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Are Standing Desks Useful For Students?

28 October 2022


If you’re gearing up for university, you might be ticking off what you need to buy. Course-relevant books, homeware, and new clothes. But, what about a new desk?

Of course, students will be able to study in libraries or other common areas, but having a sturdy base at home is one of the top tricks to boost grades. Your dorm room is where much of the actual work will happen. So, make sure you’re not working from bed!

However, being on a budget is one key aspect of being a student. Unlike adults, students aren’t yet earning. This leaves them with stricter spending rules and a preference for cheaper furniture. So, why splurge on a standing desk?

Whether you’re a student or helping one prepare for university, make sure you consider one of these ergonomic desks. Want to know why a standing desk is worth it? Keep reading to find out.

What Is A Standing Desk?

Standing desks are standard in offices and for work-from-home employees. But, students may not have come across these helpful pieces yet.

Unlike regular desks, standing desks can adapt their height to your needs. Thanks to some engineering, a standing desk can extend to allow you to work while standing. It can also be lower for seated work. This combination benefits users’ mental and physical health while promoting healthy working habits.

Though standing desks are proven to be beneficial for our wellbeing, they’re not yet standard practice in schools and universities. But we’re here to change that.

If students adapt to these desks sooner, they’ll carry healthy habits into the workforce. Say goodbye to long days while sitting down. A new generation of health-conscious workers is coming.

Scroll down to learn about more benefits of standing desks while at university.

How Can A Standing Desk Benefit Students?

Many parents will hear about standing desks and assume they’re expensive gadgets. Though some standing desks cost more than typical furniture, they pay themselves back in health and productivity. Plus, students will use them for years - not just the semester.

These desks benefit students more than many realize. Here are the top reasons you should pack a standing desk when heading to university.

Beat The Lecture Hall Blues

Most universities run on a lecture basis. Regardless of what subject you study or where you attend university, one thing is for sure - you’ll spend hours in lecture halls. These universal experiences allow you to grow and thrive, but they do come with some negatives.

Spending hours sitting down is terrible for your posture and circulation. Though you can’t escape this, you can reduce adverse health impacts by not sitting down more often than you have to. With a standing desk at home, you’ll be able to change up your study habits and take a break from sedentary work.

Improve Wellbeing

Did you know that more movement in your day can lead to better mental health? University students might not have enough spare time for frequent exercise, but using a standing desk can also help you boost your mental health.

Instead of sitting in one position for ages, standing desk users are more likely to move around while working. Any extra movement helps to reduce anxiety and beat those worried about being away from home for the first time.

Forget The Freshman 15

Have you heard of the ‘Freshman 15’? This urban myth states most university students gain approximately 15 pounds in their first year due to lifestyle changes and a student diet. While this is not founded on authentic research, it worries some students - especially when less time is available for sports.

Standing desks are an easy way to integrate subtle fitness activities into your schedule. Of course, nothing beats high-intensity exercise! But, when using a standing desk, students are more likely to shed the pounds. Standing around and taking frequent walking breaks is better than no movement at all!

Makes Your Dorm Look Better

Finally, an issue many university students face is feeling homesick. Many factors can bring this on. From being far from home for the first time to social anxiety, university life can be lonely.

Another significant factor affecting students is unfamiliar surroundings. Dorm rooms that lack personality can cause homesickness and feelings of sadness. That’s why decorating is so important!

When students take control of their room decor, they often feel much more optimistic about the experience. What better way to settle into your room than with a premium standing desk? Not only do these desks offer health and wellbeing properties, but they also provide a stylish touch to any room.

The Bottom Line

University life brings a lot of change, but you can stay on top of these new beginnings. If you’re ready to make your studies more accessible, consider adding a standing desk to your university shopping list. Your future self will thank you - especially when you’re pulling late nights before the big exam!

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