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Can The Right Monitor Mount Help With Your Neck Pain?

29 Mar. 2022

Have you noticed that your neck and shoulders are stiff and sore after a full day engrossed in your computer? Is your poor posture causing you to slump over your desk, straining to see your computer screen properly? You may be experiencing niggling pain in your back, neck and shoulders.

Over time, poor posture can lead to chronic and painful musculoskeletal problems, affecting your productivity and focus at work. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to rectify this, such as investing in an effective ergonomic monitor mount to ensure the correct positioning of your computer monitor. Here, we will discuss what a monitor mount is and how it can benefit you.

What Is A Monitor Mount?

A monitor mount is a strong bracket or arm that attaches to the back of your monitor, supporting it and allowing fully adjustable movement. You may be thinking “but my monitor came with its own stand”. While that is true, conventional monitor stands are very basic at best. They are designed purely to stand your monitor upright in a static position, offering no options for adjustment. A good quality monitor mount, on the other hand, will allow you to fully adjust your monitor to meet your individual needs, which is why this ergonomic accessory is a must for any office space.

Why Do I Need A Monitor Mount?

A monitor mount provides you with the freedom to fully customise the setup of your computer monitor. By adjusting the height, depth and angle of your monitor, you can make sure that it is in the best ergonomic position for you, avoiding any unnecessary strain on your eyes, neck and shoulders. This is particularly important if you have a height-adjustable standing desk, as the correct position of your monitor will vary depending on if you are sitting or standing. By supporting correct posture, a good monitor mount will minimise any work-related aches and pains, helping you to better focus on your work.

If your job requires you to use two monitors, then a monitor mount is absolutely essential. A monitor mount will enable you to find the perfect position for both monitors to enhance productivity and avoid injury.

Choosing A Suitable Monitor Mount

So, now you know why it is important to invest in a good monitor mount, but how do you go about choosing one? There are certain things that you should consider as you start your search, including:

The size of your monitors

Computer monitors come in many shapes and sizes. Before investing in a monitor mount it is important to consider the size of your monitor. Can your monitor be ergonomically mounted within your desk space?

How many monitors?

Do you regularly use more than one monitor for your work? If so, you will need to find a mounting solution that is designed to accommodate two or more monitors.

Do the monitors have VESA mount holes?

If you look at the back of your monitor, does it have four screw-holes forming a square pattern? If so, it complies with VESA standards, allowing it to be easily attached to a corresponding mount. As VESA is the industry-standard mounting solution, it would prove difficult to find a suitable mount for a non-compatible monitor.

What is the weight of the monitors?

Each monitor mount should have a corresponding maximum weight. Be sure to choose one that is suitable for your monitors. If you have a large or very heavy monitor, you may require a specialist, heavy-duty mounting setup.

What are the mounting options?

Monitor mounts have a variety of different mounting options. Some attach directly to your desk, either using a G-style clamp, bolt or grommet mount. Others can be attached to the wall. Choose the best option to suit you and your office space. You want a mount that is stable and doesn't cause your screen to shake when using it.

Does it have a built-in cable management solution?

Poorly managed and trailing cables over your work desk can spell disaster. Cluttered cables can prove very distracting, hampering your concentration and productivity. Many monitor mounts have an integrated cable management system, allowing you to neatly route the cables directly through the monitor arm.


If aesthetics is your thing, then you may wish to consider the colour of your monitor mount. With many different colours and styles on the market, it will be easy to find one that fits in with the style of your office space. A monitor mount that matches the colour of your desk will look highly stylish and classy.

How Can Flexispot Help?

Flexispot is here to make sure that you are completely comfortable and on form while at work. Check out our range of high quality and effective monitor mounts and use the above guidance to find one that is right for you.

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