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Celebrate Easter With Flexispot

15 April 2022

Easter is the first holiday after a long and cold winter. It often marks the turn of the season, and the days start getting longer. We’ll be shocked if you’re not already excited for lighter evenings and warmer weather.

With this in mind, it’s essential to make sure your celebrations are prepped so you can have the best Easter yet. Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, we’re here to help. We’ve curated the top Easter activities to ensure all Flexispot customers have a great holiday.

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Top Easter Celebrations

The team at Flexispot have got together to curate a list of the best Easter celebrations. If you’re unsure what to do for Easter 2022, take some of these examples!

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

This is a classic Easter tradition that generations of kids have enjoyed. Likely, you’ve also spent time hunting for eggs on Easter Sunday! Whether you have younger children or not, an Easter egg hunt always goes down well. Just make sure the house is organized first!

This is a super easy challenge to prepare. All you need to do is nominate one or two people to hide the eggs or treats around the garden. After this, allow the searchers to look for their prizes. Remember to decorate the garden or rooms that the hunt is held in! Pastel colours and bunny designs are a must.

Prepare A Special Meal

Another popular Easter tradition is preparing a special meal. Often, this meal is a roast dinner, but you can get creative and cook whatever you want. Just make sure you take time to prepare a meal more than you would in the week.

For example, many families like to go above and beyond with a three-course meal. This is ideal if you’re having friends or family around. Spend time preparing the meal together and use it as a time to bond. It’s also popular to create elaborate Easter treats, such as carrot cake or cookies with easter designs - perfect for the children!

Enjoy Some Chocolate

We can’t discuss Easter without talking about chocolate! While Easter is a religious holiday, many of us associate it with eating chocolate eggs or other chocolate treats. This tradition is fun for anyone with a sweet tooth, so remember to stock up on eggs before the big day.

If you’re a keen chef, you can even consider making some of your own easter eggs. These days you can find Easter eggs in all varieties, including vegan options and gluten-free eggs. If you’d rather opt for a traditional treat, opt for hot crossed buns instead.

Stream An Easter Service

Though you don’t need to watch a church service to enjoy Easter, many families embrace the religious roots of this holiday. In 2020 many churches had to adapt to alternatives to in-person services. This resulted in streaming services and Zoom Easter meetings.

While many of us prefer the service in person, there are options for those that want to get festive in their own homes. Consider watching a service while prepping your meal or eating your chocolate for a modern celebration!

Get Creative At Home

If you’re spending Easter at home, you can get creative and embrace the festivities through design. Buy some coloured card and felt tips, and let your children design their own Easter eggs. This is a fun way to bond and nurture their art skills.

You can also get your children to design easter cards a week or so before the big holiday. You’ll have cute and unique cards to send to friends and family before the day. We love this idea for all celebrations, including Christmas and Halloween too.

Enjoy Some Gardening

Easter Sunday will likely be a warm day as the sun comes out in April. Take advantage of this time off and spend time gardening in the sun. Many plants and flowers start to bloom at this time of the year, so try to nurture them when you can.

Also, gardening is a hobby that’s great for reducing stress. When you take time away from the daily routine and spend moments with flowers, your body starts to unwind, and your mind becomes clearer. Get mindful and green this Easter.

The Bottom Line

Easter is the time to spend with loved ones, so gather your nearest and dearest and enjoy the festivities together. Whether you enjoy some luxury chocolate or prepare a meal together, there’s always something to do and activities to entertain the kids.

From the team at Flexispot, we wish you a Happy Easter!

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