops do die, they will not waste time and will instead use the ones provided by the workplace. The less time your employees waste, the more time they will have to work.

Noise Canceling Headphones

If you are aiming to provide your employees with a shared office place, you must keep in mind that it can be loud. Since different departments will be working in the same office, you can expect a lot of overlapping chatter as people exchange their ideas across the room.

In this case, noise-canceling headphones are a necessity. It allows employees to concentrate on their work and listen to their own music. Did you know that music is known to boost productivity? It's true! By placing a pair of noise-canceling headphones on each desk, you allow your employees to get away from the chaos and chatter of the office.

Computer Desk

Computer Desk

To ensure that you provide your employees with great shared office space, it is essential that you provide a computer desk to each one of them. In a world where everything is becoming digitalized, you must provide your employees with a computer system so that they can keep track of the things that are going on around them.

A computer desk is also needed to keep track of files and folders, as well as to write important documents. An office desk will be used all day consistently by your employees, so it is essential to find a good quality one. Even when your employees go on holiday or take sick leaves, their possessions and papers will remain on the desk. This helps maintain a feeling of belonging at the workplace.

Desk Lamp

For shared office places, desk lamps are necessary, especially if your employees spend a lot of time at a computer desk. A desk lamp will help provide the necessary light needed for computer work, crafting, studying, reading, and writing. The more comfortable your employee feels, the more likely he will be able to concentrate, deliver better work, be more productive, and increase the company's sales and profits.

The best way to ensure that your employees feel comfortable while working is by providing them with desk lamps. The practical lighting will ensure that they face minimal glare and can type or write comfortably. When lighting is poor, it can increase screen glare on the eyes. In fact, according to the American Optometric Association (AOA), computer vision syndrome can cause neck pain, dry eyes, eyestrain, and blurred vision.

Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is an open box or tray that is kept on the surface of the desk. This is usually divided into compartments so that office supplies like paperclips, pencils, and pens can be placed in. When employees work on a computer desk every single day, it is bound to get disorganized and messy. Numerous studies show that if employees are made to work in a disorganized setting, their concentration, as well as productivity, will be affected.

Moreover, even if your shared office place is compact, you do not have to worry as long as your employees are provided with a desk organizer. This will have them manage clutter and keep office stationery tidy. Moreover, whenever guests or potential clients come into the office, you do not want them to think that your workplace is disorganized and untidy. Remember, the first impression is everything.

Desk Calendar 2021

When at a workplace, there are hundreds of things to keep track of. Your employees will spend their time stressed, trying to remember deadlines, the work of clients, and ensure that they give their best self to the workplace. All this stress and work can cause them to forget some small things, like what date it is or when they have to call their client.

By providing them with a desk calendar 2021, you help them plan things out so that they do not miss any important work. Moreover, each time they are on call with a client, they will not have to frantically look for their phone to open up the calendar. A desk calendar also helps employees keep track of workdays and holidays, all in all making them more efficient.



Since your employees will be leaving their supplies in the office, you do not want them to feel unsafe. After all, you can never be too sure about your things and would not want to come back to your personal belongings gone missing. To ensure that your employees feel comfortable leaving behind their everyday essentials, provide them with locks on the first day of work and remind them to feel safe at the workplace.

Moreover, if you have a shared office place, you want to be extra careful so that other employees do not get into a fight over missing things. As a workplace, you would not want to take the added responsibility of taking care of the things that your employees leave at their workplaces. By providing them with locks, it becomes their responsibility, and in case of loss, they cannot blame you.

Desk Plants

Decorating a shared office place with plants is a wonderful way to liven it up. A pop of color is always encouraged, especially if you are looking to boost creativity at the workplace. Many studies, including one from NASA, have found that desk plants can help improve the quality of air indoors. Moreover, desk plants are also visually meditative, which can lead to healthier and happier employees who are more efficient and productive.

With shared office places, the quality of air indoors can suffer. This poor air quality can cause employees to fall sick and portray flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat, cold, and cold. Furthermore, it can also cause increased fatigue and have psychological effects on workers, which will, in the long term, increase stress. By giving each employee a desk plant, as a workplace, you are taking measures to reduce blood pressure, improve mental health, ensure a good sleep, and keep productivity high at the workplace.

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Standing Desks

If your workplace requires employees to work on a desk all day, you should consider investing in a standing desk. These are adjustable and will allow employees to do their work while standing instead of sitting throughout the day.

Extended periods of sitting can affect the health of employees. Desk jobs are known to increase weight gain as employees do not exercise much. Moreover, they can also cause posture issues, back problems, and hip pain. An easy solution is to invest in a good standing desk, such as the Standing Desk Pro Series, This comes in multiple sizes, giving you a wide range to choose from.

Moreover, there are four programmable heights so that your employees can customize the height they feel most comfortable with. The best part is that the desk provides unbroken space, which is great for lots of employees who want to work on the same table.