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Designing Your Ideal WFH Workspace with Flexispot

15 June 2021

FlexiSpot is helping WFH warriors to feel comfortable while they work

Working from home has now become the new norm. Since the pandemic, most Americans have been working from home. We have had to make do with our sub-par or makeshift home office. While most people have a standard desk and office chair already set up there are some people who have to make do with using their kitchen table or counter space just to get what they need to do for work. 

Whether you are either one of these types of people or will newly be working from home, there are some things to take into consideration for your workstation. A perfect workstation should have a complete area that will help you stay focused and work hard. 

Most companies out there see working from home as a privilege. They want to make sure you are staying on task and proving that you can be sustainable even while at home is a great way to show you are flexible in any environment. 

Making a complete and functional workstation at home can be hard.

It is hard to know the aspects that you need to pay attention to, what to avoid and what to focus on first. The thing that a lot of people don’t remember to take into consideration when setting up a work-from-home workstation is how it will affect them. Your workstation affects more than just your efficiency and total focus while you work. It also affects your physical and mental health. 

Your physical and mental health being affected while you work tends to make you want to work less, focus on the tasks you are doing and sometimes even want to get out of bed the next day. Considering the current state the world is in with the continuing precautions we are taking against COVID-19, many people are still stressed every day they work. There have been many people who have their mental health slowly dwindle due to lack of socializing with their co-workers, feeling cut off and isolated while they work from home. 

Mental health should always be a priority. How you feel mentally affects how you can feel physically. Granted physical health should be a top priority as well. If your mental health starts to dwindle it could affect your focus, your motivation, and even start to affect the way your body can feel. Stress is a hard thing to avoid, but with the right tools, you can keep a great balance between your mental health and physical health. 

You may be wondering how your work from home workstation can help you tackle your mental/physical health. Believe it or not, ergonomic office items have been proven to help improve people’s mental and physical health. Ergonomic office items have done many things for the people that use them. Ergonomic office items such as standing desks and ergonomic office chairs have shown ways towards improvement such as:

  • Your chances of risks against poor blood pressure
  • Your ability to tackle the high risks of obesity you could get from prolonged sitting
  • The pain you may get due to bad posture in your spine from sitting at your desk
  • Your chances against being a victim of heart disease  
  • Your overall mental focus, efficiency, and the energy you need to fight depression, anxiety as well as other mental health issues that may plague you
  • Your chances of preventing unnecessary pressure on your hip joints that you may get over time from sitting in a non-ergonomic chair

Now that you know why it is important to have an ergonomically equipped workstation while you work from home, you need to find the right retailer.

Finding the right retailer can be hard. There are so many choices out there. Who do you choose first? When it comes to the best ergonomic office chairs and desks, FlexiSpot is your best choice. 

FlexiSpot is the best company when it comes to a good balance between product and customers. With ergonomic office desks and chairs slowly climbing to be the new way people experience how they work, FlexiSpot is there helping people better understand ergonomics. They have immersed themselves in all things ergonomics so much that they have built a great customer base from the average office worker to Fortune 100 companies.

FlexiSpot specifically designs its ergonomic office desks and chairs in a way that stands out among any of its competitors. The fact that they are so dedicated to helping change their customer's perspective on how to have a healthier lifestyle speaks volumes about them as a company. 

A company that’s main focus is to provide a healthier tomorrow to every customer is pretty admirable.

Most companies main focus is to sell sell sell. FlexiSpot grows as a company by proving ergonomics is the best way to love yourself and be healthy. Self-care is something we all forget to do. We are so busy with our lives providing for our family or spouses, that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. 

FlexiSpot strategically works to build ergonomic office desks and chairs to start you feeling healthy quickly. Just by sitting in an ergonomic desk chair, you are helping reduce the risk of back pain, poor spinal health, and aggravating pre-existing injuries in your back that you may already have. 

They feel so confident about the products that they walk you through any questions you have about ergonomics or ergonomic products when you call in. They have partnered up with many companies to help provide easy access to ergonomic office desks and chairs. FlexiSpot wants people to feel that if they are investing in their ergonomic products that they are investing in their health. 

Reliability and trust are very important if you are striving to partner with a company to live healthier. FlexiSpot gets and respects that. They first want to hear about what you are looking for before even attempting to point you in the direction of their products. FlexiSpot feels to know the right product for the customer, they need to know the customer. 

Different people have different needs. You may have a back issue and aren’t sure if ergonomic chairs would help you. You may just be starting your diet and health journey and want something that adds a bit of edge to your day while you work out. FlexiSpot has a product that can identify with any of these people’s goals and then some. 

Knowing that FlexiSpot is an amazing company and what they can do for you, you may be wondering what is the best products for you to get for your perfect workspace at home. There are many different choices you can consider. That is yet another great perk of FlexiSpot. They have so many different designs and the ability to customize their products for you. 

The first place is setting a foundation for your workspace at home. To set a foundation you have to think of first your ergonomic desk before anything. Your ergonomic desk is going to be the main catalyst for every other ergonomic item you get. This includes finding the perfect ergonomic chair that will go well with it. 

The Comhar All-In-One desk is a brilliant workstation that is practical and smart. With this particular desk, the takeaway from it is this one is, in particular, is for home and studio use only. Another difference with this computer desk is that its aesthetic design is more than the average standing desk. This will be a solid investment for your home office needs. It not only helps boost your productivity by preventing you from having to sit all day. Some of its features include:

  • The ability to charge your phone and other USB-specific charging items to prevent you from having to run around finding a place to charge everything.
  • It has a variety of programmable presets that are perfect if you have multiple people at home who may also need to use this desk.
  • Easy transitions to any preset height you have programmed into it. It also makes it very easy for you to transition between standing and sitting with just one touch.
  • Two material models with either a glass top or wooden (chipboard) top. It also has some conveniently powerful functions with its drawer, USB ports, 4 memory presets, a safety lock feature, and anti-collision. 
  • A compact size that is great for a smaller office or studio space. It is very generous with its height range by providing 28.3”-47.6” and is fantastic for all of your work from home needs. 
  • It also comes with a 3-step quick installment that will take away your frustrations of time-consuming assembly.

Now that you have a great standing desk for your work from home oasis, it is time to find an ergonomic office chair that is right for you. Yet again with FlexiSpot, their variety in the products they have is phenomenal. There are choices for regular, L-Shaped, or even ones that offer headrests. One that stands out amount them is the FlexiSpot Under Desk Bike. It has several features like:

  • A backrest for steady comfort during your workout
  • Seat height ranges from 22.4” to 31.5”
  • 8 different resistance levels
  • A weight capacity of 220lbs

Another fantastic thing in particular with this ergonomic desk chair is that it is the one piece of equipment you will wish you had as soon as you use it. It can fit under nearly any desk, which is convenient for those work from home crusaders who want to get a workout in on a break. It is very much comfortable for any body type. It also has a comfortable sitting experience thanks to the high-quality breathable mesh backrest, larger seating area, and super comfortable cushion.

Working from home should be just as comfortable as when you relax at home. It should also be something that doesn’t negatively affect your healthStaying healthy and happy is what FlexiSpot thrives to do with every customer they help. For more amazing ergonomic products from FlexiSpot visit