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Are There Health Benefits To Sparkling Water?

12 Jan. 2023

Are you a sparkling water fan?

As the summer rolls around, staying hydrated is critical. The sunny days are an exciting change after months of dreary weather, but staying on top of life and work might be challenging if we fail to hydrate properly.

If you know that you could drink more water, we’re here to help. More adults than ever are dehydrated than they realize. Whether it’s because they don’t like plain water or perhaps they simply forget to drink, this problem needs to be dealt with!

Forget suffering this summer. Instead, consider switching from boring water to sparkling water. This simple change could transform your health and make you feel more alive. Want to know more? Keep on reading.

Scroll to learn the benefits of sparkling water and how you can beat dehydration.

Why Should You Drink Sparkling Water?

Intrigued about this fizzy drink? Here are some of the benefits you can reap from switching to sparkling water this summer.


Perhaps the most essential benefit of this unique drink is hydration! When it comes to picking a summer beverage, hydration is the most crucial factor. Yes, your coffee might taste great and give you energy, but it’s not nearly as hydrating as sparkling water.

Sparkling water is just as beneficial for you as still water. So, if you’re struggling to drink enough, consider switching to the sparkling variety. Just avoid any sparkling seltzers with added sugars, as these aren’t always healthy!

Helps You Feel Full

Are you trying to shed a few pounds? If so, sparkling water might help you when snack cravings appear! Thanks to its carbonated properties, some sources state that sparking water can leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Try replacing your afternoon snack with fizzy water to stave off unwanted cravings. Of course, sparkling water isn’t a meal replacement, but if you’re trying to adopt a healthy eating routine, this beverage might help you a lot.

Improves Digestion

Do you struggle with constipation? Though this issue is awkward, sparkling water might offer you some relief. Since the water is hydrating, it can help stomachs digest food better. Staying hydrated is key to a healthy tummy! Enjoy a bottle of fizzy water next time you don’t feel so great.

Beat Soda Addictions

Soda drinks with excess sugar aren’t good for us. Though a can of pop every now and then doesn’t hurt, frequent consumption can cause dental issues, excess weight, and general unwanted health impacts.

Sparkling water and low-sugar seltzers are often suggested as a solution when decreasing soda usage. Though they may not have the same sugar and caffeine taste, sparkling water still offers bubbles and can be a great alternative when changing your habits. Choose the healthy choice this summer!

More Minerals

Did you know not all sparkling water is the same? Some options come from springs or wells, which is called mineral water. Pick this type if you want to go the extra mile and incorporate additional minerals into your diet.

Often, mineral water gives you more magnesium and calcium. Ideal for boosting mental health, dental health, and anti-inflammatory properties. When in doubt, always choose the water with fewer ingredients!

What Are The Symptoms Of Dehydration?

How do you know if you’re dehydrated?

Adults are recommended to drink approximately 2 litres of water a day, but this statistic changes depending on height, weight, and gender. With this in mind, how do you know when it’s time to increase your water intake?

When you’re experiencing dehydration symptoms, you’ll know you need to up the amount you’re drinking!

Dry Tongue And Mouth

Have you noticed your lips are dryer than usual? If you’re reaching for the chapstick more often, you might need to add an extra few glasses of water to your day. This goes for dry tongues too!


Random headaches occurring throughout the day? Though there are many possible causes, you should always up your water before jumping to conclusions.

Dark Urine

The darker your pee, the more dehydrated you are. When it comes to the pee test, well-hydrated urine should be pale yellow. If your urine is constantly a darker hue, it’s time to have a bottle of water.

Reduced Frequency

Similar to darker pee, if you’re not feeling the urge to pee for long periods, it’s a sign you’re dehydrated.


Finally, if you’re feeling more thirsty than usual and not sure why - the answer is probably dehydration! Take a break from work and enjoy an ice-cold water.

The Takeaway

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially in the summer months. To stay on top of your work or studies, you need to be feeling your best. Make sure you kiss dehydration goodbye by enjoying the benefits of cold sparkling water.

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