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A Guide to a Better Freelancing Work Experience

27 April 2021

Achieving a good and efficient workflow is what all workers want to have. Whatever the nature of your job is, you are driven by the goal of being able to deliver the quality output that is expected of you. But not all work processes are equipped with the right tools or strategies to make every workflow seamless. Especially that most if not all companies and professionals are working from home, the job can be quite challenging. 

As a worker yourself, you find it hard to establish that work groove and balance. Now more than ever should there be tips and advice be given to remote workers. In this post, I would be sharing with you a comprehensive list of things you can add to your current routine. Good thing, you do not have to wait for a few years to get your gears in check and wait for you to experience work ordeals yourself. Hopefully, through this article, I can somehow lessen the burden on your end. 

Let us focus on bringing light to certain issues that most freelancers face and through this you have a simple guide to support you in your career improvement and growth.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is one of the quickest, simplest, and most straightforward ways to start working from home, particularly if you provide services in a field where you already excel. Freelancing is a hybrid between entrepreneurship and jobs in several respects.

You are self-employed when freelancing, but the work is contracted by a company and can be steady and consistent, much like a job. One of the major advantages of freelancing is that you can normally charge more per hour than an employer can for the same job.

Getting into Freelancing

Among the many benefits of starting a freelance company or journey is that you can start taking clients right away, with little effort or cost. You are in business whether you use your network or find a project on a freelance board. Providing outstanding quality and marketing is the secret to developing a steady stream of clients. Cultivating referrals is one of the most effective marketing tactics for freelancers. Many freelancers can develop their businesses solely on word-of-mouth referrals.

If you think of starting a freelancing career, you should consider the following:

1. Determine your areas of expertise.

You may think you can write on any subject or that your design skills are up to any task, but your potential customers want an expert. You must be a good investment if you are looking for work on a freelance website or related platform. You need to stand out from the crowd, so figure out where you can specialize and how your personal experience can help your client. Create a portfolio that focuses on that area so you can show off your abilities to prospective clients and demonstrate your expertise. However, doing work on request, even without having been paid, is a bad idea because you may never sell it.

2. Set clear goals for each job and stay in touch.

For each work or project you perform, you may not always get to have a formal contract. It is, however, a good idea to spell out what you plan to do, what you will deliver and when, and how you will work, including your working hours, invoicing, and contract terms, in plain and simple terms. If there is a doubt about copyright, you can make it clear as well. The specifics of what you need to layout can vary depending on the type of freelancing you do, but in general, it is all about setting goals, both yours and your client’s.

There should have no deviations from what the original agreed-upon work conditions are. You should make it a point to have no sudden changes. Your client should understand what to expect, what to expect it, the method you will use, and how and when you will be billed. Always be wary of over-promising: make sure you will be able to keep whatever deadlines you have agreed to.

3. To find clients, extend your network.

Whether you are starting little by little or just simply taking things slow, you have to consider that for you to get clients, you should be able to find ways to make yourself available. If you have started for quite some time and have established connections, projects opportunities can be apparent for you. If not, you will have to put in some effort to locate potential customers, and it is a good idea to cast a large net at first. For instance, you could:

  • Create a website or blog to demonstrate your knowledge (and, if you do, make sure you know and understand search engine optimization).

  • Set up or update your LinkedIn profile or other social networking sites to reflect the work that you are seeking.

  • Utilize freelancing websites, which allow you to bid on jobs and also provide services like keeping deposits, which can make you feel safer when working.

  • Hunt for businesses that employ a lot of freelancers in your field and join their pool of freelancers.

  • Both of these will provide you with opportunities to find clients. If you figure out which routes are the most competitive, you can concentrate on those and abandon the others.

What You Should Do Now to Make Your Work Experience Better

Whether you have been a freelancer for a long time already or just starting, you should have a dedicated workspace to do your projects. Being a writer, web designer, illustrator, freelance architect, or even programmer, you need a work desk to help you set up your materials. You will be using a computer or laptop and you need to have a desk for it. You can check out FlexiSpot's Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top. For you to get the most out of your work experience, it is essential to have a workstation that can help you reach your goals.

Other than having a desk at your home office, you need a good chair that supports your spine and back. Being immersed in front of a screen requires long hours of work. Slouching or having to sit in a chair that has poor back support can wreak havoc on your health. An ergonomic chair like the Ergonomic Office Chair might be the one you are looking for. 

Being a freelancer requires patience, perseverance, and determination. You should have the proper mindset and attitude towards your work. You should manage your time efficiently and do your best in any project that you have.