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Achieving Success

22 June 2021

The word success is already overly used and people regard it as a relative word. I mean success for one person is different from another. The word success may mean financial. We see that a person is successful when he has amassed wealth and enjoys financial freedom. That is, they can buy anything that they want as they see it. I wish I were that person!

Another person defines success as being in the highest position in a company or organization. For those who are not so ambitious with having much money or being the president of a company, success is having a family that lives happily and harmoniously.

So we define success in many ways.

However, most of the time we really look up to people who are successful financially and made their way to the summit of that success. We also look up to some celebrities who successfully made it from rags to riches.

In my case, I really looked to one person whose life was what we call “from rags to riches” who made his way to the top by dreaming and imagining that he could make it and he did it!. When he was young, he already knew what he wanted in life and how to achieve it by working very hard regardless of circumstances that came his way.

I forgot his name but I was able to write down some of his advice to inspire me. However, I felt that it was already late for me to do it. I dread those days that I did not think wisely to alleviate my situation. I was passive and I just let the time pass working without any plans for the future. I let time flow freely without a definite goal in life. 

Well, I really had some goals when I was young. The trouble with me was that I did not pursue my dreams seriously and just thought of ordinary things that came to my life. I was passive and not motivated. Now I regret those days when I still had much more time to alter my life, maybe a better life for me. Anyway, I thought that you can relate with me and I wish to share these good pieces of advice that might help you to track your steps into a much brighter future.  

Here are some pieces of advice or food for thought that I jotted down for your reading pleasure and for your life’s direction:

  • Plan on what you want to accomplish in the future. Actually, this is one of my faults in my life. I was not able to plan and write down my ambition or goals in life that I wanted to accomplish. If you do not have directions for a good career path, then you might end up in a sorry state with endless guilt that you did not achieve your goal.
  • Organize things to achieve your goals. You may jot them down like an outline that you can follow as you make your way to accomplish it. The pathway to achieving your goals might be difficult to hurdle, but if you have the strong resolve and determination to achieve it, then you might not be able to reach your goals.
  • Decide once and for all what your goals are and gather facts about them. Factual information is readily available these days with the help of the Internet. As you gather that information, you may reconcile it with your goals or ambition in life so you could make the right decision in the long run.
  • After making the right decision, you go for it and try to have that positive attitude while working your way until you achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Win your way to your heart’s desire - your goal and ambition in life. Be persistent with your goal and have a positive attitude to achieve it. No one can help you except yourself. At the end of the day, think about reaching that success comes what may.

We sometimes hear that it is lonely at the top. But I think it is lonelier to be at the grassroots of society where you can suffer financially, physically, and socially. Other people might see you as a liability to society rather than an asset because you are not contributing any to it. And this could be the saddest part of your life.  

Is it not true that when you are on top of the ladder of success, many people are around you to cheer you up and possibly support you. However, when you are at the lowest level of society, you are alone and some people may also mock you and mistreat you. And you cannot find back with no one to support and help you.

So I think it is better to be working hard towards achieving success in life whatever that word means to you.

Harmonious family relationships as other people define success is also good because your family will never let you down whatever happens. They are a source of inspiration that also gives you moral support, right? So, whatever your definition of the word success literally or figuratively, the more important thing is to be able to get there when you can.

If you do not want it, maybe you are not motivated enough.

But when you see some friends that can be successful in life, you might think twice. Reconsider your future and what you want to end up with.

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