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Are you following through with your weight loss goals?

22 April 2022

Losing weight is hard, but it can feel harder when you start to fail your goals.

Let’s be honest, losing weight is not always the easiest task to complete. It comes easy to some people but honestly not most. Losing weight is the true test of will. Most people don’t accomplish what they want with weight loss or even have the willingness to start sometimes. We all make those New Year’s goals to lose weight but maybe start for a week before throwing in the towel.

To some people, throwing in the towel on their weight loss goals happens before they even start. We as humans tend to want to work as hard as we can in our careers, our lives, and all-around anything that can make us happy. When it comes to weight loss and weight loss goals, we try to plan out exactly what we want to do and what we want the end results to be.

Weight loss is a HUGE lifestyle change

Weight loss is a HUGE lifestyle change. It takes time, dedication, and more focus than the everyday task. If you take the time to plan out exactly what you want to do to lose weight and your exercise routine, it is your way of dedicating yourself and the plan a better lifestyle for years to come. When preparing for a weight loss journey, you must take into consideration all that you feel you can handle. You never want to plan for something you cannot handle.

Sure, with weight loss you want to push yourself, but do not push yourself too hard that you feel you don’t want to keep at it and continue the lifestyle change that you have dedicated yourself to. Following through on those goals, exercises and even your diet will better so much to your health more than you can imagine. All these things are building blocks to being healthy and staying healthy. They are ways to stay around longer for the people you love, the things you want to achieve in life, and a reason to be more comfortable in your skin.

There are many people out there who fail on their diet and exercise plan within the first 1-3 days of trying. Failing that early in the attempt causes many people to not want to try again, or at least be hesitant to try again to get back on track. Giving up on things is easy, but the hardest thing at the same time. Giving up on your diet is pretty easy, where it gets hard is when you are putting your body and health at risk by not being healthier.

Health watch

Over time your body will begin to get sluggish, your weight will begin to climb, and you could be putting yourself more at risk. One of the biggest things that can be affected by continuous weight gain is higher blood pressure and possible heart disease. These things won’t happen right away of course, but over time they will slowly start to work their way into affecting your body. Heart disease and high blood pressure are huge health risks, especially the older you get. The older that you get the higher the risks of it causing more problems with your body, health and could potentially be deadly.

Knowing the potential health risks of not working out or dieting, you can start to plan a better tomorrow by setting some goals for yourself. Remember that the biggest obstacle in doing this is setting your goals too high and putting too much on yourself at once. Start small and work towards higher goals. One of the best ways to set obtainable weight loss goals is by setting multiple goals that increase as you progress. Setting these mini-goals will help you to start not only preparing to be successful at your weight loss goals but also have you be mentally prepared to take on these goals.

When you set your mini-goals, think of ways that you can start small but have some ways you can easily do so. Instead of doing say 100 push-ups a day, start with 25 a day for a week and continue to add 5-10 each week until you reach that goal, and then add 10-15 more to it in the weeks after that. Doing this will help you not only keep on track, but it will help you build that endurance you need to push yourself more each week.

Workout with trainer

Adding these kinds of strategic tactics to your workout and weight loss goals will also make it to where you are not burning yourself out too quickly. You also going to be setting yourself up for more success than just going at it harder than your body is used to. Any personal trainer out there will tell you that if you end up starting yourself out at a more advanced level, you are most likely going to either not be able to do it or you will end up injuring yourself. Injuring yourself will of course put you out of commission a bit longer than you probably will want to be when you have your goals.

The best thing to keep in mind is that all this work is going to take time. With anything that comes with hard work, consistency is key and will pay off in the long run. There are some things people may forget on this weight loss journey with your goals. Just because you have been at it for a while and have hit your goals, doesn’t mean you should slow down or even stop.

You want to make sure that all that hard work pays off and continues to pay off for you. It is the biggest reason why they call a weight loss journey a lifestyle change. You are doing all these things to do just that. You’re changing your life for the better. Changing these things in your life will do wonders for your health, your mental health, and more importantly keep you alive to create memories you will never want to forget.