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Combatting The January Blues While WFH

12 January 2022

After a fun and indulgent festive period, it can prove difficult to settle back into our daily routines. Many of us notice a dip in our mood at this time of year and correctly label it as the “January blues”. It can be both physically and mentally challenging to restart our hectic schedule - with early mornings and long days at the office. Couple that with cold weather and a lack of sunshine, and it’s no wonder January takes such an emotional toll on us. Unsurprisingly, the third Monday in January is known as “Blue Monday” - the most depressing day of the year.

WFH can make it harder to settle back into a routine and exacerbate our blues due to remote working loneliness. You are probably wondering what steps you can take to boost your mood and work productivity as we start 2022. To help you, we have collated a list of simple tips to help you banish those winter blues!

1. Establish a consistent routine

Maintaining a consistent daily routine is vital for looking after our mental health. As we face another year battling through a global pandemic, structuring our day allows us to have some predictability in an unpredictable time. A well-planned day helps to limit stress, enhance productivity, and combat boredom. While it can be harder to establish a routine when WFH, it is certainly achievable. You should spend some time devising an appropriate routine to fit in with your work and personal life. One of the major benefits of WFH is that you can fit household chores into your daily work schedule, freeing up more time in the evening for you to relax.

Remember to stick to your designated work hours! It can be tempting to work a little late or start half an hour earlier just to get on top of things. However, switching off and having time to relax and unwind is important for keeping on top of the winter blues.

2. Optimise your work environment

As many of us transitioned from the office to remote working, our beds, sofas, or kitchen tables were seen as an acceptable place to work. However, as restrictions and WFH guidelines continue, we must find a comfortable and effective workspace for long-term use. The last thing we need is muscular and other health problems caused by poor posture and inappropriate office furniture. While it may seem expensive to refurnish your home office, you can't put a price on good health and wellbeing.

When setting up your work environment you should consider:

  • Investing in an ergonomic chair to ensure correct posture and optimal lumbar support.
  • Consider using a standing desk to keep you moving throughout the day. Standing desks can greatly improve both your physical and mental well-being.
  • Ensure that there is plenty of natural light flooding your home office. This helps to regulate our body’s sleep-wake cycle, helping us to achieve a better night’s sleep, which is vital for a productive day at work.
  • Make your work environment as welcoming and homely as possible - try adding some fresh spring flowers and a few candles to your desk to refresh your space. Make it as individual as you like - think about the items that make you happy and place them nearby.

3. Eat a healthy diet

You must have heard of the adage “you are what you eat”. During the festive season, we tend to overindulge, enjoying many high-fat and high-sugar foods. So, make January the time to detox and feed your body with lots of healthy and nutritious foods. Be sure to incorporate lots of fresh fruit and vegetables into your meal plans. Drinking plenty of water can help to maintain your concentration and prevent unnecessary fatigue.

 4. Get moving

Sitting down all day isn’t good for anybody and neither is staring at the same four walls for the whole day. While it can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and out when the weather is cold and miserable, it will help to boost your energy levels and your mood. You could use your lunch break to catch up with a friend, go and get a coffee and take a stroll in the fresh air.

 5. Keep in touch

WFH can leave us feeling isolated and lonely, missing the office banter and the after-work drinks. To make sure you are not left out of the loop, schedule plenty of video calls or online chats with your work colleagues. Keeping the lines of online communication open is vital as we are no longer able to lean over to the next desk and ask our colleagues for some guidance.

How Can Flexispot Help?

At Flexispot, we are passionate about ensuring that workers are healthy, both mentally and physically, and that they can perform their job efficiently. We offer a range of ergonomic office furniture which provides comfort improves productivity and enhances wellbeing. These winter months can be tough to navigate, but having the right office furniture can make all the difference.

We are here to help you, and we are happy to offer advice as you decide on the right furniture to meet your individual needs.