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Best Recliner in the UK 2024 – Top 4

17 January 2024

While recliners are often deemed classical pieces, nowadays, they come in many different functions and designs, making them easy to fit into any space. They can be in important part of modern home décor but what are the best recliners available right now?

That's what we're here to find out. Here we'll look at a range of great recliners while comparing them based on cost, functionality, features, and much more. Read on as we look at four fantastic options.

4 Best Recliners in the UK

1. FlexiSpot X2

With its massive iron frame for optimal stability and the classic arms that add a touch of elegance, the FlexiSpot X2 is the perfect match between durability and comfort. The waterproof and scratch-resistant technical fabric on top hides layers of polyurethane foam padding for superior comfort that's easy to maintain.

The generous armrests with the soft cushioning and overall inviting shape promise comfort and relaxation no matter how long you're using it. For £499.99, you also get a fairly large seating space, with the widely set armrest ensuring you won't feel constrained.

The armrest houses the two buttons that help you adjust the back and footrest based on the desired angle from seated to lying down.

The touch and pressure-sensitive buttons have a metallic finish, complimenting the fabric cover in a vision of contemporary elegance. For an even better user experience, the recliner features a USB outlet on the side, so you can charge mobile devices, ensuring you won't run out of power while using them relaxing in your recliner.

Satisfying various needs, the FlexiSpot X2 provides optimal back and leg support to maintain spinal alignment, which is further bolstered by the high-quality padding that won't sag so you can relax by leaning back and lifting your legs time and time again.

2. More4Homes CAESAR

Envisioned with everyday users in mind, More4Homes Caesar Electric Auto Recliner provides an impressive recliner experience at an affordable price of £299.99. Adding to the allure is the easy assembly and user-friendly operation. After putting it together, you'll be ready to lie back and relax in no time.

You can use the button on the side to adjust the recline angle for the most comfortable position. This comfort is made possible with the advanced lumbar support provided by the recliner's ultra-soft padding in the backrest and arms.

Not only will this recliner support your tired neck and shoulders, but if you feel cold, the built-in heating feature will warm you up, even during the winter.

Upholstered in super-stylish, soft bonded leather, you're just a button push away from a luxurious, and if needed, heated massage experience. Beyond relaxing, the chair can also be an excellent addition to your home cinema as it allows you to relax and unwind after a busy day of work. You can even have your drink and snack close to you by storing them in the side and front pockets.

3. FlexiSpot XL3

Priced at £299.99, the FlexiSpot XL3 is a customizable and relaxing recliner with surprisingly advanced features. These include the massage functions that activate and relax your muscles in four different spots in five vibration modes, or the lumbar heating that completes the relaxing experience.

The recliner has multiple reclining angle adjustment options so you can indulge in personalized reclining positions. This allows you to tailor the use of the chair to your specific needs, whether it's for work, entertainment, or unwinding after a long, stressful day.

Your comfort is further ensured by the ergonomically segmented backrest that's also filled with high-density foam to perfectly fir your body type without losing its stylish appeal.

All this is supported by the sturdy load-bearing frame for improved durability and increased lifetime. Not only can the recliner bear up to 150kg in weight, but it will be a reliable partner in relaxation, providing the sense of security you need when looking for a seat to soothe and support your muscles.

Additional features include a switch on the armrest with two buttons controlling the recline and a USB port for charging your mobile devices. There are also convenient side pockets for your essentials, and an easy-to-maintain cover that is not only waterproof but also fire-resistant.

4. Orlando Recliner

This Orlando recliner provides the ultimate relaxing experience, not to mention it's easy to fit into various styles and spaces.

Its current price of £1,195 is backed by an incredible 20-year structural guarantee from the manufacturer and numerous handy features packed in a compact and ultra-comfortable seat.

This is definitely a recliner for those looking to spend long hours relaxing or enjoying a hobby, even if it's playing video games. After all, the recliner also has a built-in USB port for all your mobile device charging needs.

The adjustable power headrests guarantee comfort, regardless of how long you're using them, and the soft panning on the armrest not only aids relaxation but also makes it more functional. The headrest will give your neck a rest, and it's only up to you to find the perfect position based on your current needs.

The hopsack chenille upholstery completes the casual contemporary look. Like all members of the Furniture Village Orlando range, this recliner is also handcrafted and comes in a range of colours. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for durable contemporary furniture they can incorporate into the existing modern aesthetics of their space.