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Common Issues with DIY Standing Desks

15 June 2021

Standing desks are pricey. That alone answers the question of why some people would attempt to build their own. If you've been looking into getting a standing desk, you've probably learned that they're not exactly inexpensive. While certain choices, such as standing desk converters that fit on top of an existing desk, can be as low as $150, most standing desk models start at $200 and go up, with total stand-alone workstations often costing between $400 and $1000. Although standing desks are becoming more affordable, several do-it-yourself choices could save you money without sacrificing much functionality.

Why, though?

If you're handy with tools, you'll get excellent quality on a limited budget, as well as bragging rights among your friends and the thrill of using something you constructed with your own two hands. DIY standing desks are perfect if you want to save money on your desk needs and are skilled with furniture projects. Some options will wind up costing significantly more than options you can purchase. It's refreshing to know you made your own standing desk. Is it challenging, though? It's simple to make a sit-stand desk or transform an existing desk into a great piece of furniture. However, finding something that is truly ergonomic and wobble-free can be tricky. 

Aside from the expense, some people prefer to create their standing desks to give a personal flair. You can choose colors, materials, and finish when you construct your own. You may have a one-of-a-kind circumstance at work or at home that precludes you from purchasing many things owing to their size.

What's in it for you?

● Respect and admiration for your new workstation. You must have struggled day in and day out to complete the desk, so you will have an exceptional affection for it. And, most likely, some regard for the makers and the entire process.

● Faced with a new task. When you encounter a new situation, it's like embarking on a new experience that asks you to take on a whole new set of decisive actions.

● Learning a new skill. DIY standing desks will teach you a new set of skills to add to your repertoire. You may not have had a significant interest in carpentry in general, but participating in a DIY task like this one may put you in a great spot and attitude to study carpentry.

● A better sense of what makes an excellent standing desk. If you ever decide to use a ready-made standing desk, you will undoubtedly have a better eye for a quality standing desk. Knowing the best desks for your needs could come in helpful for you or a friend who is in need. FlexiSpot is a renowned manufacturer of ergonomic solutions that promote a healthy work environment. They're dedicated to converting the traditional workplace into an active atmosphere that encourages wellness and productivity. Every height-adjustable deskexercise bike, and ergonomic monitor mount is created with their devotion to workplace wellness in mind. 

● Specific to your ergonomic requirements. You will be able to experience and contribute to the creation of the standing desks yourself. This enhances the desk's personalization to meet the majority of your needs. Ergonomic requirements are critical, especially if your job demands you to be present for extended periods.

The Drawbacks

Even if you did a fantastic job repairing a drawer in your dresser or have never hit your thumb with a hammer, creating a standing desk for your office is probably not the best idea. DIY standing desks provide a plethora of opportunities and conveniences. Similarly, there are a few issues you should be aware of before embarking on sit-stand desk alternatives. Standing desks can help you save money, but they need a significant time of investment in the planning of your work area. Here are some of the concerns with DIY standing desks.


Testing it in multiple positions is one of the most crucial criteria in establishing whether or not it is stable. You can modify the height, arrange various objects on the desk surface, and test the stability. DIYers have evolved, constructing completely adjustable models out of wood. The problem is that unless you introduce material like steel, you will need a lot of other elements to make a sturdy desk. It is critical to consider all aspects of stability. Some of the most common include front to back, side to side, turning, and flexing of the desktop. There is a possibility that by the time you finish your DIY standing desk, you may have got it wrong along the way. Will you keep adding structural elements in an attempt to increase steadiness? As a result, you must ensure that your project is stable and will last for a long time.


Because you are not an expert standing desk maker, your DIY standing desk may lack the necessary adjustment choices for an adjustable standing desk. This means that it will go up and down, but it will not be as sturdy or customizable as a professional standing desk. Numerous research on the subject of standing desks has concluded that sitting all day is detrimental for you. The same has been true for standing, as mobility is the best option for improving workplace health. Users have begun to see the need for an adjustable standing desk as the market has become more prominent. 

DIY standing desk converters are to be placed on top of the regular desk, allowing you to elevate the conventional desk height. These units will take up a lot of room on your desk, which is OK while they are in use. What do you do when you need to sit? It's indeed not too difficult to shift a laptop back and forth. If you wish to use a monitor riser to modify your present standing desk, keep in mind that it will lack maximum adjustability compared to a professional standing desk. You can also add random books and empty goods cartons to adjust the desk height to your needs. You must make sure that the makeshift legs are steady and that your desk does not tip over. You can also elevate the height of your existing desk by placing a smaller desk on top of it.


In terms of research-backed ergonomics, constructing your desk does not always imply that it will be on par with a commercial standing desk. An ergonomically designed desk should raise your monitor screen to your eye line and allow your elbows to rest at a relaxed 90-degree angle, with your wrists floating around your keyboard. You're more prone to have a stiff neck if you have to glance down at your monitor. And a keyboard that is just a tad too high or low might induce wrist and forearm pain.

For those who are unsure whether a standing desk will work for them, starting with a DIY desk and then upgrading to a high-quality standing desk is a great option. Alternatively, perhaps one of the low-cost manual height adjustable desks may suffice if you're on a tight budget.


There is something to be said for having a nice and neat desk. Sure, your milk crate or stacked book arrangement might work, but it will most likely look cheap and untidy. According to studies, organized desktops not only help you focus, but they can also prevent illness because they are easier to maintain clean of dust and bacteria. In any way, when compared to a commercial standing desk, your DIY adjustable standing desk surface may appear a little less sleek. For a spiffed-up desk, experiment with different paint jobs on the standing desk surface. It will assist in improving the appearance of your home office and workspace.

Final Thoughts

If you're serious about standing during most of your workdays, consider it an investment in something you'll be doing for 8+ hours a day. Because you may spend more time at your desk than anywhere else, it's an excellent investment that you'll get a lot of use out of. Even the cheapest solutions available are preferable to the majority of DIY efforts. If you're unsure, try piling some boxes or books to get a sense for standing during the workday. The ultimate choice will be determined by your budget, time constraints, and requirements. If it feels like something you'll use for a long time, go ahead and buy in a commercial better quality product like FlexiSpot. You'll be glad you did.