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A Supervisor's Influence on a Worker's Productivity

15 July 2021

Do you like your boss? Whether you work in an office or you work from home, I am sure that you have a boss or a supervisor that manages and controls the tasks and workload to be assigned to every employee or worker. The boss is also like us with a certain character and personality that we have to adjust with for us to work better and to be productive.  

Studies on workers’ productivity have been conducted many times and it was found that there is a correlation between an employee’s productivity and their immediate supervisor. A study conducted in Japan is a notable one and is noteworthy for every worker like you and me.

The study was published in an online article (retrieved from: that I think is worth our time and effort to read and digest the results of the study. It covered Japanese workers and their bosses. The study involved investigations on the “effect of supervisor’s management, communication, and capability on workers’ mental health and productivity using two-year longitudinal data of Japanese full-time white-collar workers.” (retrieved from the same source material).

Findings from this particular study as I have already mentioned is noteworthy as it presented factual information about a boss and worker relationships and how it affects the latter’s mental health and productivity. The main findings revealed the following: They were written verbatim so that the actual and real results are indicated and clearly defined.

  • Firstly, even after controlling for individual-specific fixed effects and other job characteristics, such as those proposed in the job strain model, we find that supervisors’ good communication with staff and competency in managerial tasks significantly improve employees’ mental health

In my experience, my boss influenced my job satisfaction and productivity, imposing his good management style that he has the reins but was not so strict with us making us happier in the work area because there are situations that involved our personal lives that our boss understands as one of the facts of life that must be considered and addressed to as problems in some instances.

In this way, I felt guilty when I could not perform well and be productive enough to tackle my job. My boss was always present and hands-on so that we could personally talk to him about work-related issues or problems that arose in the work area. So his presence, open-mindedness were really appreciated by his subordinates like me.

  •  Second, we find that good communication between the boss and his/her staff enhances the latter’s productivity and lowers presenteeism. 

At my previous work, my boss was my ideal worker because he always communicated with us about the goings-on in the office, updated us on organizational changes, HR updates, and other relevant information that workers like us had to be informed and updated. As such, we worked smoothly and uniformly because we are informed and updated without asking many questions and making mistakes due to misinformation or disinformation. Everything was clear about our organization.

  • Third, supervisors’ bad communication and low competency increase the probability of quitting

When I worked at a call center in my previous employment, several co-employees quit their job due to some reasons such as too much stress on the production floor, longer work hours which were required even on weekends, and during the exit interviews, the supervisor’s inability to communicate well made some of us quit the job. The supervisor was usually absent and unable to perform his duties and sometimes was bad-mouthing some employees.

  • Fourth, good communication partially depends on the boss–staff compatibility, which is governed in part by their combined personality traits.

This fact is true for me. I had noticed that my boss and I very much have the same personality and compatibility. These similarities enabled me to perform better because we share common goals and principles in life including character. For a worker, having a boss that complements your character and personality makes you inspired and more active to perform and finish your tasks.

Aside from company benefits, working conditions, and environment, the supervisor’s management style and character directly affect the worker’s mental health and productivity. It is only in Japan I think that this is relevant but also in other countries and organizations regardless of race, age, and gender.

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