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About the FlexiSpot Crank Standing Desk

25 October 2021

Let’s face it, when we budget our monthly expenses, the last thing we want to spend on is furniture---especially if the same ones we’ve been using are still functional. We’ve become so comfortable that any fad or trend irks us, even before we do research and find out its benefits. 

One trend that just makes sense is standing desks. Based on pre-pandemic statistics, an average American adult sits for six and a half hours a day---a figure alarming for health experts. Prolonged sitting doubles the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. To combat these dangers, experts suggest 60-75 minutes of moderate activity a day. Another way is to stand every now and then while deep into a sedentary activity such as filling hours for an office desk job or binge-watching on Netflix. Because of this problem, standing desks were born and have become a trend in recent years. 

It may be a bit pricey for someone whose desks and tables at home are doing just fine, but its benefits can probably silence naysayers and convert the hesitant. Standing desks are a great investment because it helps improve posture, significantly lowers the risk of developing a chronic disease, improves productivity and efficiency, addresses neck and back pain, and stimulates creativity. Imagine getting all these benefits in just one purchase. 

But if you’re not ready to shell out some big dough yet, especially if you’re running on a tight budget, there are height adjustable standing desks in the market that are also of quality. You may opt for a manual or a crank standing desk first before deciding if you want to convert to an electric one, or even maybe not at all. These manually adjustable standing desks work wonders just the same as the electric units. Its pros over the electric desks include the following: 

Crank height adjustable standing Desk H1

1. Affordable price

Since manual or crank standing desks are not electricity-powered, they come at an affordable cost. This is perfect for someone who wants to get the benefits of a height-adjustable standing desk without breaking the bank too much. 

2. Mobility

Because they are not reliant on electricity, manual or crank standing desks don’t have to be tethered to a wall with a socket. It doesn’t have to be plugged in and can be placed anywhere in the room. It’s also easy to transfer from one area to another without having to consider electronics for it to function. /p>

3. Not subject to electricity failure 

There’s no limit to using manual or crank standing desks anytime because it doesn’t need electricity. If ever sockets aren’t working or that wires are faulty or there’s no power in the area, these height-adjustable desks could still be used. 

4. No noise coming from the motor

If you work in a shared space, some electric height adjustable desks have motors that make loud noises while going up and down. With manual or crank standing desks, the noise wouldn’t be a problem because it hardly makes one. 

FlexiSpot is an ergonomic company that has been in the space for more than 20 years. It currently has two crank height adjustable standing desks in its catalog that you can choose for yourself and your children. Here are the two below: 

Crank Standing Desk H1

Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk H1 

This standing desk promises no hassle because it fits anywhere and has no cords. There’s no need to worry about electricity use; it has an easy crank; it lasts longer, and has a smooth and even surface. It can be used in the office space to help ease back pain caused by prolonged sitting. It can also be placed over your bed for eating breakfast, working in pajamas, or watching a Netflix series. It also has smooth and easy sit/stand transitions, all manual which means it’s perfect for small spaces with only a few electrical outlets. Its crank can also be folded up when not in use. The maximum capacity of the desk is 154 pounds with a desk height range of 29” to 48.6”. 

FlexiSpot offers six different desktop sizes: 120x60cm, 140x70cm and 120x80cm. You may buy the ins, natural or rustic style.

Final Thoughts 

Investing is always hard to start, more so if it comes with a hefty price tag. Most of us think about our present worries rather than exhausting energy and resources to worry about things that haven’t happened yet or may not even happen ever. But if we want a better quality of life, investments are the way to go for us to grow in our respective careers and chosen paths in life. 

Investing in a good standing desk is a start. Imagine if you overperform because of the efficiency it brought into your workflow, then you may potentially be promoted. When you get promoted, you get more money and would be able to enjoy more of the luxuries of life such as travel, food, and clothes. 

A crank standing desk may be your best bet. It doesn’t need electricity for the height to be adjusted. All you need is to make use of the crank and go up or down manually. It’s not that pricey and a value for the buck.