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Can Minimalist Gaming Standing Desk Setup Benefits Gamers?

13 May 2021

While having a minimalist standing desk setup for the office is a great idea. But what about a minimalist gaming desk setup? What benefits can a gamer get by setting up a minimalist gaming desk setup?

Whatever games you play, a minimalist setup can help take your gaming to the next level. It will not only improve your gameplay but also lessen the mess on the desk surface.

How a minimalist setup benefits a gamer?

● Any serious gamer knows one of the most essential factors to have a competitive edge is to eliminate the noise and distractions around you him. Different gamers have different styles, and most of them do not consider how the aesthetics of their space affect their ability to play. All the more reason to consider giving yourself a gaming boost in a way that most gamers haven’t tried yet.

● The same design principles for a home office space can also apply to gaming. The use of white space, and even white colors, can bring simplicity and cleanliness to any space including the gaming room

● For hardcore PC gamers, gaming accessories come in a whole range of colors and shapes in helping with using all the tools you need ergonomically. And to help you find things like specific action keys on your keyboard) quickly. But there are times when all the colors and gaudy flashing lights can be a bit too “psychedelic” and distracting.

● The PC gaming keyboards the gamers used come with dazzling RGB rainbow light displays that are customized and as bold and bright. Minimalists know this as an unnecessary distraction. Try changing your backlight to a simple, clean white light.

● Eliminate the flashing backlight by using a sleek, small desk LED lamp that lights everything on your desk. This can be useful for gamers whose strategy includes note-taking with a pen and paper to keep track of game stats and map out their strategies when playing.

A specialized LED light gives your space a cleaner look without any backlit accessories and a clear view of everything on the desktop surface.

● For minimalism enthusiasts who are starting and thinking which components to buy for their custom-built gaming PCs, avoid loud, flashy PC parts with built-in lighting. Some of them can be controlled with driver software and can be disabled to maintain minimal light (preferably a solid color) while keeping your computer as quiet and simple-looking as possible.

● When it comes to graphics cards, go for enclosures that efficient in cooling and simple looks without any flashing lights. If the parts you found can’t be purchased without those flashing lights, try to eliminate this problem by going for a solid, opaque PC case that blocks any distracting lights caused by the internal components.

● A purist would want to reduce not only the flashing lights but also the loud whirring noise of the cooling fans. Setup a liquid cooling system. It is more expensive and requires some extra setup, but the result is a great quiet machine that keeps cool with optimal efficiency. So, you can push your processor and graphics card to their maximum performance and even overclock them for the experts.

● Finally, you might want to upgrade your desk and chair. There are lots of options for ergonomic gaming chairs out there, but most of them are gaudy and bulky and may be suitable in your minimalist office setup. Consider something sleek, stylish, and modern which comes in a variety of color schemes. It gives you all the comfort and durability you’d expect from a much more expensive gamer chair offered by other brands.

● Getting a height-adjustable standing desk is a good option for gamers who log in extensive hours of playtime. This will ensure you get better circulation and stay alert and energized throughout the day for optimal performance and concentration.

Minimalist desk setup for developers

How can a minimalist desk setup aid developers?

Coding and programming require full focus and concentration. Many developers get into a coding “zone” when they do more intensive work for hours at a time. It’s therefore essential to have optimal comfort and a distraction-free environment to do your work.

● A minimalist desk setup is the best way to reduce distractions and clutter. It gets you right into “the zone” with as little effort as possible. Having a comfortable chair, the right music, the right mood, and lighting can quickly get you into focus mode and cruise easily right through the workday.

● Some hyper-minimalists go for an extremely simplified setup, with only a laptop and a pair of earbuds. While this is works for those who want to move around in different environments. But having a more fully-featured workstation has its benefits that are fitted most working professionals from home.

● Most of the principles that apply to a minimalist home desk setup also apply for developers, however, some extra or more flexible tools might be ideal.

● Find a monitor that can be rotated to portrait mode. This is to maximize the display to show as many lines of code at once. Most high-quality monitors have this built-in, but you can also get an adjustable monitor arm to adjust your screen quickly throughout the day for whatever immediate needs. It’s also a good way to keep the screen at a more optimized eye level.

● There are other ways to achieve minimalism for developers. Instead of a second display, use your tablet propped up on a stand for added functionality. People with a more recent MacBook Pro and iPad use their tablets as a second display with full touch functionality. 

● A mechanical keyboard works for developers and anyone who types for long hours. With many different levels of pressure and actuation points to choose from, find a buttery smooth typing experience that makes typing countless lines of code breezy and comfortable. 

● To keep things minimal, find a compact mechanical keyboard that features wireless connectivity and interchangeable keycaps so you can color coordinate to whatever color scheme you prefer. This minimalist tool lessens the amount of desk space taken up by the keyboard with a compact and neat modern design.


Anyone can have a minimalist standing desk whether it is for work, gaming, or computer development. All it needs is the desire to keep things neat and a minimum of the items on the desk surface as possible. This not only makes the desk look messy but also relaxes the mind to concentrate on the work ahead.