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Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture and Equipment

28 Apr. 2021

Since the Industrial Revolution, people began waking up in the morning to go to the office. In the beginning, employee comfort and welfare were never taken seriously. People needed jobs, and employers provide them with it, so there was no room for talks regarding comfort and health. People were desperate. The world shifted to Capitalism, and ordinary folks were forced to abandon their lands and find jobs inside offices.

It wasn’t until the 70s when employers started thinking of ways to keep their employees comfortable inside the workplace. Lucky for us, these days, companies and corporations are taking employee welfare to greater heights.

With the development of technologies, scientists started researching and experimenting with ergonomics. Once only used for residential furniture, it soon spread to furniture and equipment in the office.

Ergonomic Furniture and Equipment

Ergonomic furniture and equipment whether at home or in the office are a type of furniture and equipment designed with the user’s welfare in mind. People spend hours at work, seated on ordinary office chairs. If you count by years, people spend an average of 30 years at work. No wonder people were thrilled when ergonomic office furniture and equipment were invented, produced, and sold.

Ergonomic office furniture and equipment are designed to support our body while working. People complained for years about a number of physical aches and pains.

With the help of ergonomic office furniture and equipment, all that may be forgotten.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office furniture and Equipment

Let’s look at the top benefits of ergonomic office furniture and equipment. We are going to list down the benefits and we are going to hear from actual people as well. 

Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

Patricia worked as a secretary for 5 years. Let’s hear how ergonomic office furniture and equipment helped her attain her healthy goals:

“I work as an assistant for 5 years. For the first 3 years, I was using a cheap, ordinary office desk. It was okay. I didn’t complain. I had the biggest desk in the office next to the owner of the company. But 2 years ago, I bought an Apple Watch. I’ve decided to start shifting to a healthier lifestyle. It was easy when I was at home. But in the office? It was a different story. You see, my Apple Watch alerts me several times a day so I can stand or move around. I couldn’t do that in the office. In the office, I was eternally on my desk, working. I couldn’t stand nor move around since I needed to be seated down and ready to take in calls. With my standing desk by Flexispot, I can now work while standing up. I first heard about it from a friend. I immediately told my boss and he generously bought one for me. It worked so well that he ended up buying other employees the same desk.

“With just a click of a button, our traditional-looking desk transforms into standing desks. Now, we can all stand at certain times of the day while continuing work. We are now happier and healthier.”

Save Space

Marvin is a veterinary from Ohio. Let’s see how purchasing ergonomic furniture and equipment helped him save space inside his clinic.

“After graduating, I built my own clinic. I found a tiny building and started transforming it. Being a newbie in the industry, I didn’t want a big clinic. I thought space was enough. I was wrong. Soon after I installed all office furniture and other medical equipment, the clinic looked so tiny to accept clients and patients. I had to think fast before my scheduled opening. Good thing I discovered standing desks. Originally, I had two desks. One as an office table, and the other one as an examination table. The standing desk is now my all-in-one desk. I can use it as a traditional desk for when I’m working on my files on my laptop and use it as a standing desk for when I’m examining a patient. I was able to save space, thanks to my standing desk.”

Enhance Productivity Level

Sasha is a Russian entrepreneur based in Sydney. Let’s hear how an ergonomic chair changed her work routine.

“I have scoliosis. Doctors said I couldn’t stay seated nor standing for extended periods of time. This spelt disaster when I was starting up my own small company. I have to constantly be in the zone or else no one would do the job. Good thing for my ergonomic chair, I can stay seated for hours without the usual pain on my lower back. I used to have stiffness on my shoulders and neck after a day of work, but not anymore. The ergonomic office chair I was using is designed to support my back. By making sure that I wouldn’t strain my lower back, I can work for hours without regretting it later on. Now, I don’t have to start my day worrying about the aches and pains in the evening.”


Tracy is a receptionist. Let’s hear how a comfortable office chair works for her.

“I’ve been a receptionist now for 2 years. It’s a struggle at the beginning. It’s difficult to stay seated for long periods of time. When my boss gave me an ergonomic office chair, it changed my professional life. Yes, it’s true that ergonomic furniture supports our body, but only a few are talking about how comfortable they are. They are so comfortable that you don’t even think of it—it makes you focus more on the job. With my ergonomic office chair, I’m able to work longer hours.”


Flexispot offers ergonomic home office furniture, and equipment designed to help you reach your goals. With its minimalist designs, its products can complement any workplace design. Yes, they are ergonomic, yes they are comfortable to use, most of all, since they work really well, they are investments you can use for a long time compared to ordinary office furniture and equipment. Start investing in yourself today!

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