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Best Time Tracking Tools For Staying Productive While Working From Home

17 February 2022

Working from home can bring on a series of challenges in the form of distractions that we wouldn’t otherwise get when working from the office.

Every little distraction can halt our productivity and prevent us from doing quality work at an efficient pace. So, what can you do to increase your productivity while working at home?

One of the answers is a time-tracking app. You can install it on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Then, you would set the timer depending on how long you want to work, and stay focused until the alarm beeps.

It’s super effective and is proven to work. But, which time-tracking tool should you use?

To help you with finding the right time-tracking tool, we conducted all the research and narrowed down our selection to the top 3.

Toggl Track

We chose to highlight this option on our list because it is free. There are many time tracking apps out there that will cost you some money. And while that may also come with a bunch of premium features, having an option you can use for free is a huge benefit for a lot of people.

And despite Toggl Track being completely free, it offers a lot of different features. This is available on a variety of different platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and even as a browser extension for those who work online.

The beauty of this tool is its simplicity. To start tracking a certain task, all you have to do is start tracking your time. From there, you can start inputting time entries and other details about your schedule.

Other tools out there require you to put in a large amount of information such as task details, client, urgency, and other things that can actually get in the way of productivity. There are many ways to use Toggl Track, and there’s even a feature that will only track your time if a certain browser is open or not.

You can even use the Pomodoro working technique, which deals with slightly shorter work intervals with short breaks in between. And if you aren’t satisfied with the free features of Toggl Track, you can also choose to pay a fee for their premium tiers that come with a wide range of different features.


This next option is available on three platforms, Android, iOS, and as a web browser extension. And the reason we chose to feature it on our list is that it is completely customizable.

That way, you can use this tracker for just about any field or job on the market today. For example, if you have a selection of tasks for one client and another set for another client, you can color-code them to better visualize the work that needs to be done.

You can tweak the time, priority level, and icon of every task so that it’s much easier to understand your schedule and plans. And while there is a whole lot of customization available, using the tracker is still very easy.

Even if you have hundreds of different tasks set up and open on the tracker, all you have to do is press the timer button to start tracking your time. That way, it’s easier for you to organize and allocate your time throughout the day.


This last option is best used for people who have full-on teams that they need to manage. If you’re a team leader or have workmates who follow your lead, this is a great option for you.

With Harvest, you can incorporate multiple people into your space wherein you can allocate tasks, communicate, and even track time and budgets. In fact, there are so many cool and neat features that come with Harvest that many solo freelancers use it as well.

Another cool feature of Harvest is that you can even send the team reminders to track their time and use Harvest when working.

All in all, if you’re trying to organize a team of different workers to handle a variety of tasks, Harvest works great. With this tracker not only can you track your time, but you can allocate different tasks, check up on team members, and even send reminders as needed.

Benefits Of Using A Time Tracking Tool

There are many benefits of using one, but at the end of the day, the main reason you need one is that it can make working from home much easier and more productive. But if you need to get down to the details, here are a few more specific benefits of a time tracker.

Stay On Track

With a time tracker, you can remind yourself when you have to stay productive and when you can allow yourself to be distracted. Time trackers have timers that you need to trigger manually, and once the timer goes on, many people report more productivity and less procrastination.

Better Time Management

We don’t have unlimited time. And with the stress of work tasks, having to clean the house, and all these other factors, it can feel like time is slipping away from us. But most of the time, this isn’t because you don’t have enough time, it’s just that you aren’t managing your time properly. But with a time tracking tool, it will be much easier to focus and visualize what you need to do for the day before it even begins.

Increased Productivity

Time tracking tools eliminate distractions, make it easier for you to lay out tasks, and also help you stay focused. So, with all of this, it’s no wonder people are much more productive when they have a time tracking tool on their phone or computer.


If you’ve been having trouble staying focused when working from home, don’t worry about it. There are many people right now dealing with the exact same problem. And while everyone needs different solutions, a lot of workers stand by the effectiveness of time tracking tools.

They help you stay in the zone and get tasks done much quicker and with more efficiency. And with any of the three options we mentioned on this list, you’ll find it much easier to go throughout your workdays.

While time-tracking tools are essential for your productivity when working from home, you also shouldn’t ignore your working environment. If you’re looking to revamp your home office, you can check out our vast catalog of products.