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Alzheimer’s Disease and Physical Exercise

07 May. 2021

The aging population around the world is rapidly increasing and millions of the aging population have Alzheimer's Disease (AD). It is reported that “more than 1 out of 9 people aged 65 and older” have this dreadful disease. This is based on statistical data as part of the 2021 Facts and Figures Report on Alzheimer's Disease in the United States. It is a big challenge for everyone because everyone on this planet will undergo the process of aging – no exceptions. Alzheimer’s disease as reported is generally the cause of dementia.

For most people, Alzheimer's disease is related to forgetfulness. However, there’s more to it. It is said that it is a brain disease that worsens as time goes on and its symptoms begin after 20 years when the disease begins to manifest. Brain changes may occur that are at the beginning which is not noticeable; and only after years have passed will they manifest with observable symptoms of memory loss and problems with language. Comparing Alzheimer's Disease to Dementia, the difference between the two is that Dementia is the whole group of symptoms while Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the causes of Dementia and is most common. Alzheimer’s Disease begins first before Dementia.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

As we begin to age, it is beneficial for us to know signs of Alzheimer's Disease as early as possible so that we could do something to prevent its risk or at least reduce the risk before the symptoms begin to manifest. There were some symptoms reported that we can take note of such as the following:

● Having trouble remembering recent conversations, names, or events

● Depression

● Apathy or being uninterested in something or not willing to do changes or improvements

The report also indicated some later symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) such as:

● bad communication

● disorientation

● confusion

● poor judgment

● behavioral changes

● eventual difficulty in speaking, swallowing and walking

 When Symptoms Are Not Dementia

According to the same report on Alzheimer's Disease in the US, some symptoms may occur which are Dementia-like but there is no manifestation of continuous changes in the brain of Alzheimer’s or other progressive brain diseases. It is not alarming but consultation with the doctor is still recommended to know the causes of such symptoms which are as follows:

● Depression

● Untreated sleep apnea

● Delirium

● Thyroid problems

● Excessive alcohol consumption

● Certain vitamin deficiencies

Dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease or commonly called Alzheimer's Dementia is characterized by the manifestation of” memory, thinking, behavioral symptoms that weaken a person’s ability to do things in daily life. The speed of having mild, moderate, and advanced symptoms is manifested based on the report, is different from one person to another.

Risks Factors of Contracting Alzheimer's Dementia

Knowing the risk factors of contracting Alzheimer's Dementia is also beneficial for us so we could adopt the necessary preventive measures to reduce the risks. Some of the risk factors were listed as follows:

● Age - the greatest risk

● Genetics

● Family history

The good news is that other risk factors can be altered to reduce the danger of contracting dementia and “cognitive decline.” Some risk factors that can be altered and reduced are as follows:

● Physical Activity

● Education – more years of formal education, the lower the risk

● Smoking

● Diet

● Being active socially and physically

While this report is confined to the data in the United States, future research is hoped to include other racial and ethnic groups for more extensive research about Alzheimer’s disease.

Taking the cue, from all this information, it is noteworthy that physical activity can be a factor to reduce Alzheimer’s dementia. By doing exercise which is a physical activity itself, we can lessen the danger of contracting it and may delay it for several years more.

As many old people are still part of the workforce around the world, exercise or any physical activity can be done while working especially at home. Flexispot has created and brought innovations to its products to cater to workers that want to maintain physical fitness and at the same time increase their productivity.

Awesome Features

One of the most interesting products is the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair.  It is one of the best products from FlexiSpot for smart features and durability. One of the great features is having a very comfortable seat and a breathable mesh fabric for the backrest promoting not only comfort but also strength and support while working or reclining to take some rest. The seat is also height adjustable. While you’re focused on working and have no time to go jogging outdoors, you can still do your exercise with the built-in bike to maintain your physical fitness. 

It also has sturdy casters so that you can move the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair indoor to outdoor, or from one room to another depending on your whim. It’s worry-free. The professional exercise bike has adjustable resistance levels that let you select the level for a more challenging workout. And because it is height adjustable, even others in your family can use it for other activities aside from exercise. 

You can play some games with the members of the family, watch your favorite videos together, or just have a fun conversation while pedaling is a good opportunity to establish better relationships with your family.

Seniors can do other physical activities with his outstanding product to boost their physical health thus minimizing possible risks of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. While cycling, you can read some newspapers, read your favorite books, or check your phone for emails. Exercising will never be missed with this Fitness Chair only if you give your body a chance to be in good shape. 

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