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Change the Way You Play with a Standing Desk

12 May 2021

Amp up your gaming experience to the best that it can be with a standing desk. Level up your excitement and entertainment with this product. You may think that this is just limited to being used for your job requirements, but it is capable of so much more. A standing desk can change the way you view gaming in general. It can be an immersive experience that you would not want to miss. 

Life can be tough, and gaming is some form of stress-releasing activity. Most, if not all, gamers might not know what it takes to lead a healthier life even while gaming. They are stuck to their current setup of simply just having a gaming chair. However, there is another way to add health benefits to the encounter. People want to live healthy lives, but few are willing to compromise the quality of their leisure time to do so. An often-overlooked product that can be added to their gaming collection is a standing desk.

When people talk about the advantages of standing desks, they usually do so in the sense of a serious corporate environment. Those who use their desk for recreational purposes, on the other hand, may benefit from moving to a standing desk. Let us dive right in and cut the chase. I know that you are as much as excited as I am to know more about this.

Revolutionizing the Gaming Experience

Serious gamers are turning to standing desks now more than ever to optimize their potential and take their gaming to the next level. It's a relatively new phenomenon in an industry that has long taken seated gaming for granted. But why should gamers be limited to simply slouching and sitting for long hours while playing their favorite games?

This should not be the case for you. This is where ergonomics come into play. You may think that this concept is just limited to just the office setup, but little did you know that it is just as crucial. 

In essence, working for long hours is nothing different from gaming for long hours. If you are the kind of gamer that gets hooked to the game and want to reach certain objectives or might even want to see how it ends in one sitting, you are doomed to stay in your gaming area for a long time. If you are slouching and are not comfortably positioned, you are sure to cause some strain and discomfort to your back, neck, and spine.

Having a standing desk for gaming use solves these problems. It even brings out a unique gaming experience. It promotes comfort, convenience, functionality, flexibility, and especially ergonomics.

Gaming with a Standing Desk: Less Worries, More Fun Times

It is a known fact that living a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health, induces exhaustion, and may even make us depressed. Changing our place, whether sitting or standing, regularly during the day is one easy way to combat this.

When you sit for extended periods, you begin to feel tense, uncomfortable, and you also tighten up your muscles. These sensations will take your attention away from your gaming. Instead of beating the final boss or accomplishing the mission, you are worried about your strained body. This keeps you away from your pleasurable gaming experience. You might try fidgeting to get more relaxed, but it's difficult to do without getting up and pausing the game.

Insane hours of gaming can place a lot of strain on your spine, which can have a cascading effect and affect a lot of your motor function and nervous system — all of which are essential for sustaining the fast response times required in intense gaming.

With a standing desk, you can move your body without missing a beat in the game. Since your body can imitate your main character gestures better while standing, gaming from a standing position helps you to be more involved and receptive in the game.

Ultimately, standing has been related to increased concentration and efficiency due to increased blood flow to the brain. Using standing desks for gaming will allow you to perform better and build a more interactive gameplay experience.

Gain More While Playing More with a Standing Desk

The imaginative spark is crucial for gamers. Every strategic advantage you can get is a blessing when you're trying to outsmart your rival or achieve your goal. Rather than curling up in your living room, a standing desk keeps you alert, focused, and helps you find the creative flair you need to succeed.

Another thing to keep note of when using a standing desk is the time expenditure. Seconds will pass in what feels like hours while you're gaming. Playing can be such an engrossing activity that it's hard to keep track of time. It isn't fun anymore to lose track of things, particularly when you have other things on your to-do list. When playing, standing makes you more mindful of the passage of time. With a standing desk, you have every moment accounted for. 

Standing and moving more while gaming is a good way to add some exercise to your gaming routine. Defeat all foes including impending health issues. According to some studies, you can get more than what you bargain for in any type of exercise. The benefits stem directly from its ability to minimize insulin resistance, inflammation, and promote the release of growth factors, which are chemicals in the brain that influence the health of brain cells, the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, and even the abundance and survival of new brain cells.

A New Take to Your Gaming Adventures

With a large, spacious surface that can comfortably accommodate two or even three monitors, FlexiSpot's height adjustable desks are perfect home computer desks for gamers. You can also enhance the experience by organizing your gaming station the way you want. If you just want to add sit-stand functionality to your current gaming setup, standing desk converters are a good choice.