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E7Q: Standing Desk for Family Dinners

24 November 2023

There is a perception that height-adjustable desks are only for office work and for helping with posture at a computer but this is not actually the case. The E7Q standing desk can be used as the stylish and sturdy centre-piece for family dinners. The range of movement in terms of height that the desk is capable of means that it can be perfect in any number of different scenarios. Despite being referred to as a “standing desk”, it can be lowered to a very comfortable height for the family to eat dinner from in a seated position.

The key to the popularity of height-adjustable desks is the sheer versatility that comes with the ability to support a lot of weight, as well as the motorised mechanism for lifting and lowering the workspace as required.  

Why Choose the E7Q Standing Desk?

The E7Q comes with a very attractive range of options in terms of appearance and is sure to cause a stir as the centre-piece of your dining room or kitchen. There are five different colours to choose from including dark bamboo, stylish black and classic maple and it will enhance the style of any room it is situated in. It can be especially handy in a household where working from home is the norm and a large workspace is required for all of the family to lay out their projects.

Strength and Stability

The E7Q is able to hold 200kg, which is around 31.5 Stones of weight, making this an incredibly durable and hard-wearing desk which won’t collapse, even if your children climb on top of it and put their full weight on it. This is obviously not something we encourage but it is good to have that peace of mind in a busy household situation.

That strength and durability can also make it perfect for family meals like set-pieces at Christmas or New Year. You will never have to worry that the turkey and all of the trimmings will be too much weight for the desk to cope with. The stability provided by the ultra-wide steel frame makes frustrating experiences with uneven surfaces where the table rocks back and forth a thing of the past. No need to try to put anything underneath one of the legs to aid stability. With this desk, stability is built in as standard


There are a number of options that you can choose when deciding to purchase this desk including the type and colour of the surface and the size that best fits your needs. This means that you can choose a version of this desk that is a perfect fit for your available space. You can choose a width of between 1400mm and 2400mm when ordering and the motorised height adjustment can take the desk from a height of 605mm to 1255 mm at the touch of a button.

Powerful and Efficient Motors

The quad powered lifting columns mean that this height-adjustable desk can change height swiftly to meet your needs. There are easily programmable preset heights that you can change between once you have found what works best for you and your family so there is no need to consult a manual every time you want to adjust your work or eating space.   

10-Year Guarantee

We are so confident about the strength and durability of this standing desk that we offer a ten year guarantee as standard. This should amply demonstrate our faith in this product's ability to withstand anything that modern life can throw at it.

There is peace of mind in knowing that you are covered if anything goes wrong with an adjustable-height desk. One of the impediments to persuading more people to buy them is that they are more complex than average desks and therefore have more potential points of failure. These desks have been made using top-notch components and the motorised aspect of them shouldn't be a concern for our customers, which is why we offer an extensive guarantee.

The Reviews and Accolades

The E7Q height-adjustable desk has been garnering rave reviews from our customers and currently sits at five stars on our website with owners sharing their overwhelmingly positive experiences of this product.

We were delighted that the widely-respected techradar review website said of the E7Q:

"This desk is premium in every way. Size, lifting capacity, materials, and build quality make this desk worth the price."

The E7Q standing desk was also the Gold Award winner at NeoCon 2023. This is a huge achievement, given the stiff competition that we faced. NeoCon is a prestigious international commercial design conference that is widely considered the “event of the year” for designers and manufacturers from around the world. All of the companies in this sector vie to be best in show, and the E7Q desk won the Gold Award this year.