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Are Standing Desks Good for your Mental Health?

15 April 2021

We spend most of our waking hours sitting down between business meetings, desk tasks, commutes, watching videos online, or watching our favorite TV show on the couch. All these mundane activities, even unconsciously, wear our minds out by the end of the day. This might be the exact reason we feel tired even if we spent most of the day just sitting.

Bad news is, prolonged sitting is as terrible as smoking. I'm pretty sure we've all noticed an effect or two after all the sitting we do after some time. A sore neck. Stiff wrists. Tired eyes. A bad back. With the many conveniences technology offer, that could also mean we're less likely to move around in this day and age.

Since office employees and even freelancers spend most of their days sitting and working on a desk, this is a significant issue. Standing desks have become so popular that home-based workers or even companies want to get their hands on them.

A standing desk, also known as a height-adjustable desk or sit-stand desk, is a desk that allows you to switch from sitting to standing comfortably while working. You may use these desks at a certain height while you stand or by using a high stool. Adjustable chairs are compatible with standing desks, and such chairs are designed to promote good health and well-being while also offering comfort.

It's no rocket science to realize that standing does burn more calories than sitting, which is why sit-stand desks had made it big over the past few years, especially when the pandemic exploded. FlexiSpot is one of the most trusted brands preferred by many as soon as they discovered the benefits of ergonomics--the study of human efficiency and safety in the workplace. To name a few, here's a quick run-through on the physical benefits of using standing desks:

· increases metabolism

· assists muscle movement

· reduces the risk of neck and back pain

· improves posture

· lowers the risk of heart disease and high sugar levels

· lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity

However, the advantages of a sit-stand desk aren't limited to your physical well-being. So how do standing desks positively affect our psychological health?

The mind and body are correlated and function together, which means that it is affected by one's posture and body position. Picture yourself trying to get your tasks done, but then your lower back screams it wants you to lie down. Chances are, you will, and you won't make it to the deadline. Let us list down the mental health benefits of using standing desks and of mobility in general:

· Boosts the brain's performance -- Standing keeps your body active, and that goes for your brain as well. It improves blood supply and circulation, which helps the brain take fresh oxygen and blood. It enhances your focus and efficiency by assisting your brain in performing correctly.

· Improves creativity -- You unintentionally pay attention to your balance and muscles when standing. It keeps your mind engaged. A healthy brain performs better and allows you to be more original and productive.

· Reduces stress and fatigue -- Sitting for long periods can lead to anxiety and stress. Standing promotes movement, and being active gives you an organic feeling of enjoying the tasks you need to finish. This advantage is especially suitable for working from home since isolation has been a common downside among remote jobs.

· Increases brain power -- While concentrating on a major task, we are likely to do some trivial chores. When we focus entirely on the items that need our full attention, the brain spontaneously keeps the rest of it occupied. When we stand and work, we make minor changes, such as shuffling our feet, which increases our ability to concentrate.

At this point, you should start pondering about adjustable office chairs and sit-stand desks. These two items go well together and allow you to take a break whenever you need to. When you need to rest for a moment, all you have to do is lower your desk's level or lower your chair's height. This habit will help you to get the most out of your work session. For example, the Adjustable Standing Desk Frame E5 by FlexiSpot comes with three memory height presets and a programmable sit/stand reminder system, both of which allow you to change positions with ease and get friendly alerts when it’s time to stand. Their dual-motor system supplies each leg its motor, allowing them to bear much more weight while optimizing stability, speed, smoothness, silence, and strength. These desks are built with powder-coated steel tubing, which resists scratches and stains and provides maximum stability even at the highest setting.

Start making a change in your home environment, and you will see the difference. Try discussing these benefits with your employer and show them the outcomes of using standing desks. Standing desks are not only exercise for the body, but the brain as well! Improve your mental and physical well-being with the investment in a standing desk to help you live a longer, healthier life.