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Calisthenics at Work: Balancing Energy and Ergonomics

19 July 2021

Finding Your Balance and Energy at Work

There are days that we feel our best and there are moments that we could not even find our purpose in a day. Whatever our mood is, one thing is for sure; we need to keep ourselves moving and functioning. This is a challenge to some workers like you. To find agility and speed at work all the time. This is because there are moments that we feel down or we experience different kinds of body pain and these things affect our speed and work performance. 

You might be one of the people who experience these kinds of pain. When we talk about these, these are what we call ergonomic pain. They are difficult to deal with at times because at first the pain that you might experience might be mild and could be relieved by oil or pain killers. However, when these become severe, the possibility is, you might end up having long months of therapy and visits to the doctor. Hence, the first thing to do with that is trying to raise your energy and in an ergonomic way. By doing this, you would be able to speed up your pacing and would help you avoid possible ergonomic illnesses in the future. So, what are the other advantages of making yourself ergonomically protected and at the same time fit and healthy? In this next part of the discussion, we will talk about the ways to raise your energy through calisthenics and the best ergonomic products-the ergo chairs from Flexispot. 

The Dangers of Using Products with Substandard Materials 

If you are looking for the ergonomic protection that you need when you try relieving body pain or keeping a healthy lifestyle in the office, you must not resort to buying products that have substandard materials because you could experience ergonomic problems in the long run unlike with Flexispot that is the best provider of these pieces of equipment. This is because at Flexispot, keeping yourself fit and healthy and away from ergonomic pain is easier and effective because from standing desks to ergonomic chairs, the company makes sure that precisions and ergonomics are achieved. 

So, commonly office workers experience the following ergonomic problems in the office because of the type of equipment that they have. Most of the time, these are pieces of equipment that:

  • Do not have sturdy and reliable lumbar support:

This happens to most offices. The types of equipment that office workers use are substandard and could easily hamper their backs. As a result, they easily get neck soreness or spine strain.

  • Are made from substandard materials

Sadly, there are offices where the equipment that they use is made from substandard materials. When a piece of office equipment is made from substandard materials, the tendency is it gets easily damaged even with a light grip. Most of the time, these substandard materials are used with the office chairs.

  • Do not have enough protection for the arms and shoulders

These pieces of equipment can pose a serious threat to the safety of the office worker because when a part of the equipment is wobbly or unstable, there is a chance that the person might be injured while at work thus the chair or desk that he is going to use would be sturdy and durable such as the ergonomic chair, stand up desk from Flexispot.  

  • The buttons or adjustors get easily broken 

At times, the office worker tends to hold a tight grip on the adjustors or buttons of the equipment that is why the piece of equipment is forced and gets broken. However, there are also instances wherein the buttons or adjustors are substandard too and do not have high quality hence they easily get broken. This could cause permanent damage to the ergonomic product because some adjustors give support to the equipment. Hence, once this part is broken, the whole product could be damaged too. 

These are the things that commonly happen to the piece of equipment that the office worker has in his workstation. In this case, you might not be able to do the following exercises if you would choose products that have substandard materials unlike the ergonomic chairs and sit-stand desks from Flexispot that have the most superb quality. The following exercises are the ones that could give you the chance to balance your energy and enhance your ergonomics should you choose Flexispot in providing you with the best ergonomic solutions. 

Beating Ergonomic Problems 

One of the ways to enhance your health and posture in the office and avoid a sedentary lifestyle is through calisthenics. These are light exercises that you could manage to do on your ergonomic chair. This could be done perfectly with a Flexispot ergo chair. For example, is the Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro would not just serve as an office chair but also fitness equipment. With this piece of equipment, you could enjoy your time cycling on it while you try to finish an important task at work. 

This desk bike is also a good partner with the Flexispot standing desk such as the Kana Bamboo standing desk. This desk could match up with the height of the desk bike. Thus, managing your exercise time while doing some work is easy. 

Calisthenics in the office does not need too many pieces of equipment because you can do it right at the comforts of your ergo chair and standing desk. Flexispot has products that are flexible and could be adjusted and locked. So, even with the rolling casters, you would not worry that you would lose balance or fall off from the ergonomic chair. You could ensure that as you do your calisthenics, you could secure yourself on the ergonomic chair of Flexispot. 

So, imagine you need to do basic stretching, you could easily do them with safety because the Flexispot ergo chairs could carry your weight and lift you with its impressive lifting mechanism. 

Final Thoughts

You might be thinking now of these pieces of equipment. In that case, you may be able to enjoy your exercise time even just at the workstation without the worry that you might get injured because, at Flexispot, you can experience protection because of the sturdiness of their ergonomic chairs. Hence, you could fully enjoy calisthenics with these pieces of equipment.