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Best Office Chair in the UK 2024 – Top 7

17 January 2024

Whether you work from home or not, for those that use a traditional desk, your office chair plays a crucial part in your productivity. Not only can being comfortable increase your productivity, but there will also be a wide range of health benefits.

There are many chairs promising various features for users, so choosing the best one for your needs is not always an easy feat. In order to help you narrow down your search, here we'll bring you the best office chairs in the UK in 2024.

7 Best Office Chairs in the UK

1. FlexiSpot BS8

Priced at £219.99, the FexiSpot BS8 might seem like a splurge for a seemingly simple office chair, but its numerous features justify the price. Its S-shaped ergonomic design is paired with an outer lining made of temperature-sensitive fibre velvet mesh.

Just like the backrest, which had nine levels of adjustments, the lumbar support can also be adjusted to conform to the natural curvature of the spine. This makes it an excellent chair for those spending hours on end at the desk and who need to constantly readjust their positions to avoid long term discomfort.

The chair also has an arch-shaped, full-coverage headrest and a synchronised chassis that adjusts along with the backrest.

2. FlexiSpot BS12 Pro

If you like the FlexiSpot design but you're looking for even more added comfort and features, you'll find it in the FlexiSpot BS12 Pro. Originally prized at £429.99, this chair has every function available in just three buttons.

These enable you to manipulate the adjustable lumbar support to the required height or location to target the precise area of the back. You can also tilt back the backrest to the desired position for optimal comfort and lock it, and adjust the depth of your seat to your liking.

The warping-resistant polyester covering is breathable through all seasons, while the luxury design makes this char the epitome of not only comfort but also style.


With its revolutionary design and price of £1,338.00, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair is definitely for those looking for customizability and top-notch quality. The chairs are available in three different sizes and are made to order.

Some of the features you'll get in this chair is the patented PostureFit SL back support, which, besides the back, also keeps the pelvis and the shoulders in a natural position.

Along with these features, the incredible precise adjustability for depth, seat height, and recline, can help you focus on being the most creative and productive version of yourself without distractions.

4. Ikea Markus

For those looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising crucial aspects of comfort, the Ikea Markus chair is an excellent contender.

Not only does the char have a tentative price of £150, but it also comes with features like adjustable head and armrests. There is also a tilt tension you can manually adjust anytime you want to rest and relax the muscles of your back, shoulder, and neck throughout the workday.

The chair has a smart solution, enabling the tilt mechanism to move the chair as you move. The backrest moves with your back as you move backwards, opening up your hips and improving blood flow to your extremities, while your feet remain on the floor and your gaze focused on the task in front of you.

5. FlexiSpot C7-AIR

Priced at £369.99, the C7-AIR is more than an office chair. Combining the useful with the comfortable, this chair can be just as useful during working hours as is for leisurely activities like gaming and watching your favourite TV shows.

It's a perfect addition for home offices with multiple purposes. The patented lumbar support is adjustable to follow the spine's natural movements, while the equally adjustable backrest will support your back muscles in any position, from regular work mode to the leisurely lean-back. The chair also features a unique waterfall frame design that releases leg pressure.

6. FlexiSpot BS11 Pro

Another member of the FlexiSpot family is the FlexiSpot BS11 Pro, which has a price of £409.99. Just like all the chairs from this manufacturer, this chair also comes with tons of useful features like the airflow-promoting mesh design and the 3D armrest.

This is also a reclined angle of 135°, the headrest that adjusts 5cm vertically, the Italian Donati Mechanism for adjusting the seat based on the user's height, weight, the premium aluminium callow chassis, and more.

In other words, this chair has everything to provide both the luxurious feel and the comfort you need while working on important projects with your high-end clients.

7. Humanscale Freedom

With a starting price of £1,287.98, you can buy the freedom of having a classical, timeless luxury while gaining an incredibly efficient ergonomic chair for all your office needs.

Humanscale Freedom comes with an adjustable headrest to support your neck and head. It also features a backrest that also adapts to your unique pressure points and allows the required amount of movement even if you're sitting down the entire day.

Like the backrest, the armrests are also moving with you as you recline and move forward. The manufacturer supports the offset of climate change during manufacturing process, making the chair perfect for the eco-conscious consumer.