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A Heart-to-Heart Talk

31 May 2021

Do you love your heart? I think many people do not listen to their hearts and do not care about it until they get sick of heart disease. The heart is one of the most important parts of our body yet it is most of the time, overlooked and abused by many.

The human body’s cardiovascular system consists of:

● The heart

● The blood vessels

● Blood

These help to carry important nutrients throughout the body and help to eliminate wastes brought during metabolism. Aside from this, the heart, blood, and blood vessels also help in regulating body temperature. In other words, the cardiovascular system takes care of maintaining the blood flow in our body to maintain its survival.

There are different diseases that are common in the cardiovascular system such as:

● Abnormal heart rhythms

● Heart attack

● Heart failure

● Congenital heart disease

● Coronary artery disease

● Aorta disease

● Heart muscle disease

● Deep vein thrombosis

Regarding heart disease, my husband died of mitral valve stenosis or the narrowing of the heart’s mitral valve wherein the irregular valve does not open properly. Thus, blocking the blood to flow into the main pumping room of the heart.

At first, I observed that my husband was losing weight. I thought initially that it was because of the nature of his job as a glass and aluminum sub-contractor. He was always doing the legwork, visiting construction sites until the end of the day. It was his own business and he was earning well with this construction business. One day I told him to see a doctor because he was continuously losing weight and had no appetite to eat a full-sized meal.

I also attributed this symptom to smoking which he was addicted to. He even had the usual drinking spree with his business partners which he was part of for building good relations with them and also for prospective clients.

Eventually, I was able to convince him to seek medical help. A few weeks after the consultation with the doctor, we received a call from the hospital that my husband had to undergo an open heart surgery because the diagnosis showed that he had mitral valve stenosis.

I told my husband about it but he refused to go under the knife because it was costly and had its own risks. The doctor told him about the process he had to undergo during the surgery. It was a bit morbid to hear about such a process.

 He was also worried about the money involved with the surgery. The doctor also did not give us a guarantee that after the surgery, my husband’s condition would be back to normalcy. Eventually, he did not yield for the open heart operation.

My husband continued to do his work however, sometimes he felt shortness of breath, and one time he passed out in the street near our neighborhood. One of my neighbors called me to tell me what happened. We, together with my in-laws, sent him to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

After a two-week stay in the hospital, his condition worsened and he was brought to the ICU unit. The next day, my mother-in-law phoned me in the office and told me that my husband was dying. Upon arrival in the hospital, the doctor allowed me to talk to my husband before he died.

I was devastated but I had to accept the reality that I would be a widow and alone to take care of my little daughter. The doctor told me that my husband’s ailment mitral valve stenosis was primarily caused by an infection called rheumatic fever or strep infection.

Maintaining a Healthy Cardio

We can make our heart healthy by taking care of it and doing these things:

● Regulate or reduce stress

● Eat healthy food

● Drink alcohol moderately

● Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke

● Monitor your cholesterol and blood pressure

● Be active

Physical Activities and Exercises to Keep our Cardio Healthy

● Brisk walking

● Swimming

● Playing tennis

● Running

● Cycling

● Jumping rope

● Dancing

● Organized sports such as basketball, football, soccer among others.

● Aerobic exercise - also known as cardio exercise wherein repetitive contraction of large muscles and getting the heartbeat faster is useful for a healthy heart maintenance

● Stairs climbing

● Boxing

● Jumping-Jacks

● Rowing

These activities must be done at least 150 minutes every week. 

When you are working and have no time to exercise, there is available fitness equipment that you could buy today which could help you increase your productivity while doing some exercises for cardio health.

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● Adjust the seat easily, even while seated, using the one-touch lever.

Cycling your way to a healthy cardio will not interfere with your work. Instead, it will complement your physical fitness regimen while increasing work productivity. This is really awesome. You can accomplish two goals at one time. 

This product combined with its great features is incomparable. Ordinary chairs at work only help you to accomplish one thing, that is to finish your work. On the other hand, FlexiSpot’s

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair allows you to finish your work and at the same time do cycling for your aerobic exercise. Thus, you can maintain a healthy heart every day. 

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