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Chair Colours and Mood Management: How to Motivate at Work Through Colour

25 January 2024

Have you ever wondered why there are some colours that can make you feel more productive or energised at work? Your choice of ergonomic chair colour and the combination of other colours in your surroundings can have a great effect on your mood and motivation levels.

As it turns out, colour psychology significantly impacts how we feel and perform at work. In this blog post, we will explore how different colours affect our mood and how we can optimise our workspace for optimal productivity and motivation.

1. The Power of Blue

Blue has been shown to have calming and soothing effects on our minds. It can help us to increase productivity and creativity while also reducing stress and anxiety. This makes blue one of the most popular colours to use in office environments.

Studies have shown that workers in blue-painted offices made fewer errors and were more productive than workers in other coloured offices. Even just the act of using a blue chair in your workspace can create a calming atmosphere and improve work performance.

2. The Energy of Red

Red is a dynamic and energetic colour that can increase adrenaline and stimulate the mind. However, it can also cause feelings of aggression and increase heart rate. In a workplace, red can be used sparingly as an accent colour to convey urgency or importance. Red chair accessories or accents can provide the necessary energy boost for tasks requiring high focus and concentration levels. A red telephone on the other hand implies that it is very important and that all calls to that line must be answered urgently.

3. The Stability of Green

Green is often associated with nature and can help to exude a sense of stability and balance. It is known to have the effect of promoting harmony and reducing anxiety levels while improving concentration and focus. In a workplace, incorporating green plants or using a green chair can provide a calming effect and help you feel more grounded and centred.

Plants and green furniture can also nurture a sense of connectedness to your environment and to those around you, helping to foster a more collegiate, caring workspace.

4. The Cheer of Yellow

Yellow is a warm and cheerful colour that can create a positive and uplifting atmosphere. It is known to stimulate creativity while at the same time honing mental clarity. However, too much yellow can cause feelings of frustration or agitation. Yellow can remind us of the sun and of warmth, but it can also be an overwhelming colour because of that very brightness. Using a yellow chair in your workspace can provide an inspiring and motivational element, promoting a cheerful mood and is best suited to those with a sunny, optimistic personality.

5. The Potency of Pink

Pink is a powerful colour that has often resonated particularly strongly with women. The film Barbie has really caused a renaissance in the use of pink in many spaces, especially those dominated by women. Pink is often used to symbolise harmony and collegiate working practices and can have a very calming influence or can be bold, brash and creative, depending on the shade of the colour used.

6. The Calmness of Neutral Colours

Neutral colours such as grey, beige, and white are often used in workplaces because they provide a sense of calmness and stability. They can also serve as a neutral background that enhances other colours. They can be used to create a sense that nothing changes and of permanency, which some workers crave, particularly in the ever-changing world of work that we see in front of us at the moment.

However, if the workspace is too bland, it can lead to feelings of boredom and lethargy. Incorporating a neutral-coloured chair with pops of colour or accent pieces can add interest and a sense of professionalism while at the same time avoiding the risk of allowing feelings of boredom to permeate your environment.

Colour and Performance

Colour plays a crucial role in affecting our mood and productivity levels at work. Choosing the right chair and office accessories colours can significantly improve both your thinking and overall performance. This is something that has been explored in numerous studies over the years and it has been something that has fascinated many in the corporate world as they have sought to get the maximum performance levels from their employees.

Blue can help calm and focus the mind, and red can provide energy and urgency, green can promote balance and stability, yellow can cheer up and inspire, pink can add a powerful pop, and neutral colours can provide a calming and professional atmosphere. By understanding the power of colour, you can create a workspace that supports your goals and helps you succeed.