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Christmas Gift Guide for Your Man

07 December 2021

Christmas gift shopping has begun in earnest, and as usual, most women are faced with a small challenge; what to get for the men in their lives. Shopping for men is often a not-so-easy task because somehow they don’t ever seem to need anything. For some of them, their tastes are so high you can’t believe you will ever meet up. It makes shopping a confusing experience for the women that love them.

Whether he already has everything and insists he needs nothing or has very high tastes, there's still a way to work out the perfect gift for him. First, resist the temptation to fall back to the usual standbys like pairs of socks. You know that won’t be any exciting both for you and for him. And what good is a gift that does not stir excitement?

Second, draw your budget. It would have helped if you started planning for his gift earlier in the year, but even if you didn't, you're still not left out. Irrespective of how small or large your budget is, there's a gift out there that perfectly fits both your budget and your man. And that will also be exciting for both of you.

We’ve put this guide to help you choose the best gift for your man this Christmas. We picked a list of the best gift ideas that will draw that huge smile you've been looking forward to. Our gift items range from ergonomic gaming furniture that will thrill the gamer to stress-relieving gadgets for the workaholic to items that will help your man stay more organized. And guess what, we even included a gift idea that will also benefit you.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for your Man

It’s that time of the year again when you’re out excitedly shopping for gifts for friends and family. And we know you’re once again faced with the dilemma of what to get for your man. Our Christmas gift ideas will make that decision easier for you. And even if your man seemingly has everything, we’re certain you’ll still find something he needs in our list. Let’s get into it.

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad

Gaming Desk

If you’ve got a man that loves gaming (the majority of men do), then this is a perfect gift idea for your man. This Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk is simply the dream of every gamer. Gives the gaming area a unique, top-notch look that’s cooler than ordinary desktop material.

Teslyar Wood Standing Phone Dock Station

Are you tired of helping to search for car keys every morning? If you are as tired as we assume you are, we have a perfect solution for you. This Teslyar wood phone docking station is the perfect gift to help your man keep organized. All his accessories can now be safely and tidily kept in one place. No more scrambling around in search of keys and wallets every morning.

This phone charging station is made from specially grown ash trees and is not mass-produced. The production process is completely eco-friendly, a gift an eco-conscious man will greatly appreciate. Its craftsmanship speaks class and supreme quality, and it is very easy to assemble.

Teslyar phone dock station is designed to hold phones, wristwatches or wristbands, glasses, wallets, pens, and smaller accessories like cuff links and coins. It features convenient cable cutouts for easy charging. The cutouts are designed to prevent cables from bending while charging.

Popular Mechanics Home Hub

If you’ve got a techie for a husband, boyfriend, or dad, you should consider getting this 6.8A four-port USB fast-charging station as a Christmas present for him. This smart charging hub will enable him to charge all his devices in one spot instead of spreading them across multiple sockets.

The home hub fast charges tablets, phones, power banks, smartwatches, and other USB-compatible devices. It has LED nightlight dividers with a control switch. It also features a smartwatch stand.

Its USB ports are designed with smart IC technology, which enables them automatically detect each device and optimize charging speed to meet the requirements of each device. Essentially the Popular Mechanics Home Hub enables you simultaneously power four devices in one position. It’s a gift every tech-savvy man would love.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

No men’s gift ideas list will be complete without the mention of subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are of various types and cover a wide range of options. From socks and inner wears subscription boxes to outdoor gear subscription boxes to comic book subscription boxes to bear subscription boxes, the list is endless. Your choice of a subscription box for your man is dependent on his needs and preferences.

Depending on your budget, you could opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription package. A lot of companies offer subscription boxes with mixed content. You could pick one that has a mix of a tie, wristwatches, belt, wallet, face towels, cuff links, perfume, and any other item you think your man will like. He will surely be delighted to have a box of essential items delivered to him every month.

Shiatsu Back, Shoulder, and Neck Massager with Heat

This electric back, shoulder, and neck massager is a budget-friendly gift option for your husband, boyfriend, or dad this Christmas. It has eight nodes that work both clockwise and anti-clockwise to give you a 4D deep tissue massage that simulates real human kneading. It makes you feel like you brought the spa home with you.

It allows for three adjustable positions for slow, medium, and high massage as you want it. The deep heat is therapeutic and relieves aching muscles as well as oncoming headaches. It is designed with multi-layered breathable mesh fabric to ensure you’re comfortable during massage sessions.

That’s not all. The massager has a smart chip overheating protection system that prevents overheating by automatically shutting off the heat after 15minutes. This means you can conveniently sleep off without worries while using the massager.

And there's more. Because the massager is adjustable, it can be used by every member of the family, which means you also get to enjoy your gift. It would help if you were smiling right now.

Shiatsu massager is suitable for office workers, IT workers, high-pressure workers, insomniacs, and older adults. Physically active people will also find it useful for post-work relaxation. You can use it to massage the neck, shoulder, back, wrist, arm, thighs, calves, and feet.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

Has your man been stressed and struggling with sleep lately? A weighted blanket can be of great help. The blankets offer a deep pressure therapy that helps relax the body and induce rest. Even if a person is prone to severe anxiety, a weighted blanket can still help him sleep.

There are several types and brands of weighted blankets available in stores, and most are washable. Another thing is that they can be quite pricey when compared to regular blankets. Still, there are several budget-friendly options available, like the weighted tranquillity blanket with a washable cover. This option also has an additional temperature-regulating that prevents overheating.

Backyard Office Pod

We saved this for the last because this gift idea is an expensive one. With the rise in the number of remote workers, many men are now working from the house. While it has its advantages, working from home has many distractions that affect a man's productivity. Talk about the TV, game room, and even the children. A backyard office pod will help eliminate these distractions and boost your man’s productivity.

Backyard office pods are available in various styles and sizes. The Autonomous work pod, YardPod, and Zen work pod are some examples of the best work pods you can gift your man. The only downside to this is that work pods are quite expensive. 


Getting the perfect Christmas gift for your man is not as difficult as it seems at first. There's always something a man does not have, even when he claims to have it all. A little more attention will show you just what he needs. Meanwhile, we believe this guide will help you with the process. Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas in advance.