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City Activities to Relax After Work

02 November 2021

If you willingly work more hours beyond your 9 to 5 job; if you don’t get up when the lunch bell rings; if you answer work calls even on a weekend; if you can’t go to your kid’s dance recital or parent-teachers meeting because of work---then you are most likely the classic workaholic in anyone’s book. 

You think not replying to an e-mail sent during the weekend will make you lose a client. You think not answering your boss’ call at 10 in the evening will cost your job. You think you have to check on the office when the clock strikes during the morning, afternoon, and evening even though they’re supposed to be taking a break from work on their five-day vacation leave. 

We don’t know if it’s because you just love your work very much or work’s been becoming a little bit tiring that you’re looking for ways to spice your everyday life up. Whatever the reason, you won’t be able to survive the grind, if you don’t take the time to rest and recharge outside of work. We listed down some activities here that you may want to try. You don’t even have to leave the city to do any of them. 

Try Wall Climbing for the first time.

1. Try Wall Climbing for the first time. 

Get some adrenaline pumping and climb some walls with rocks. It looks easy from afar but becomes tricky when you run out of rocks to hold onto. 

If you’re scared of heights, it’s a fun activity to challenge your fear but you won’t even feel how high you are already unless you look down from where you’re hanging. 

It’s also an activity where your trust for your partner will be tested because your safety going up depends on the belayer making sure the rope is tight for you. When you go down, the belayer must be attentive in slowly loosening the rope so that you won’t come crashing to the ground. 

2. Go Paintball with your friends. 

Always reserve time to play with your friends. Paintball is an activity that knows no age. The mechanics are simple. Players have to eliminate other players by firing paint pellets from a gas-powered gun. It can be an individual activity when you only have to look out for yourself or a group activity where you have to strategize with your teammates so that by the end of the game, you’ll be the team with the most members standing. 

Don’t just sit and watch there. Get moving and don’t allow yourself to be killed by being attentive with your every move. 

Visit every new restaurant in town.

3. Visit every new restaurant in town. 

Another fun city activity that everyone loves to do is have a food trip. If you’re not new to your place of residence, you most probably already have a favourite restaurant in town. Switch it up and try every restaurant that just opened recently. You might just find a new gem and a favourite hangout place. 

4. Solve a crime in an escape room. 

Have you ever been to those escape or mystery rooms? If you want to exercise some brain cells and teamwork, go with your best buds in an escape room. You’ll be given a mystery to solve with lots of clues you would have to decipher in order to solve the puzzle and ultimately, get out of the room. Some teams never get it right but if you exercise analytical thinking at best and discuss with your teammates the best possible course of action, then you’re sure to escape alive. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t get it right because at least you had the most fun racking your brains off. 

Enroll in a ceramic pottery-making class.

5. Enroll in a ceramic pottery-making class. 

For a peaceful and mindful activity, why not try pottery making? These are some of the things that look easy to do but are actually very complex. It’s hard to shape a mould and hold it for a while, especially if you have heavy hands. You need to be extra gentle and patient so that you don’t end up rushing and ruining your possible masterpiece. 

Not only is it a creative outlet, but you also get to exercise mindfulness while creating your piece. This requires your full concentration that helps take your mind off from your recent life stressors. 

6. Drink wine while painting.

Another creative activity you can try is to paint and drink wine. Fret not if you’re not a gifted painter because all you have to do is show up. Pick your wine glass and painting to copy or trace and start painting. This is every beginner painter’s dream as well as a fun activity to try while drinking wine, a break from the usual late-night intoxicated chats. 

Hunt for ghosts or paranormal activity.

7. Hunt for ghosts or paranormal activity. 

Every city or town has a past so for sure, there are many tales of ghosts and haunted places. Do your research first before you go to any of them. Getting your dose of excitement is fun but staying respectful of a place’s history is still important. You probably want to join a ghost hunting tour if there are any or ask the help of professional paranormal investigators to guide you and your group of friends. 

8. Give slacklining a try at the park nearest you. 

All you have to do is buy a slackline and look for two trees at the park a considerable distance apart. Attach tree protection to the tree trunks at knee height. Put your line around the tree and pull it through the loop. Get the ratchet strap and put it around the track before pulling it through the loop. Hold the slackline and begin to tension. Lock the ratchet and it’s good to go. 

Basically, what will happen is that you’ll try to stand and walk on the slackline as long and far as you can.