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Advantages and Disadvantages of Desk Bike

11 May 2021

Exercise is good but not all exercise equipment is for everyone. Fortunately, there are “fixes” to some of the problems and issues that people have with exercising on a desk bike.

Not everyone has been in favor of buying a desk bike. Not every desk bike is made with quality and cheap isn’t always a money-saving idea. But when it comes to your health take the time to decide the best exerciser for you. If you know it is a desk bike you need then the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Desk Bikes

1. Exercise is Good

Pedaling is an advantage because exercise is a good thing. More than that though is the type of exercising you get and the additional health benefits you have as a result.

Just placing your feet on the pedals will remove the pressure from the back of your legs. Usually, it is the chair where the legs relax. This helps with the circulation and when pedaling the fresh and oxygenated blood reaches all your leg muscles. This is a cardio activity that is burning calories. More calories are burned than sitting around.

2. Burn Calories Promote Weight Loss

Many of the pedal exercisers come with a monitor that can track your time and distance so you can calculate your calories burned while working. 

3. Improved Mood, Productivity, & Energy

General exercise produces those dopamine chemicals in the brain that improves our mood. We feel good more when we exercise more. The dull workday takes on a brighter hue and our energy improves too.

With a clearer mind tackling those projects just gets done faster.

4. Pedaling Does Not Interrupt Work

The majority of people can pedal while working. The machine should be quiet so you can carry out all your work including conference calls.

Sometimes a person will “sway” from side to side when they pedal. The reason is the legs aren’t used to this type of motion. If you have difficulty keeping your body stable while pedaling, make a couple of adjustments and train your body. It takes a few days until it becomes more comfortable not to sway.

Be sure your chair is adjusted comfortably and the pedals are comfortable. Set the machine at a beginner level. Sit up straight and keep your abdomen tight. Concentrate on pushing only with your legs. It might be awkward to start because you are used to the momentum of your body doing these movements. Keep the focus mainly on your leg movement.

Don’t worry when you find you have slipped back into swaying. Stop and correct your body posture and try again. Like anything else that is a new experience to your body movement, your brain will quickly adapt so the pedaling will be comfortable soon.

Disadvantages of Desk Bikes

Most of the disadvantages to using desk bikes can be resolved by selecting a different exerciser for the purpose, or you may need to change the environment a bit to accommodate the one you have chosen.

1. Bikes with Desks Attached

The all-in-one units have two disadvantages.

● No one wants to sit on a bike seat all day.

● This isn’t a regular desk so it is limited to the immediate work at hand.

Fortunately, there are some models of desk bikes with comfortable seats for extended pedaling. What is needed is pre-plan your work so you don’t have to keep returning to the desk for additional papers.

2. Taller Pedal Exercisers

If you are taller or do have a desk bike that can be adjusted higher, here are a few tips to try to make this more comfortable for you.

● You can lower the chair. This helps to change the angle enough of your legs so you can pedal and still work at your desk.

● Raise your desk. You can use blocks or risers under your existing desk.

● Get an adjustable standing desk. The advantage of an adjustable height desk is you can now use it for standing, sitting, pedaling, and whatever activity you do at work.

3. Pedaling the desk bike can be Noisy

Some desk bikes are noisy due to squeaking or their tension mechanism is controlled by a friction control knob. One way to lessen the noise is to try some graphite powder on the surface where the knob clamps down.

Another reason that your machine is noisy is that the hard surface and the movement of the pedals are being echoed or the vibration is picked up and carried over the floor’s surface. Try using a piece of carpet or a rubber mat to dampen the noise.

Another alternative is to choose a pedal with a magnetic resistance system instead of friction. Not only are these machines quieter, but they are also of superior design.

4. The Better Bike Desks are More Expensive

If on a tight budget and can only opt for the $20 – $30 pedals then you must make a few allowances for them. The cheaper machines are lightweight and friction resistance controlled. They wear out quicker, easier to push around, and noisier. But you can still solve this by using some of the fixes already suggested.

The more expensive machines are well made with good guarantees too. The people who buy them are happy with their decision to do so.

5. The Bike Desk Pedals Keeps Moving

When the pedals keep moving away from you, here are some suggestions:

● First, how do you use them? If you pedal down on them, they mustn’t be pushed away. If you are trying to use them in front of you then the force will be more than the weight of the bike. If so and you don’t want to adjust your pedals to be more under you then you have to improvise.

● Some machines come with a Velcro tether that keeps their chair from rolling away from the pedals. Using rope or belts is another option.

● If the pedals have an at-bar for the feet you could use a “c” clamp to attach them to a piece of carpet. The carpet should be big enough to go under your chair and the pedals. That way the weight of the chair keeps everything in place.

6. Keep Your Chair from Rolling Away

Aside from the suggestions above where you keep the desk pedaller from moving away from you is keeping the chair from rolling away.

7. Exercising with the Bike Desk Makes You Sweat

Sweating in the office can make people uncomfortable. One thing to remember: don't exercise too much with the desk bike machines to be healthy. The heavy-duty style of desk bike does allow for a person to get a great workout. Set it on a low resistance and just use it for leg movement. You will still pump the blood and still burn calories. It will still be helpful with your digestive and cardio health.

Another option includes diet changes. Sugar consumption can cause sweating. Wear a cotton t-shirt under your regular shirt to soak up the sweat. There are also sweat guards that you can use throughout the day too.

Final Thought:

Whatever your health goals are, a desk bike is the best thing to keep you healthy and at the same time get some work done thus killing two birds with one stone.