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Boost Comfort And Health This Black Friday

26 November 2021

Get Fit While Working From Home This Black Friday

Black Friday - the internationally recognised day where discounts are to be found in almost every store, everywhere. Why? This fun and popular trend marking the Friday after Thanksgiving began in the United States before making its way across the pond to global awareness.

We think one of the best things you can treat yourself to this Black Friday is a boost in health and fitness. Winter is coming and it can be less appealing to go outside to exercise. With more people working from home due to the pandemic, there’s a risk that this might come with too much sitting down and lazing around. Keeping fit and healthy is a great way to boost work productivity as well as general health, so it’s worth making the investment in a product for your home in this category.

Utilising ergonomic furniture is a great way to maintain good fitness and health levels without having to go to a gym. It removes the need for formal exercise and you can literally improve your fitness while working, which in turn boosts mental health and cardiovascular health. We know that your boss, clients or partners will be notice your improved productivity if you take good care of your body at the same time.

One survey has shown that more than 70% of surveyed shoppers hold out to Black Friday to make purchases due to the good deals on this day. Interestingly, 60% said they were worried about the crowds of people in-store, and said this might be a deterrent to shopping on Black Friday. So here is some good news - if you find yourself in the 70% who want to wait until Black Friday to grab a deal, you don’t have to go to a store to do so. Flexispot is a company dedicated to ergonomic products at good value for money. You can use FlexiSpot's website to shop for Black Friday deals without leaving your home.

Standing desks are an excellent choice. Check out FlexiSpot's Standing Desk Pro Series E7. This beautiful desk has a gorgeous wooden finish, soft edges, and a powerful lifting system. Place it anywhere in your home and be sure that it improves the overall room aesthetic.

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Other Products That Help You Stay Fit This Black Friday

We have a range of products we’d like to show you this Black Friday.

The Flexispot desk bike is a revolutionary must-have this Black Friday. Designed with comfort and fitness in mind, you get to work out from home while completing your day to day tasks. Studies have found that a sedentary lifestyle linked to remote working can raise the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and even serious illness. The desk bike combats these risks, keeping your circulation going and burning calories while you work. There are two products you can choose from in this range, so head over to the website now and pick your preferred desk bike.

The Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro is one of the most popular products on our website. It features a pneumatic adjustment lever, integrated digital display, 8 resistance levels, whisper quiet operation and can be assembled quickly and easily by anyone. It helps with a varied workout, from gentle and slow to aggressive and robust.

The Sit2Go Fitness Chair is another popular product we offer. This fitness chair can pull up to any desk in your home office and give you a full workout as you type or conference call. Nobody will know that you’re having a workout during a meeting thanks to its quiet mechanisms. It has a supportive seat cushion, adjustable back, breathable material, durable caster wheels, and a compact body that sits nicely under your furniture.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Black Friday Deals

FlexiSpot's Black Friday Sale is on! Up to 50% off! It’s not just standing desks and fitness chairs that you can get from us. We offer a wide range of versatile and stylish products to make working from home safer, more comfortable and easier. With more people opting to work remotely, and more companies wanting to improve employee wellness, we know that a great place to start is by having the right furniture. Visit website for a whole range of helpful tools and furniture recommendations.