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11 Effective Ways to Revamp Your Home Office

14 December 2021

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become a norm for many of us. However, you might find that your home office has been looking slightly stale and boring over time. This means that it’s officially time to change things up.

With just a few tweaks to your furniture and decoration, you can easily revamp your office so you can work in style and comfort. Let’s take a look at the top ways to revamp your home office.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk with Wooden Top

1. Change Your Workstation

The biggest and most significant way you can revamp your home office is by changing your workstation that will perhaps bring you the maximum ease and comfort. When you have a proper and comfortable workstation, you will become more productive as well. For that, you need a desk that will enhance productivity, provide comfort, and fits in your space and budget.

In fact, you can even consider getting an adjustable standing desk that allows you to switch between standing and sitting. These desks can help you enhance your productivity and the aesthetics of your home office while allowing you to burn some calories and stay healthy. What could be better than that?

If you want to find the right adjustable standing desk that contains all of these characteristics, perhaps you can consider FlexiSpot’s Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk with Wooden Top. It also comes with a charging port and a spacious drawer. This way, you can prevent clutter from wires and items in your office. Moreover, the wooden top is sure to add more aesthetics to the overall look of your home office. It is the perfect shade of brown that will compliment any wall color.

Ergonomics Adjustable Leather Chair

2. Prioritize Comfort

You might be tempted to simply grab a chair from the house and start using that while working. However, since you will be working for long hours at the same spot, it is essential that you get a comfortable ergonomic office chair that provides the best type of back and neck support. You must prioritize your comfort if you want to maximize the work you do and the time you spend in your home office.

Doing so will also prevent any posture problems and prevent a strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. Such chairs help you maximize your productivity and working experience in many ways.

Support Your Eyes and Neck

3. Support Your Eyes and Neck

As mentioned earlier, you will be working for long hours in your home office. For that reason, you need ergonomic furniture, such as an adjustable standing desk and ergonomic office chairs that can provide you with comfort and simultaneously support your eyes and neck.

Another thing you can do to provide your eyes and neck with support while working is to place your monitor at or below your eye level. Moreover, place it at least 20 inches from your eyes. Lastly, ensure that your spine always stays in a neutral position when using the computer.

Organize and Stash Things Away

4. Organize and Stash Things Away

Nothing is worse than a messy and cluttered home office. If you want to change things up, we recommend that you make use of organizers, shelves, and drawers to hide away and organize any pieces of paper and files lying around on your desk or elsewhere in your home office. In fact, this should apply to other types of clutter as well, such as office supplies, pens, and stationary.

You can dedicate a small area and put shelves or organizers in the corner where you can place items if you lack space in your home office.

Tame the Wires

5. Tame the Wires

A home office is the one place where there is often a myriad of cords everywhere since you have your computer, router, charger, printer, and various other things there. This can affect the entire aesthetic appeal of the office and even become distracting for you. For this reason, you invest in a cord management system. You can consider setting your workstation near a plug and adding an extension there, or you can get a twist tie to hold all the wires together in one place. In fact, taming such wires does not even need to be expensive. Something as cheap and simple as an empty toilet paper roll can also do the job of putting all the wires together in one place.

Add the Perfect Lighting

6. Add the Perfect Lighting

You might think that your home office does not need lighting since you do all of the work on your computer, but you are wrong. Over time, a dim room lacking in lighting can often cause you to strain your eyes, which can lead to headaches and lethargy. To be the most productive self in your home office, you should add lighting in the office.

Natural light is the best idea as it helps the environment, saves cost, and makes you feel good. However, if that is not an option, you should invest in indirect lights, such as lampshades and diffusers. Avoid direct lights like an overhead lamp as that may cause a glare on the computer screen.

Paint the Walls

7. Paint the Walls

What's one way to change the look and freshen up your workspace that is also affordable? It is undoubtedly painting the walls. Some people believe that bright colors uplift their mood and make them productive, while others prefer dull and light colors since they help them remain calm. Depending on your preference, you can paint the walls of your home office with bright and cheery colors or go for calming colors.

Find a View

8. Find a View

When you are changing up the setting in your home office, you should try to place your workstation in front of a window. You should be able to stare at something interesting rather than a wall. If a window is not an option in your workspace, consider adding pretty interesting paintings instead.

Add Plants and Candles

9. Add Plants and Candles

If you believe in aromatherapy and find breathing in scents calming, candles or adding essential oils to hot water might be an excellent addition to your home office. They can uplift the entire ambiance of the space and allow you to feel relaxed while working.

Similarly, you can also be able to decrease stress at work by placing various kinds of plants in your home office. These are inexpensive ways to add aesthetic appeal to the room and make you feel better, calmer, and more productive.

Use Space Efficiently

10. Use Space Efficiently

Most home offices are not entirely spacious places. If that is the case with your home office as well, then there is a way to prevent it from looking stuffy and messy. You can consider certain organization hacks that will limit such clutter. For example, you can install hanging shelves on the wall that you can put your files in. A tall bookshelf is also a good option since it does not occupy too much space.

Similarly, if you are in the habit of making piles of folders and papers, then you can also add baskets and organizers to your space under your desk to place all of these in. Or better yet, add a cabinet in the corner if you have the space.

Add Privacy

11. Add Privacy

If you have a dedicated room in your house as your office space, you might not suffer from privacy issues. However, that might not be the case for people who have an office space in their bedrooms or somewhere else in the house. For them, it might be difficult to separate work from home.

You can add a privacy divider in the room that sits on the flower to mitigate this issue. But if that does not fit in your budget, then you can instead consider adding curtains instead. You can even customize these depending on your preferences, such as with colorful curtains.

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