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Curating Natural Colors In Your Home Decor

12 April 2024

Natural Colors for the Perfect Office or Home Decor Dream

Natural colors in your home decor or workplace style can make all the difference in the atmosphere and utilization of space. Whether you're looking to create a soft and welcoming space to unwind at home with, or an energizing and inspiring office look to encourage productivity and activity throughout the week, knowing what natural colors to work with and how to tie a space together are essential. Understanding how and when to use certain natural colors in your home decor palette and the psychological effects they can have on individuals are little-known but essential elements in home decor worth learning more about.

At FlexiSpot, we also know that adaptability to different living and working spaces is a common reality for many of us; ways to use color can differ depending on your space, its uses, and the autonomy you have over the area. In this article, we'll explore the different uses and impacts of natural colors in home decor, along with some suggestions for approaching natural colors in your home and office spaces to create the perfect palette for work and play.

Color Psychology and The Science of Natural Colors in Decor

Color Psychology is an area of color theory that evidences and explains emotional and psychological connotations invoked by the experience of color. It appears that many of these meanings are universal, meaning they similarly impact the brain regardless of individual experience, whilst others are cultural, depending on the particular social or geographical understanding of color and its connotations.

Given that some interpretations of color are universal, and that we can pinpoint the impact these colors have, we can begin to utilize color to influence our attitudes and behaviors. More individual or social impacts of color, too, can be utilized - if a certain color specifically makes you feel positive, energized, or calm, you can take deliberate actions to use these colors around you to inspire these feelings or behaviors.

Generally speaking, we see that colors on the warmer section of the color wheel - like reds, oranges, and yellows - evoke feelings of energy, warmth, or stimulation. These make them ideal for productive or energized social spaces. In contrast, colors on the cooler side of the color wheel - blues, greens, and purples - are linked with feelings of calmness, tranquillity, and relaxation. These are well suited to calming spaces, or areas where focus or stillness are needed. Understanding how and when to use these colors, whether through complementary or oppositional color schemes, can allow us to impact our psychology and manipulate or prime space for our intentions.

Using a home decor palette of natural colors can evoke feelings of the natural landscape, creating a feel of the earth, water, air, and sunlight. These are a great way to harness some of the other elements of color psychology with the grounding sense of the outside.

How To Use Natural Colors In Your Space

So now you have the grounding of how and why to use color psychology to help you inspire your home decor and workplace with natural colors - great! But where do you go from here? Let's take a look at our favorite practical tips from FlexiSpot for using color at home and work, and how to navigate different spaces.

The Key to Natural Colors in Your Workspace

For a focused yet inspired working space, it's important to incorporate natural colors to optimize calm and focus, whilst also ensuring enough adaptable space to work like new on ever-changing projects with differing needs. For the use of natural colors in your workspace, try a mix of blue or greens surrounding your desk with a feature wall of brighter red or yellow on the wall you work on.

When it comes to a clean and workable space, it's also important to include supportive and flexible furniture, like our BS13 POLY Ergonomic Office Chair. With adaptable height, neck tilt, armrests, and full ergonomic support in a breathable mesh, the BS13 supports your full body in a comfortable sitting position, whatever you're working on.

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You can also look to include color-complementing desk tidies and finishing decor touches to your office or maybe bring the outside in with a low-maintenance house plant. Combining the power of ergonomic supportive furniture with an inspiring and thoughtful space can make all the difference to your working day.

Natural Colors in Your Home Decor

For a calming living room space, deep terracotta tones of red or yellow with earthier purples can help calm the mind and warm the soul, whilst soft furnishing like blankets, throw cushions, and heartfelt ornaments in appropriate color schemes can help bring your living space together as a comfy haven.

We also know that living spaces need to be adaptable, and your living space may be a cozy private hideaway one night, and a bustling space for friends or family the next. A standing desk like our award-winning E8 Standing Desk offers flexible surfaces for hosting dinner, working on family projects, or creating a welcoming bar or buffet table in a party atmosphere. With a reliable yet super simple raising height mechanism and a durable desktop finish, you can trust the E8 seven days a week.

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Natural Colors for a Home Like New

Incorporating natural colors into home decor and home office design can transform your living and workspace into a sanctuary of tranquillity and inspiration. By embracing earthy tones and smart design for home and office, you can create a harmonious environment that nurtures creativity, focus, and well-being. Harnessing the beauty of natural colors in your home decor offers endless possibilities for creating spaces that reflect your personality and support your needs. With the right design choices and a little flair, you can achieve a perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality in your home and workspace.