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Choose the Ergonomic Chair that Fits Your Style

29 December 2021

We all have times when we end up slouching in our chair, rubbing our neck or trying to use a cushion to get rid of backache. With more of us working from home or in front of screens than ever before, it’s safe to say that we’ve never spent more time sat in one place.

While it might not sound like a big problem, over time it can play havoc with your posture and wellbeing. Sitting in a poor quality chair for an extended period of time is a guaranteed way to cause problems in the not so distant future.

To make sure your body has the support it needs, we’ve put together a quick list of different styles of ergonomic chairs. They’re designed to fit all tastes and budgets. Let’s get started…

Flexi-Chair BackSupport office chair BS1B

This is the chair of choice for those looking for maximum adjustability in a corporate or work setting. The design is based around a breathable, elastic fabric that sits gently against even the most sensitive skin, allowing air to naturally flow and cycle. The result is a comfortable seat that keeps you cool no matter how long you use it for.

As well as a smart fabric, the BS1B offers a range of adjustable settings. The armrests and chair height can both be easily adjusted with easy-to-reach handles, as you would expect from a premium office chair. What sets the BS1B apart from so much of the competition is the way in which the tension of the back support can be easily adjusted. This helps fine tune the fit and support around the base of the back, offering you a simple way to personalize your seating position.

And if all of that weren’t enough, you can also both tilt and raise the head and neck support. This is ideal when you want to adopt a variety of different postures throughout the day so that your body still feels lose and able to move.

Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9

This is a stylish and highly fashionable looking chair that’s proven particularly popular in contemporary and home offices. The 5-castor base supports an S-shaped backrest designed to promote positive posture that lasts all day long. Add in the breathable mesh that never deforms and you’re left with a smart solution to office-based ergonomics that works from the moment it arrives.

Like the BS1B and BS8, it comes with easy-to-reach handles for the tilt and height adjustment. The seat is 7 cm thick and made from durable memory foam to prevent sinking and posterior numbness creeping up on you during prolonged periods of inactivity. Flip up armrests with 120 degrees of tilt complete the functionality, offering you a clever space-saving option that’s ideal for communal workspaces.

While the aesthetic look that’s on offer here is sure to catch the eye, so is the lower price than other entries on this list. This makes the BS9 a great option for furnishing team-based, communal environments in which you want to boost productivity by guaranteeing comfort and ergonomic support.

BackSupport Office Chair BS8

The breathable material on offer with the BS8 is designed to keep your skin cool and sweat-free during even the hottest periods of the year. This gives you a smart chair that’s not only ergonomic but also comfortable like few others on the market.

There’s also an innovative W-shaped design which is used to reduce pressure on your posterior, helping you stay comfortable for longer without numbness. This is achieved through a smart combination of high-density foam and rubber that allow you to stay in perfect position without risk of sinking over time.

Everything is then brought together by a backrest with adjustable tension and a full range of motion combined with 9 cm of height variation and foldable armrests. While there is no independently adjustable head support like with the BS1B, the tilt still gives you access to a wide range of motion.

Home Office Chair with wheels

The budget option on our list comes last, and it’s not hard to see why it’s already proving such a popular choice. With a standard retail price that comes in below £100, it offers the perfect combination of value for money, ergonomic design, and contemporary aesthetics all in a single sleek package.

The smooth lines of the back are complimented by the removable cover and lightweight cushion, while the 360-degree swivel casters make moving it effortless. If you add in the positive support of the backrest with the quick and easy height lock, you’re left with a simple addition to the office or workplace that’s all about getting the job done.

Everything is then held in place by the ruggedized base which provides support and stability for users of all sizes. A lack of armrests and an additional neck support are the key omissions here, but don’t let that put you off if you like the look of what you see. And if they’re features you feel you simply can’t live without, the BS1B has you covered in both of these key areas.

All you have to do now is give some thought to your budget, the type of style you’re looking for, and the range of functionality you need. From there you leave the rest to the experts.

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve heard what we have to say, it’s over to you to make your final pick. Choose an ergonomic chair that fits your style!