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A Fitness Chair - Worth the Hype?

07 Apr. 2022

When the Flexipsot Sit 2 Go arrived on the scene, it’s fair to say there was some hesitancy. People were still grappling with the idea of standing desks and the idea that you could combine an exercise bike with a comfortable office chair was a little too much for many.

But things have changed rapidly and the Sit 2 Go has quickly established itself as a huge favourite, with people all over the world choosing a new method of working that is both incredibly comfortable and an excellent calorie burner.

If you're one of those who remain on the fence, you might be wondering if the Sit 2 Go is worth the hype, and what, if any negatives come with using a fitness bike as an office chair.

Here are a few points to consider about the exercise chair that is revolutionising how we work.  


One of the biggest doubts that people have about the Sit 2 Go is whether it provides a decent degree of comfort that will allow you to sit there for hours. Many people assume that it is simply an exercise bike with slight modifications, and while that isn’t entirely wrong, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Exercise bikes are not built for comfort, they are, after all, ways for you to exercise. The Sit 2 Go however is not your normal exercise bike and comes with a breathable mesh backrest that provides an excellent standard of comfort even after several hours of sitting. The seat itself comes with a firm cushion padding that distributes weight well and means you can sit for hours.  

While it would be a stretch to say that the Sit 2 Go was as comfortable as traditional office chairs, it is certainly close enough to make it an attractive proposition to buyers.  


Another sticking point for would-buyers is that most people assume that the Sit 2 Go will produce that horrible whirring sound that most exercise bikes do. If you have other people in the home or office, the last thing you want is to have a horrible noise whenever you’re using it.

But again, looks can be deceptive and the Sit 2 Go operates in almost complete silence, making it perfect for even the most crowded environment.  

Calorie Burner

With our exploding obesity issue these days and increasingly sedentary lifestyle, burning calories has long become a near-obsession for many. Focusing simply on calories is not necessarily the best way to go about things, but it’s certainly a good start.

Sitting down in a traditional chair will burn between 60 and 130 calories an hour while standing burns between 100 and 200 each hour. Using a Sit 2 Go puts you somewhere in the middle, but depends on what level the bike is on.

Bodily Benefits

As we said, counting calories is not simply the only way to gauge health. Sitting down for extended periods has been found to increase the risk of heart disease while slowing metabolism to such an extent that obesity becomes a very real risk.

When standing desks emerged recently they were hailed as saviours of the human body, however, while standing is significantly better than sitting all day, they are by no means a panacea for modern human issues. The problem often lies with a lack of exercise and sadly replacing your seated position with a standing one doesn’t go anywhere near far enough in terms of increased cardiovascular exercise to significantly improve health.

An exercise bike on the other hand works the heart much more than simply standing, while also stretching our muscles and moving our joints, all of which combines to create a much healthier work environment than standing or sitting.   

Ease of Use

Perhaps one of the biggest blockages people have about using an exercise bike while working is how they will adapt. Many people find it hard enough to stand while working, let alone peddling on a bike while compiling that all-important report.

The good news is that the Sit 2 Go comes with a wide variety of adjustable resistance levels which means that you can choose your level of workout. Nobody is expecting you to work well while peddling frantically as if you are training for the Tour de France, but even a steady slow pace will do wonders for the body.

The peddling system is incredibly smooth which means that after a few days to get used to it, you’ll be able to set your mind to any task needed while peddling away.

Worth the Hype?

A lot has been said and written about the Sit 2 Go since its launch, but it is now emerging as a true game-changer. People are often reluctant to make significant changes - standing desks are radical enough after all - but the Sit 2 Go is unquestionably worth the hype. A unique product that is smooth and easy to use, silent, and above all, excellent for your body. 

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