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Could Standing Desks Work In A Library?

28 Oct. 2022

If your work is office-based or study-based, you’ll know the adverse effects of spending hours slumped over. Unfortunately, many of us are too well accommodated with bad posture and long workdays. But, standing desks are here to change that.

With a focus on ergonomics and wellbeing, standing desks are designed to provide a solution for those who have to concentrate for hours. Gone are the days when we work away while our backs are curved. Instead, we’re opting for biotechnology and aligned spines.

But, will these modern desks ever be integrated into public spaces? Sure, they’ve made a splash for those who work from home or buy their own office furniture. However, we’d love to see them in public spaces.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on standing desks and whether they’d work in public libraries. Want to know more? Continue reading to find out if you’ll be borrowing a book and using a standing desk simultaneously.

What Is A Standing Desk?

Before we jump into the benefits of standing desks in libraries and public spaces, we’ll quickly define these handy desks for anyone who hasn’t yet heard of them!

A standing desk comes with a range of height settings, allowing users to choose whether to sit, work, or stand. Unlike simple desks, standing desks come with a mechanism that will enable them to adjust to the height you need. This is ideal for anyone who can’t make up their mind! Standing one day and sitting the next - the best of both worlds while working.

Standing desks come in all shapes and colours, so make sure you browse all options before deciding on the desk.

Benefits of Standing Desks in Libraries

So, standing desks are designed for varied work positions and a healthier back. Why should these desks be integrated into libraries and public spaces?

Here are some benefits of standing desks and why they’d be perfect for public libraries!

Promotes Health

Perhaps one of the more apparent benefits, standing desks are all about health. From posture to increased circulation, the health-conscious have embraced these desks. However, these physical benefits would be welcomed by more customers if they were in public spaces.

More people would know of their benefits if standing desks were available in public offices and libraries. Not only that, but the availability of the desks would prove to users how beneficial they are through usage! Nothing beats promoting health and wellness in the local community.

Teaches Young Children

All demographics, including children, frequent libraries. As a child, the library is one of the first places you explore in your education. The presence of standing desks would be introduced to young learners early in their lives.

Children would learn about the benefits of standing when young, which would help them avoid being sedentary for long periods as they age. In return, the age groups will experience fewer illnesses and boosted mental health. A win-win!

Gives Students a Break

Another demographic that frequents libraries are students. Those completing their degrees have a lot on their plates. Students could benefit from standing desks in their university libraries from all-nighter study sessions to last-minute deadlines.

Standing desks would provide an alternative to chairs, giving them a break from constant sitting. This is needed to keep their energy levels up, thus improving their focus and motivation at the same time. An ideal combination for excellent grades!

Improves Posture

Improved posture is a significant benefit of standing desks, but how would this benefit a library? Similar to improved health, if standing desks were widely available in libraries and public spaces, more visitors would be aware of their posture and the importance of standing up.

Good posture is rare these days, and many of us tend to ignore the warning signs of a bad back. The presence of standing desks would remind many of us that we need to work on our posture, increasing the general public’s knowledge and health at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Standing desks are great for us mentally and physically. Adding these beneficial tools to public libraries would not only help more people, but it would increase the general public’s knowledge about health and sedentary lifestyles. Perhaps they would even encourage more to visit libraries too!

What do you think? Would you use the library more if standing desks were available? Do you think the public would benefit from these desks? Let us know!

If you’re ready to start your standing desk journey, we’re here to help. Flexispot is a leading standing desk supplier, ensuring all customers enjoy high-quality office furniture with a wellness twist. See our models here.

Want to learn more? Visit the Flexispot blog here for health and lifestyle content.

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