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Do We Have To: Getting Dressed for Work From Home

15 June 2021

Work from home has already become a new office culture, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees are now accustomed to this new normal mindset, and they have implemented a few measures to facilitate this transition. Others may have returned to the regular wake-up-dress-up-commute-work-commute pattern. Dressing up for work from home is one of the adjustments we've made to enhance productivity. We can all agree that when the concept of working at home first entered our lives, it was chaotic. We gradually discovered professional ergonomics and outfitted our homes with a standing desk and an ergonomic chair.

Dressing up for work not only equips us for the day, but it also improves our emotional health. While working from home, you may not realize the relevance of clothing, but it influences our work. So, fight the urge to work in your comfortable home clothes and get ready for work. Dressing up to work from home may appear to be an unnecessary burden, but it sets the tone for your day. Moreover, wouldn't you like to be freed of the constraints of an office dress code? Make the most of your chance to explore with multiple styles. That being said, here are several reasons why you should still dress up when working from home.

Business as Usual

We are living in a period known as the "new normal." As a result, a touch of the familiar, no matter how modest or monotonous, has always been appreciated. Consider how you would dress for work: It used to be something many people took for granted. But we now count on daily, particularly as we adjust to a homebound routine.


When you work remotely, you may neglect your regular workplace rituals, such as getting up in the morning, getting exercise, and gearing up for the day. It could also imply that you lack the positive impact required to function effectively. These elements affect your performance. It is critical to consider how you feel to increase your efficiency. When you get ready for work, you'll be more active due to the good effect that returns.

Focus and Productivity

You indeed are what you wear, and it is still valid even when working remotely, if not more so. Then again, what you wear could either help or hinder your ability to focus and be productive. For example, your jammies. If you leave them on for the whole day, it will be challenging to switch to work mode since you link them with sleep and relaxation instead of putting on an outfit that you would wear outside. When you put on your work clothes, it indicates that you are in work mode. Employees who work from home face a transition challenge. They frequently work harder and longer than their office counterparts. It is harmful to one's health and performance. So prepare to remind your brain that you have office hours at home. It doesn't have to be something smart-casual, as long as you look like you're not going to be a homebody all day.


Having a routine allows us to maintain a degree of stability when we lose it, contributing to stress and anxiety. So, if this can be as basic as continuing your pre-quarantine ritual of putting on work clothes, then go for it.


It's a fact that looks count. We assess others depending on how they show themselves, whether we are conscious of it or not. But did you know that you may also say this about how you view yourself? At least from a professional standpoint. Look and feel good. It makes you feel so much better at the end of the day than if you were wearing something dull. Even if you work at home, this act still applies. Wearing something that makes you feel good allows you to applaud your efforts and work more pleasantly. People underestimate the effect of clothing, yet it does help you stay engaged. Try this method at home, and you will notice an immediate improvement in your performance.


Employees set up their home workspaces by applying ergonomic principles, as working at home has become highly prevalent. They purchased standing desks to maintain their health while working. That alone is a notable shift from the typical office setting that most of us have known and become accustomed to throughout our lives. So, in addition to utilizing a standing desk and other ergonomic elements, you can dress up while working from home to improve your performance at work.

  • Use it to your advantage by presenting yourself through your particular style. Depending on your day's tasks, you can base your work-from-home OOTD on colors that also set the mood.
  • Choose an outfit that strikes the ideal blend between comfortable-casual and presentably groomed. The trick is to choose clothing that you would wear to the mall or a neighboring coffee shop. 
  • Pick loose-fitting garments made of soft fabric that will make you feel comfortable while still making you look professional. You can keep a work-from-home attire to make things easy for yourself. In the summer, you can dress up in cotton outfits that are both light and stylish. For the winter, you can wear jeans with oversized sweaters or sleeveless vests.
  • Leave dresses for days when you'd be comfortable leaving the house in. Ask yourself if the dress you're wearing is suitable for a trip to the local marketplace. If you answered yes, you're on the right track.
  • Withdrawing from work means not just putting business-related items away but also changing your work-from-home clothes. When done for the day, change out of those clothes, just like you would when you get home after work. This assists in converting your state of mind into a state of relaxation. As a result, you establish a clear line between professional and private life, which is critical.

Home Office

If you enjoy working from home and plan to keep doing so in the future, you can set up a home office. Keeping an office pattern, even if you work from home, will keep you cognitively occupied. Even in your home office, you can follow the norms of getting up early, taking a shower, and dressing appropriately for work. Setting up a separate area at home dedicated to work also helps distinguish between work and home life. Using ergonomic solutions like those from FlexiSpota leading manufacturer of ergonomic products designed to provide a healthier way to work, will undoubtedly have you covered for this aspect.

Final Word

Resist the impulse to stay in sweats and boxers throughout the quarantine and beyond. Above all, remember to dress for comfort. Don't be frightened to start dressing and see how different outfits leave you feeling. Expect some experimentation along the road, but that's all part of the pleasure.

Clothes can be a place of comfort in these difficult times. Whether it's putting on a comfortable shirt or that great new pair of jeans you haven't had a chance to put on yet, the choices are infinite.