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Binge-Watching Series Using an Edge Riser Standing Desk

11 May 2021

I could still remember the last series I've watched on Netflix. It was spine-tingling series that was set in the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. It was about a plague that turned humans into flesh-eating monsters. At first, I thought I would not finish more than one episode but after more than 4 hours, I just realized that I was on the verge of finishing one season; I felt happy with that but at the end of the binge-watch activity I got so stressed and my eyes were strained probably because I watched it through my computer screen. I have poor eyesight hence that made my eye condition worse back then. Despite this, I continued binge-watching despite my condition. 

In today's article, we will discuss the:

-reasons people binge-watch 

-ways to regulate viewing instead of binge-watching 

-advantages of using Flexispot's Edge Riser Standing Desk Converter for binge-watching 

So, let's begin the discussion now:

I.Reasons People Binge-Watch:

From the witty lines of Blanca Evangelista in Pose to the tear-jerking scenes in 13 Reasons Why people get hooked to the activity of binge-watching. However, let's try to find out more about the reasons people do this. 

According to a survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.8 hours a day are spent watching T.V. This occupied the most time in Leisure activities says the Bureau. In that sense, it goes to show that more people are hooked on watching which is becoming detrimental for some. This validates the notion that:

a.Brain Releases Dopamine When Binge-Watching: 

As one continues watching T.V or a show from a certain device, it causes the brain to produce happy hormones. The sense of pleasure that the brain releases conditions itself with the idea that continuous watching is rewarding and should be continued. Thus, a craving for more series takes place; it's kind of a pseudo-addiction because the body experiences a natural high.

Dr.Carr, a clinical psychologist says that the pathways that cause heroin and sex addiction are the same as the cravings for binge-watching. She also remarked that any form of activity that makes the brain release dopamine would make the body addicted to it because it doesn't discriminate pleasure. Hence, when we're not able to watch any series, we feel down and mourn. Matthew Schneier of the New York Times coined it as "post-binge malaise" which doesn't do good to the binge-watchers because they have reported experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression. 

b.Binge-Watching Creates a Connection Between the Person and the Story: 

Most series nowadays transport you to a different dimension. They allow you to be part of the story itself. If you'd remember the phenomenon that happened during the first sequel of the Harry Potter movie series, people across the globe went gaga over the flying broomstick, collected souvenirs, recited every spell, and purchased every item that has the face of Daniel Radcliffe upfront. It's because the movie immersed the people and made them get connected to the orphan boy who survived the curse because of the mother's love. The same happens with the series being watched they got the narratives that would make the people watch the series without standing up for long hours. 

c.Binge-watching Provides Immediate Gratification: 

In a review conducted, it was noted that people tend to seek satisfaction with their hedonistic needs. It serves as a stress-reliever which makes them feel good after and makes them maintain stimulation. Hence, they get hooked with the series online for long hours.

d.Binge-watching Becomes an Escape from the Problems and Negative Emotions 

In the same review, experts say that there is a significant correlation between binge-watching and motivation to deal with negative emotions. Most of these viewers are likely to develop an improper habit because they are the ones who tend to get addicted to binge-watching instead of regulating their emotions and facing their battles. 

The facts given above tell us that without the proper self-control, one might end up getting addicted to an activity that might hamper their daily activities. Hence, the next part of this discussion will be focusing on the:

II.Ways to Regulate Viewing instead of Binge-Watching

Leisure activity is not bad at all what makes this detrimental though is when it already hampers you from doing other worthwhile activities. So, having diversions can make one leisure activity beneficial such as:

a.Regulate your viewing time. Make it less than 2 hours as much as possible unless what you are watching is highly informative such as documentaries. 

b.Find more time to exercise and do physical activities. By doing so, you'll be able to place your energy in different avenues.

c.Try reading activities too. This may stimulate both hemispheres of the brain because you get to practice your eye movement well.

d.Spend more time doing outdoor activities such as hiking, scuba diving, sightseeing, etc. These activities would give you different perspectives. 

e.Join different communities of outgoing and proactive people. By doing this, you get to meet people with more experiences. 

f.Do activities that may stimulate your hands and brains. You may try simple doodling or scribbling. 

Doing these activities will very beneficial to the person because he may save himself from creating an imbalanced lifestyle and avoid further havoc on his health. On the other hand, we may not stop a person from continuing this activity because it's his choice. What we could do is to recommend alternatives or other ways to make binge-watching not absolutely a health hazard. We all know that too much exposure to gadgets or devices that emit radiation can harm the person's body especially the eyes so, with an ideal product, that possibility could be lessened. Hence, let's talk about: 

III.Advantages of Using Flexispot's Edge Riser Standing Desk Converter for Binge-watching or Other Productive Activities:

This standing desk converter is very ideal for those who like to watch TV series. It's a piece

of spacious equipment that has a lot of advantages like:

a. It creates an extensive room for different desk activities which means even your viewing could be done with this equipment

b. Its pneumatic lift system offers an easy height adjustment. So, you don't need to go nearer the device, just adjust the equipment and you wouldn't have to sit near it which may damage your eyesight. 

c. Lastly, this product could also be used for other activities that may help a person avoid having a sedentary lifestyle. 

So, looking at these facts about binge-watching, one may consider balancing lifestyle and leisure activities in order not to suffer from chronic diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Watching your favorite show is not bad at all mentioned above. One must just know how to make his time worth spending.