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Breaking Down FlexiSpot's E7, E7Q and E3L Standing Desks: Which One is Right for You?

06 Apr. 2023

Standing desks have a number of benefits which include:

● Reduced risk of obesity.

● Lower blood sugar.

● Reduction in the likelihood and severity of back pain.

● Gain more energy.

● Increased productivity.

The positive impact standing desks have on your health has led to a plethora of them now being available on the market. FlexiSpot is the leader in this field, producing a number of different models of standing and height-adjustable desks. Their models are specifically designed to look stylish, whilst being adjustable and flexible to your needs. Today, we are going to discuss the key differences between FlexiSpot's E7, E7Q and E3L desks, helping you to determine which one is right for you!

What is a standing desk?

First, let's quickly discuss what a standing desk actually is. In essence, a standing desk, often known as a stand-up desk, is a desk that enables you to stand up comfortably while working. Many modern versions are adjustable and are known as sit-stand workstations or height-adjustable desks. FlexiSpot's offerings are all height-adjustable, allowing you to switch between standing and sitting with ease.

Breaking Down FlexiSpot's Offerings

Now, let's discuss the key differences between FlexiSpot's fantastic offerings.


The first key distinction between the desks is their size. Compared to the E3L, which is a corner desk, the E7Q is bigger and can support two monitors. This makes the E7Q better for those individuals who need more space to work or need to work across two screens. To be specific:

● The E7 measures 58cm-123cm x 120cm-200cm x 60cm-80cm

● The E7Q measures 60.5cm-125.5cm x 110cm-190cm x 80cm-90cm

● The E3L measures 60cm - 123cm x 94cm-164cm

The E7Q has the highest weight capacity (200kg) which enables it to withstand a laptop, monitor and printer. In contrast, the E7 and E3L only have a weight capacity of 125kg, making them better suited to individuals who work off a singular laptop.


The desk height can typically be adjusted on height-adjustable desks to accommodate a standing or sitting position. When selecting a standing desk, the height adjustment range is crucial because it defines the variety of height alternatives consumers have. You should pick a desk that's height adjustment range allows for either your preferred standing position or sitting position.

The E7Q model is a little more flexible and is able to accommodate taller individuals as its height adjustment range is 60.5-125.5cm. In contrast, the E3L model's is 60-123cm, and the E7's is 58-123cm. One of the benefits of the E7 model is that it can switch between being a child's desk at 58cm to a standing desk for a taller adult at 125cm.

Keyboard Tray

Some height-adjustable desks have a keyboard tray which is a dedicated area for your keyboard and mouse. By enabling you to keep an ergonomic typing position, a keyboard tray can aid your posture. The E7 and E7Q models by FlexiSpot have spacious keyboard trays that can accommodate a full-sized keyboard and mouse. The E7Q's keyboard tray can tilt up to 15 degrees and is customisable, making typing more comfortable. Yet the keyboard tray is absent from the E3L model.

You should consider if you need a keyboard tray when purchasing a height-adjustable desk. A keyboard tray can assist you in maintaining a relaxed and healthy typing position. Thus, they are crucial if you intend to use your desk for prolonged periods. If you're going to use your desk for work purposes you should definitely purchase a desk with a built-in keyboard tray.


The E7, E7Q, and E3L height-adjustable desks from FlexiSpot come in a variety of price ranges based on the model and any other features you want. While selecting a model, the price of a height-adjustable desk is a significant factor to take into account, but so is the product's overall value. The entire value of a height-adjustable desk can be affected by elements including construction quality, features, and longevity. Fortunately, all of FlexiSpot's offerings exceed expectations in all of these categories. Whether you purchase the E3L, the E7, or the E7Q, you will be getting a value-for-money desk. Get a height-adjustable desk that suits your needs and budget by reading reviews and comparing models.

Which desk is the best?

Depending on your specific demands, the E7Q, E7, and E3L standing desks are all great choices for both professionals and students. Nonetheless, some models might be more appropriate in particular circumstances than others.

The E7Q might be the ideal option for professionals who spend a lot of time at their desks because of its movable keyboard tray and larger height adjustment range. The E7Q's keyboard tray can be tilted up to 15 degrees, which can aid with ergonomics and ease wrist pain for those who use computers for extended periods of time.

The E3L is the best choice for students or people on a tight budget. Although it is less expensive compared to the various models, it nonetheless provides a large work surface and a decent height adjustment range.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, height-adjustable desks are a terrific option for people who want to work at a desk while also improving their posture and general health. The E7Q, E7, and E3L height-adjustable desks from FlexiSpot provide three excellent solutions, each with special features and advantages of their own. The best height-adjustable desk will ultimately be the one that best suits your needs, so when choosing one, it's crucial to take budget, size, and feature considerations into account.

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