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Are You Ready to Work Like New?

15 May 2023

Work Like New with FlexiSpot

Work like new isn't just a new brand slogan, it's our guiding ethos for this exciting new design era and brand concept at FlexiSpot. We're so proud to be creating a pioneering new future of work, one that's comfortable, flexible, and never stuck in one place. In a world where we're moving more and our work life balance has become more creative and adaptable than ever, we're focused on creating workspaces that support all that you are. Old working habits are a thing of the past. Come with us as we prepare to work like new – for new projects, new futures, and new adventures.

Kinetic and flexible furniture is essential for both employees and employers. With hybrid and remote working an exciting new development that's clearly here to stay, we knew that the creativity, ambition, and imagination that have helped us inspire so many of you in your workday had to be front and centre in this new brand concept for us. We set out to create a full brand concept – from a fresh new logo, slogan, and design focus that fully repositions the FlexiSpot brand for the road ahead.

We've committed to setting a new standard in hybrid work – staying bold, original and creative and building upon the amazing products we've developed so far. Now more than ever, we know you want to feel inspired and energised in your working practices, and we're so excited by what the future can look like by holding that as our focus.

We're jumping in with made-to-move furniture that welcomes in the realities of work-life at home, whilst knowing that home is not just a place, but a feeling that can be created. We've seen corporate offices get special treatments for decades: it's time to do better than force-fitting work into our homes, and bring the same dedication of workspace design and kinetic consultants to home working spaces to create a space that meets all your needs.

We've thought beyond the desk to define our guiding ethos in all that we do. So, what does "work like new" look like? Alongside a sleek new logo – defining our approachable and friendly feel with rounded letterforms with an innovative rhythm in the shift from upper to lowercase - we've established some defining principles to guide our work. Pull up a chair, let's take a look.

Our Guiding Pillars

Made to Move

Our working needs are on the move more than ever – from spreadsheets to school projects – and our kinetic furniture is made to move, too. Our height-adjustable furnitures would allow you to control your position from sit-to-stand, to just the right back support, the FlexiSpot range helps you mix it up throughout the day. They are designed to help you make healthy strides in your routine and create space for rest and play for your family, however that looks for you.

Flexes to All That You Are

Flexibility is at the heart of our work – from kinetic furniture that moves with you to creative thinking beyond the desk. Our products offer multiuse modes created for a variety of needs for your personal and professional life, embracing all facets of who you are. From carbon steel structures in our standing desks and kinetic chairs for a durable and sturdy experience, to multi-user working, and desks built for dual, personal, or parent-and-child use, we're flexing to all that you are.

Uplift At Home

Kinetic furniture that inspires and uplifts is what sets us apart. Minimalist design and creative touches mean our product range ties in perfectly to your home surroundings. With a range of aesthetics, from minimal classic to striking modern designs, you can build your workspace your way. Custom and sustainable desktop materials, multiple innovative storage solutions, and additional accessories to personalise and elevate your setup from desk décor to lighting are all within reach at FlexiSpot.

Empowers Employees Anywhere

We make employees feel good wherever they're working from. Whether you're holding a national team with diverse needs, a one-person business, or a mix of work and family needs from your office furniture, we have you covered. From bulk ordering, bespoke pricing, delivery and installation for home and office, the FlexiSpot ethos goes beyond our products to help you work the way you want. Oh, did we mention our complimentary space and design planning, too? Let's reinvent from the ground up.

A Future That Works With You

At FlexiSpot, we're proud to have developed a brand that leads in kinetic furniture that's designed to shift, grow, and create more space to accommodate all the things you do at your desk. With height-adjustable desks, bike chairs, monitor stands, and more, work has a much more flexible definition.

With our new brand concept, a striking new logo and slogan, alongside our innovative design and incredible reputation of the FlexiSpot brand, we're ready to start creating some of our best work yet. In the space where work and play intersect, the possibilities are exponential. Join us as we leave working like old behind us and start to work like new.