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Decorate Your Home For Autumn

17 November 2021

In many ways, autumn is the season of change. The nights start to draw in, and the weather becomes what some describe as ‘disrespectful,’ leaves change, and the pumpkin spice season kicks off. It is also a season where people start spending more time indoors; therefore, creating a cozy cocoon indoors is essential.

Besides preparing your home for Halloween, you need to transition your home from summer to the fall season. This means making some necessary changes for your home to have the right ambiance for the fall months.

This calls for some helpful tips to help you refresh your home both inside and out. So, how do you let the autumnal seasonal switches into your home? We’ll tell you how below!

The changing season

The changing season

Between September and December, you have a couple of fall months to make some necessary changes to your home. Whether it is to get organized, to change or update your décor, carve out your workstation or work on the outdoors, cozy is the running theme for autumn.

In this article, we’ll take you through three parts of your autumn home refreshment. The first will be your home in general, then your home office space for WFH workers, and then your outdoor space. So, strap in:

Refreshing your indoor space

Having established that cozy is the running theme in autumn, here are some ways you can achieve this ambiance in your indoor space:

Use ambient lighting

Use ambient lighting

The social media age has taught us the power of lighting, and it is now apparent even in our living spaces. Lighting has the power to transform the feel of a home. Your goal is to create a warm and inviting indoor space, starting from your door and spreading to the rest of your house. Therefore, use overhead lamps and pendant lights to achieve a soft glow and warm shades in your home. Despite the long night hours, consider changing out bright bulbs for dimmer ones. With this, stepping into your home will feel like stepping into an autumn classic.

Bring the outside indoors.

Autumn weather is not exactly outdoor-friendly sometimes. Therefore, you end up spending most of your time indoors. You can incorporate nature-inspired décor in your indoor space during the fall months. This helps transform your home into a vibrant space that gives a sense of both outdoor and indoor comfort.

It's time for a textile change

It's time for a textile change

We know you have textiles that go better with the different seasons, and right now, it is time for autumn to shine. Your indoor space could do with a quick switch-up of your throw pillows, curtains, and other things in your space that can make all the difference. Autumn is a time to embrace nature and the thicker tactile materials. It will make your home fall-ready and transform your home into a warm, welcoming space.

Do you have fall plants?

The autumn foliage is quite pleasing, and you can invest in faux flowers and house plants to achieve these vibrant shades in your home. This is a great way to brighten your home for autumn without having to go through the upkeep of these plants. However, if you wish to go for natural plants, you can get them too.

Candles go well with dinner.

Candles go well with dinner.

Dinner parties are a staple of the autumn months. With most people spending time indoors and the holiday season kicking off, dinner parties become a norm. Candles create a warm and soft flicker that completes the ‘candlelit dinner’ experience. Whenever you have guests, spruce up your space with strategically placed candles to evoke a cozy atmosphere for a perfect dinner.

If you want to take it to the next level, use scented candles for both atmosphere and scent in your living space.

Deep clean your house.

Forget spring cleaning and dive into fall cleaning. Autumn is the ideal time for thorough cleaning of your home. This is in readiness for the coming holidays and the close of the year. The autumn cleaning also works for the outdoor and office spaces. Start with your kitchen, make your way through your living room and every room in your home. Work your way inside and make your way outside the house once done. This will prepare your home for Winter and, of course, give your house a sparkle through the autumn months. 

And don’t forget to declutter!

The great outdoors in autumn

The great outdoors in autumn

Since the weather might not allow much outdoor time during the fall months, it is essential to soak up every moment you can get. You can do this by creating a cozy outdoor ‘hangout’ space if you have an outside space. Moreover, autumn is the time to tend to your garden, keep your flowers and plants attended to as the chiller weather begins.

With a lounge area at home and a garden, you can enjoy the outdoors through autumn. Autumn is dubbed the most important season for gardening, so don’t let the opportunity pass you. It is time to bring in new plants and flowers, exercise your gardening muscle.

Besides tending to your garden and creating a cozy outdoor space, you can also work on cleaning your outdoor compound. Tend to your lawn, decorate your outdoors and do some autumn outside cleaning for good measure.

What about office space

What about office space

The outdoor and indoor spaces focus on décor and create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the autumn months. But, what kind of atmosphere should you create for your office space in the fall?

Remote working has become a widespread practice all over the world. With so many people now working from home, revamping office spaces and workstations at home is very important. Autumn, being the season of change, requires that you touch up your office space to help you improve your productivity over the fall months.

Keeping in mind that the changes you make over autumn should not dig a hole in your pocket, keeping the updates subtle but significant is crucial. This means that you are changing minor things that make a lot of difference.

Start by decluttering

Start by decluttering

We all know workspaces attract a lot of clutter. If you want to make any updates for autumn in your office space, start by cleaning up to remove any unnecessary items in your workspace. As you clean up your workspace, figure out what inspires your creativity in a workplace. This will make the process easier as you’ll know what to keep and what to remove.

What do you want to change?

The changes in your office area should lean towards autumnal themes. Therefore, make a list of things that you need to change in your workspace. For instance, you can change the lighting in your office, the curtains and little accessories you have on your desk. You can add fresh flowers or house plants to your office space too.

Consider ergonomic furniture

Consider ergonomic furniture

Consider installing ergonomic work equipment if you’re working on your home office and want to upgrade fully. This is beneficial to your health and well-being and is aesthetically pleasing. There are various ergonomic office equipment and even home furniture to choose from but most important is an ergonomic chair and a sit-to-stand desk.

Does Halloween décor count?

Definitely! Keep in mind that people have different ideas and directions for their Halloween décor, which means that some décor ideas won’t last past Halloween, after which they just seem weird.

The bright and vibrant colors, pumpkin carvings, and the like can make for incredible autumn decorations. Halloween décor is one of the ways to refresh your home over autumn. However, it is important to choose your décor pieces carefully if that’s the theme you’ll go with for autumn. Understandably, you may not want to go through the hustle of decorating for Halloween, then doing it again for autumn. You can easily combine the two by incorporating autumn-themed décor to your Halloween and pulling down the over-the-top decorations after Halloween.

Refreshing your home for autumn

The bottom line

Autumn is a fun season for many people, especially because it heralds the start of the holiday season. Refreshing your home for autumn doesn’t mean going out of your way and spending outside your budget. What it means is making small but meaningful changes around your home.

For many people, Halloween defines autumn, and for others, the pumpkin spice and cinnamon goodness sum up the season. Being a season of many changes, it is important to have your home in line with the season. This will help your productivity and comfort at home. With the weather getting chiller, upgrading your home to look and feel like a warm cuddle can help you enjoy the season a lot more.

Giving your home a deep clean is also a great way to refresh your home if you can’t change your décor. Refreshing your home for autumn is more about creating a comfortable ‘nest’ for yourself over the autumn months and less about spending money to redecorate your home. 

Is your home autumn-ready?