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Are You Satisfied With Your Company?

20 May 2021

Every worker deserves good company. And it means this company will offer a good salary and benefits that an employee will be able to read and enjoy for the rest of their lives. A good company is the one every employee dreams of. As soon as they are hired, their only wish is to be able to have good company benefits commensurate to their job requirements and another length of work.

Big and popular companies usually offer attractive salary schemes and other fringe benefits that smaller companies sometimes cannot offer. That is why, many applicants try their luck applying to big companies so that if hired, they will receive those benefits that they wish for. 

 However, larger companies have very strict rules when it comes to hiring applicants. There are voluminous paperwork and documents that you have to prepare before they call you for an interview. that is if your documents are not questionable and you meet the documentary requirements.

The preliminary applicant’s battle is to produce the papers such as certificate of employment, birth certificate, clearances of police record, and usually they require a diploma or transcript of records to prove that you finished a degree. Huge companies also usually require references from your past employers which is sometimes hard to produce because it takes time and effort to do so.

After those grueling days of producing the documentary requirements, you’re ready to submit them to the human resources officer for processing. You have to wait for a call from HR if you meet the requirements. Then you can proceed to the next stage of the hiring process.

If you’re lucky enough to be called, then you will submit yourself to an interview usually administered by a panel. After the interview, if you’re shortlisted, then lucky you. You have to celebrate the day when you were hired. An orientation for newly-hired employees follows after the hiring and during the orientation, you will get to know the company policies, guidelines, employee benefits that you have dreamt of.

Depending on the position, big companies have different salary schemes that they follow so each job requires a set of responsibilities such as if the job is technical or administrative. Then the corresponding salary is based on such responsibilities along with the job title.

The work environment in a bigger company is usually spacious with all the amenities available for employees. The company management wants to earn more prestige, popularity when it comes to employee satisfaction. They know that the entire workforce is an asset to the company for generating revenues for the company. As such, it is just fitting for them to offer a good working environment.

However, perfection is hard to reach and sometimes not reachable. There are times that the workers complain about many things about their companies which we do not know. There are times that not all things in the workplace seem to satisfy the employees. 

The Human Resources Office which is under the company management has its problems too as enumerated in an online article such as:

● Recruitment of applicants

● Salary schemes

● Rate of turnover

● Discipline among workers

● Training of employees

As such, we could see the employee-employer issues are present in any business or company for that matter. However, these challenges could be resolved when the management is eager to act on them as soon as possible. 

When I was working with a big insurance company, we had a worker’s union and we redressed our grievances with the management through peaceful dialogue. but at first, we went outside the building and had a silent demonstration during lunchtime using placards to express our grievances. After a while, the management called for a dialogue between the company president and the union president. It took a week for the management to decide on the requests from the union members as the basic grievances are about promotion, office layout, and furniture.

The promotion was the last grievance to be acted upon because the management knows it will entail monetary considerations and it will cost the management a huge amount of money to be released. Well, it took them about several months to finally release the funding for promotion and new promotion guidelines were set to be implemented by the management and by the entire workforce itself.

The less important issues were very much welcomed by the management as they are easier to enforce and do not need a great deal of money for funding. As such, we were satisfied with the move by the management and that later on earned job satisfaction among the employees. Because the employees are happy, serving the customers in a jovial mood naturally followed. The company was awarded for being one of the best-performing companies in the country.

One of the less important issues that we, at that time, raised was about the old pieces of furniture that we were using in the office. Since the company was already existing for more than 50 years, the management I presumed has already overlooked the chairs and tables that we were using at that time.

 There were complaints about some injuries and pains related to sitting and use of desk and chairs. Although they were still stable, they were worn out and almost not feasible to use. This was many years ago and ergonomic chairs are not yet popular during those times.

When we moved to a new location, the management was able to procure new pieces of furniture and the office layout was changed for a more spacious work area and better movements from one area to another. The building was bigger than before.

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