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Decoding Excellence: Exploring the Distinctions between FlexiSpot's E7 and E7-Pro Standing Desks

14 September 2023

Are you struggling to find ergonomic solutions that combine comfort and productivity? Struggle no longer because FlexiSpot has got you covered! They are a pioneer in the office furniture industry with their E7 and E7-Pro Height Adjustable Desks being the leading contenders in today's ergonomic office furniture market. They are perfect if you're a professional looking for the optimal harmony between style, adaptability and practicality.

So, what's the difference between the two desks? And which one will best suit your needs? Stick around to find out!

Who is FlexiSpot?

FlexiSpot has established itself as a leader in the ergonomic furniture industry. This is largely due to their user-centric design process which recognises the changing needs of professionals. FlexiSpot also take into account the design of the modern workplace, including what the modern professional needs. The E7 and E7-Pro, which we are going to discuss today, are just two of the products offered by FlexiSpot.

Features of the FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk

The FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk incorporates a number of features intended to transform users workplace experience. These elements work together to create a workstation that encourages ergonomic wellbeing and raises general productivity:

- The height-adjustability of the E7 is its standout feature. This enables you to transition between sitting and standing positions with ease, encouraging better posture and lessening the negative consequences of prolonged sitting. This mechanism is powered by an (almost) silent motor, which removes the need for any manual labour.

- The E7's height-adjustability gives you the power to customise the desk's height to suit your specific body type. This means you can adapt your workspace to suit your individual needs and comfort.

- The simplicity of the height-adjustability mechanism in the E7 desk encourages frequent posture adjustments during the working day. This frequent movement helps with blood circulation which increases energy and alertness, whilst also reducing stress on the neck and back.

- The E7 has an elegant yet modern aesthetic. This means it can fit in any office-environment, improving its overall atmosphere and ambience.

- The E7 is made of high-quality materials and designed to handle regular use as well as the demands of a busy office setting. Whilst ergonomic desks may be more expensive than traditional desks, their durability guarantees a long-lasting return on your investment.

- Last, but most certainly not least is that the E7 is cost-effective. You get a plethora of benefits at a reasonable price point!

Features of the E7 Pro Height Adjustable Desk

If you're a professional looking for a desk with cutting-edge features to create an enhanced office experience, the FlexiSpot E7-Pro Height Adjustable desk is for you! These are the distinguishing features of the E7-Pro:

- The E7-Pro has an enhanced keypad, giving you the power to save your preferred sitting and standing heights. This function gives you the ability to quickly switch between your customised ergonomic positions.

- The E7-Pro is able to support heavier, more substantial equipment such as monitors, laptops and other devices thanks to its higher weight capacity.

- The built-in anti-collision mechanism on the E7-Pro can identify obstructions while height-adjustments are being made. This design stops any unintentional bangs and scrapes occurring during the height adjustment process!

- Similar to the E7, the E7-Pro uses an electric motor to provide smooth height adjustments without disturbing the working environment.

- The design of the E7-pro goes that bit further than the E7 and is available in white or black, with a variety of wood finishes for you to choose from. This means it can suit any style of work environment!

- The E7-Pro even has a built-in charger, making it easy to keep your laptop fully charged!

The Differences and Similarities

The E7 and E7-Pro both champion the revolutionary power of height adjustment and give users the ability to utilise the memory presets. These memory presets offer a customised experience to guarantee ultimate comfort. However, the E7-Pro stands out thanks to its cutting-edge features, which include:

- The E7-Pro’s increased weight capacity means users can utilise a number of different devices (such as laptops, monitors and printers) without worrying that they may jeapordise the desk’s stability!

- The E7-Pro has a more advanced touch control panel which is touch screen and angled which makes it easier to use!

- Another fantastic feature of the E7-Pro is its anti-collision system. This protects the desk from any accidents in busy office settings that can often occur when adjusting the height of your desk.

- The E7-Pro also has a sophisticated appearance which may appeal to professionals who want a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

So, which desk should you buy? This largely depends on your work habits and goals.

In our view, the E7-Pro is best for those individuals who like to utilise the most cutting-edge technologies, combined with tasteful aesthetics. Whilst, the E7 offers an economical entry point to ergonomic furniture.

Concluding Thoughts on the E7 and E7-Pro

So, it is clear that both desks are durable, aesthetic and height-adjustable. However, the E7-Pro beats the E7 due to its cutting edge features. The desk that is best for you largely depends on your working habits and needs. If you are keen to learn (even) more about either of these desk - check out FlexiSpot's website.