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All About Ergonomic Standing Desks and Back Pain Relief

01 September 2021

Even though back discomfort and the workplace are inextricably linked, the majority of adults spend years of their life complaining about back pain. 

Some people may have significant long-term health problems like sciatica, while others may recover. In any case, your workplace should not be the source of your back pain.

Physical exhaustion or pain at work is not only bad for the human body, but it also saps vitality and reduces productivity. 

Researchers have long investigated the effects of sitting on the back, leading to the development of height-adjustable desks and ergonomic standing desks for back problems.

Many people still complain about back pain from standing desks, even when they have changed to healthier alternatives such as working while standing. 

A standing desk has numerous health benefits, including decreased cholesterol levels, reduced obesity risk, and aid in managing excessive blood sugar. Long-term use, however, may cause back pain while standing at work.

Switching between sitting and standing or even using a standing desk can help you overcome this problem. This article will explain how a standing desk can help you overcome back problems and how to use one properly.

standing desk

How a Standing Desk Can Help You Get Rid of Back Pain

There is a reason why experts recommend getting out of your chair and stretching a few times throughout the day. 

Workplace exercises and routine stretches have been increasingly popular over the years to refresh your mind and motivate you to get out of your chair. 

However, sitting for several hours a day has some detrimental consequences that many people are unaware of.

Even if you sit in the most comfortable chair in the world, not moving your legs for a few hours will cause your body to become fatigued and have various negative consequences.

Incorrect sitting not only degrades our posture but also disrupts our circulatory system. It is the leading cause of obesity and unhealthily high blood sugar levels.

Height-adjustable desks are replacing traditional desks, and you can quickly alternate between sitting and standing while working, thanks to ergonomics. 

This adjustment allows you to rest your legs while relieving the strain on your shoulders and back. Standing desks are also often utilized to alleviate lower back pain. 

However, how does a standing desk help with back discomfort or other health problems? Here is how to do it.

Thigh Dimensions

With your thigh, the leading edge of the chair should not be more than the width of a finger. Any more considerable distance may create discomfort and, as a result, lower back pain. 

Ergonomic standing workstations for back pain frequently have height adjustability, allowing you to change the desk's height to alter the thigh measurement.

Support for the Lower Back

The lower back should not be put under any additional stress while working, standing, or sitting. Our spines are one of the most delicate parts of our bodies and putting them under strain for long periods can have serious health consequences. 

Make sure your lower back is always supported by the chair and does not sag forward. If this is not the case, lower the height of your standing desk to a comfortable position where you can rest your back against the back support of your work chair.

Elbow Positioning

Our elbows tend to hold stress if they are not positioned comfortably with our bodies. The tension in the upper arms could be transferred. As a result of our shoulders and long-term pressure, our neck hurts. 

A standing desk corrects the elbow placement angle by keeping the workstation and desktop at a 90-degree angle. Your elbows will not be stressed in any manner as a result of this.

standing desk

Eye Level

One of the most crucial variables in having a relaxed working position is eye level. Extra strain on your eyes and neck will result if you do not keep the monitor at eye level. Instead, use a standing desk's adjustable height feature to raise the desktop to eye level. 

You may make good use of this function by altering your eye level while sitting or standing.

Standing Desk

You should study a few things before acquiring a standing desk for back pain, as they are expensive. A standing desk will not solve all of your problems, but it can assist if you use it wisely. 

You can secure your very own standing desk from a trusted company like FlexiSpot. Your back pain issues will be resolved with state-of-the-art ergonomic equipment.

If your back suffers all the time, investing in a cushion or an ergonomic chair with lumbar support is also an intelligent choice. Your one-stop store for all things ergonomic is waiting for your purchase.

How to Organize Your Standing Desk

It is not difficult to set up an ergonomic standing workplace. Thankfully, ergonomic furniture has simple pieces to handle and manage, but it may take a few tries to get the hang of it. 

You may need some time to learn how to control and maintain a manual height adjustable system, especially if you have chosen a manual standing desk or even using an ergonomic chair with an adjustable feature.

Adjust the height to suit your needs at work if you have a standing desk for back discomfort but are not utilizing it properly. Make sure the size is just right, so you do not have to slouch or shrug your shoulders. The eye-level does not drop below or above the desktop.

To give a safe surface for elbows, place your monitor at an arm's length away. If your elbows are overworked, not only will your shoulders be uncomfortable, but you may also develop long-term pain in your back and neck muscles.

Micro-adjustments are made easier with an intelligent standing desk's functions. 

If standing for long periods causes you pain or exhausts your leg muscles, an anti-fatigue mat should be used. 

anti-fatigue mat mt1

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